Vitamix Thai Ginger Soup (no extra cooking required)

Vitamix Thai Ginger Soup served in bowlI was excited to discover this Vitamix soup recipe because it does not have any extra cooking, which makes it super easy. You can even get away with not chopping any of the vegetables. Just put the ingredients in the container, and blend until they get hot. It’s perfect if you’re feeling lazy or want to round out a dinner in a hurry. (Many Vitamix soups taste best if you steam, roast, or sauté some of the ingredients before blending, but this one actually benefits from the fresh taste of uncooked ingredients.) Continue Reading →

Vitamix Ascent Series Review (A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500)

Updated April 13, 2018

The Ascent Series is Vitamix’s latest line of blenders. Vitamix sent me the A2300 and A3500 to review. The other models have different combinations of the same features, so this is a comprehensive review of all four models. [Disclosure: If you make a purchase after following a link from this site, Joy of Blending may receive a referral commission (at no cost to you), and I am grateful for your support.] I’ve had them for a short time, and will update this page as I use them more. As far as I can tell, the Ascent models blend just as well as previous Vitamix models. The most notable new feature is wireless connectivity, which allows them to use “personal size” containers on a full-size Vitamix. There are also a range of other incremental changes. Continue Reading →

Vitamix Hot Chocolate

This recipe is super easy and delicious. Just blend chocolate and milk. Using chocolate instead of cocoa powder makes it richer, which I love. The advantages of using a blender are: you don’t have to chop the chocolate, you don’t have stir/whisk it, heating is even so it won’t burn or boil over, cleanup is easy, and it creates a nice froth. Continue Reading →

Why did my Vitamix blender shut off? Understanding motor heating (with data)

measuring-vitamix-motor-temperatureIf you’ve ever had your Vitamix blender abruptly stop working, most likely it was the thermal override kicking in. The thermal override turns the motor off before the motor burns out. Then, once the motor cools, you can run it normally again. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s best to avoid. (Depending on what kind of blending you do, you could easily use a Vitamix for decades without ever getting close to overheating. But, if you blend super thick foods, there’s a good chance it will happen at some point.) Continue Reading →

Chocolate Homemade Larabars, plus a removal trick

Chocolate chocolate chip and white chocolate macadamia homemade larabarsI decided to make some more decadent Larabar flavors. While blending them, I came across a trick that makes it easier to get the mixture out of the Vitamix container. I made white chocolate macadamia and chocolate chocolate chip, both using the same date-cashew base as the original batch. The chocolate chocolate chip ones are my new favorite—super chocolatey and satisfying. Continue Reading →

How to make Vitamix Almond Butter

Vitamix almond butter on toastVitamix almond butter is a super-simple recipe (1 ingredient!). However, many people are intimidated or have trouble making it, so I decided it’s worth going over best practices and potential pitfalls. If you follow these guidelines, it takes about the same amount of time as a smoothie. (Blending time and cleanup time are longer, but, if you use pre-roasted nuts, prep time is faster than washing and trimming produce.) Continue Reading →

Vitamix Perfect Blend Scale Review

vitamix-perfect-blend-scale-with-ginger-kale-smoothieVitamix just released a “smart” scale called the Vitamix Perfect Blend Scale, and this is my review. It’s an interesting device. I don’t think it is for everyone, but some people will love it. (Vitamix sent me one to review, and if you order one via one of my links, I get a commission.)

Here are the ways in which it can improve your blending experience:

  • Offers recipe exploration and reminds you what you can make.
  • Makes measuring easier, especially for sticky ingredients.
  • Guides you through more complex recipes.
  • Tracks nutrition.
  • Facilitates portion control.

Continue Reading →