Chocolate Cherry Protein Shake

This is so simple that it’s barely a recipe, but I’ve been enjoying it for the past couple of months, and I decided it’s worth sharing. Sometimes I like to have a protein shake. I usually prefer chocolate flavor, but I find most chocolate powders a bit lacking. So this is my way of sprucing it up.

The result is satisfying, and it’s a super lazy recipe, since you don’t have to peel or prepare any produce. It comes out thick, and I like drinking it with a straw. (I use reusable straws.) Continue Reading →

Vitamix Explorian E310 Review

Vitamix E310 with container and tamperHere’s my review of Vitamix’s latest model, the Explorian E310. The Vitamix E310 is a solid performer with just the essentials. It is similar to previous models, and it doesn’t introduce any drastically new features. The good news is that it is priced lower than the previous entry-level model, and it is more functional. If you order via this link, you can get free shipping and Joy of Blending may receive a referral commission (at no extra cost to you). Continue Reading →

The Elusive Naturally Blue Smoothie

Naturally blue smoothie with butterfly pea flowersA few years ago I tried to create a naturally blue smoothie. However, it was only blue if it had an unpalatable amount of baking soda in it. Over the past year, I’ve seen multiple naturally blue smoothies show up online with two different blue ingredients: butterfly pea flowers and a spirulina blue-green algae extract. Continue Reading →

Vitamix Ascent 48-oz narrow containers available now

Vitamix Ascent 48-oz jarVitamix Ascent 48-oz containers are finally available in the US and Canada. Mine haven’t arrived yet, but, from the pictures, they look very similar to the Legacy 48-oz containers. The differences are that they have an NFC chip that activates the Ascent Self-Detect system, and they have clear snap-on lids.

Unlike the small 8-oz and 20-oz containers, the 48-oz container allows you to use a tamper. That means you can use it to make thick blends like frozen desserts, and nut butters. The advantage over the 64-oz container is that the 48-oz container is narrower, which means that you can make smaller amounts more easily. Continue Reading →

How *not* to make almond butter in a Vitamix, courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

The current Williams-Sonoma catalog includes a Vitamix almond butter recipe in a beautiful Ascent Series spread. As I read it, I kept finding more and more problems. I believe their recipe works, but it doesn’t follow Vitamix best practices and takes considerably more time than necessary. It looks like Williams-Sonoma used a food processor recipe without fully adapting it for a Vitamix.

Continue Reading →

Chocolate Orange Vegan Ice Cream

Chocolate Orange Vitamix Ice CreamThis chocolate orange ice cream recipe is based on my favorite flavor at Mr. Dewie’s (Mr. Dewie’s specializes in dairy/soy-free cashew-based ice cream). I’ve made nut-based sorbet/ice creams before, but those centered around the nuts (pistachio, honey peanut, and maple pecan). Cashews have a much milder flavor, which opens up a wider range of possibilities. I think chocolate and orange complement each other well, and this ice cream is fragrant with a nice chocolate depth. Meanwhile, the protein and fat from the cashews provide a satisfyingly substantial and creamy body that rivals a traditional ice cream. Continue Reading →

20-oz and 8-oz cups available for Vitamix Ascent Series

Vitamix Ascent Personal Container KitAfter a long wait, the personal-size blending cups are finally available for the Ascent Series. They are currently selling a 20-oz container kit and an 8-oz container kit. Each kit comes with two containers, two lids, and a blade base. These containers are only for Ascent Vitamix models. (If you have an older Vitamix, you can likely use the personal cup adapter.) These containers allow Ascent models to blend smaller amounts than they are able to blend in the wide 64-oz that comes with the machines. Continue Reading →

DIY Vitamix Vacuum Blender Container

DIY Vitamix vacuum blender lidI think Vitamix blenders are the best on the market, so when I decided to investigate vacuum blending, I rigged up a Vitamix vacuum blender container. The first thing you need for a vacuum blender is an air-tight container. Unfortunately the classic Vitamix lids do not form an air-tight seal. Initially I thought I could just seal the hole in the middle of the lid, but it turns out that the edge of the lid that seals against the container does not hold up to vacuum. Continue Reading →