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  1. Your site is extremely helpful….it gave me some critical information when I needed it most. I own a VM that has stopped working, forgot I have long warranty…. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. I received an email from yall about the refurnished vitamix. There was a number to call to request the standard one with a smaller container. I mistakenly deleted the email can I get the number again? Also, do you know the height of the standard with the smaller container? Thanks!

    • The height of the standard plus 48-oz is 17.4 inches. For phone orders, call one of my contacts: Brenda is at 800-848-2649 Ext. 2305 and Janet is at Ext. 2316. To get free shipping and give me referral credit, please mention code 06-007021.

    • Sorry, somehow I lost track of this comment. There is no Vitamix sound enclosure for the Pro 750. There are third-party ones, but they void the warranty because they may not provide adequate cooling ventilation. You can reduce the sound a little by using the machine on something soft like a dish towel or foam pad. You can also get ear muffs, which I wrote about a while back.

  3. I have VitaMix blender Mode; 2200. It is working fine except that the blades have become dull. I am unable to sharpen them because the blade assembly cannot be taken out. Could you please recommend a canister (plastic or stainless steel) with the blade assembly which I can purchase? Of course, it should fit the model I have. Even a competitor’s canister would suffice. Thanks for the help.

    • That model is at least ~40 years old, and Vitamix moved away from that drive system ~25 years ago. I do not know of any new container that will fit it.

      That said, is its performance really suffering? A Vitamix doesn’t need super sharp blades to work. (New blades are about as sharp as a butter knife.)

      One other thing to keep in mind is that Vitamix will give you $100 for your old machine if buy a new (or reconditioned) one: trade in program details.

  4. Hi Adam,
    Have you tested out the new container that uses a disc yet?
    What can you tell us about it? Are there upcoming pricing deals for it?

  5. The promotion code does not seem to be working in order for me to get the free shipping. Please let me know how to resolve this.


    • I just checked, and it is working. Did you click through from this site? If you’ve done that and it’s still not working, try a different browser or try private/incognito mode.

  6. I am 73 years old and have bad liver, gull bladder and take insulin. I find that I feel better when just keeping to veggies and fruits. I have started to blended and make smoothies. I wish I could buy a vitamix, I have got a cheap one coming in mail. I hope it does the job. I just found your site and it has been a great help.

  7. Hi Adam, i have VM 6300, the wet container all of a sudden started giving burnt smell, i can still use the dry container, i see the bottom of the wet container is all black and seems some sort of gasket is burnt, how do i get it repaired, it is pass the warranty, thanks for hour help.

    • The official answer is that you need to replace the container.

      Alternatively, you could get a new blade assembly and change it yourself. Vitamix does not recommend that for home users, because some people have trouble tightening to the right level.

  8. Such an informative site. So much to digest. My daughter has a Venturist 1200. I love her smaller cup container and her second smaller blender container which would be more helpful to use for my smoothies. However I discovered they are not compatible with my 750 Pro. Are there any options for me to buy? I know I would make a lot of use of the cup container.

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