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  1. Your message is clear and as I learn more I am planning to pass the word on to aid others.

    I am 65 and attend a local senior center. I had thought after doing my research that juicing and blending would be a great idea for seniors. But in three days I have yet to find an active juicer. Several former juicers only and that is sad.

    I will be writing a proposal for this center to hopefully create a workshop for instructing the benefits, methods and considerations to be aware of for proper, healthy and easy blending.

    I purchased the Vitamix S30 but now am looking at a reconditioned Vitamix 6300 and eventually a second carafe.

  2. Hi, just come across your site looking forward to trying out lots of your recipes. Just purchased my first Vitamix Pro750, I live in England.

  3. What an amazing website. Well planned, thought out and articulated. Very easy to understand. Thank you for taking the time to put this site together and most importantly for passing on the info about sales and of course your affiliate code. I am very impressed with your site. I have looked at several others about blending, and yours was the most informative that I have come across. Thank you!

  4. Amazing website. I simply wouldn’t have even ended up buying a vitamix blender without this guide to navigate the confusing array of duplicate models. Your site very clearly laid out all the pros/cons of each version as well as provided useful links to the black friday sales, which was enough to get me to impulse buy one. The free shipping promo code (06-007021) also worked great. Thanks!

  5. Thank you – Great website – I think we’ve had our Vitamix 5000 series for about 30 years! It finally burned out yesterday and we immediately looked to replace it. Found your website – very well-written and super helpful – we clicked from your website to order and used your Coupon Code – Ordered the Ascent 2300 – thank you so much 🙂

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