Vitamix Container Compatibility

All (13!) current home Vitamix containersIn recent years Vitamix has greatly expanded their range of containers. (Each container in the photo above is different!) Here I will explain which containers work with which machines.

Are all Vitamix containers interchangeable?

No! (They used to be, but with more recent releases, that is no longer the case. Unfortunately, outdated information persists online.)

I will cover all household Vitamix machines sold since the early 1990s, based on hands-on experience. I do not have direct experience with the older metal machines, and for those I recommend checking with this seller on eBay.

Vitamix Container Compatibility Chart

Here’s a chart with an overview of compatibility:

Vitamix Container Compatibility Chart

*PCA = Personal Cup Adapter

Types of Vitamix Bases

Each Vitamix machine has one of three types of container interfaces (left to right below): “Space Saving,” “Classic,” and “Smart System.

The three different Vitamix base-container interfaces

Space Saving Machines

These models came out in 2014, and they are smaller than Classic machines. They can only be used with the two containers that they come with (20-oz and 40-oz screw-on blade containers). They have been alternatively called Personal Series and S-Series. There are three different models: S30, S50, and S55.

Classic Machines

Most models sold since the early 1990s fall into this category. These models include the C-Series, G-Series, and Explorian Series. The Classic machines can be used with all containers, but they require the Personal Cup Adapter to use the screw-on blade containers.

Full list (if your model isn’t listed and you’re not sure about it, please comment below): 4500, 5000, 5200, 5300, 6000, 6300, 6500, 7500, 780, Aspire, Aspire GC, CIA Creations, CIA Professional Series, Creations Elite, Creations Gallery, Creations GC, Creations II, Explorian E310, Explorian E320, Professional Series 200, Professional Series 300, Professional Series 500, Professional Series 750, Total Nutrition Center, Total Nutrition Center 3, TurboBlend Three Speed, TurboBlend Two Speed, TurboBlend VS, VM0102, VM0103.

Smart System Machines

Vitamix released these models in December 2016. They use NFC to detect that a container is in place, so they can only be used with containers that contain an NFC chip. Their containers are indicated with the phrase “SELF-DETECT.” These models include the Ascent and Venturist models: A2300, A2500, A3300, A3500, and V1200.

Types of Vitamix Containers

Space Saving Containers

Space Saving (S-Series) Vitamix containers

Integrated blade


Screw-on blade



Classic Containers

All Classic Vitamix Containers

Integrated blade


32-oz Dry Grains


Classic 64-ounce

Low-Profile 64-ounce

Screw-on blade

Personal Cup Adapter

Smart System Containers

All SELF-DETECT Vitamix Containers

Integrated blade

You can recognize these containers at a glance because they have clear lids.

Low-Profile 64-oz w/ SELF-DETECT

48-oz w/ SELF-DETECT

48-oz Dry Grains w/ SELF-DETECT

48-oz Aeration w/ SELF-DETECT

Screw-on blade

8-oz cups only w/ SELF-DETECT; or bundled with blade base

20-oz cup only w/ SELF-DETECT; or bundled with blade base

Interchangeability of Classic 64-oz Containers

I mentioned that all Classic containers fit on all Classic machines. One caveat is that Vitamix says that the Low Profile 64-oz container is not compatible with certain machines. They say that the wide container requires machines with 2.2 peak horsepower, and that the 5200 and similar machines only have 2 peak horsepower. However, I’ve made power measurements, and there isn’t a 10% difference in power between those types of models. The only significant difference is the airflow design on machines that look like the 7500 vs machines that look like the 5200. However, Vitamix started selling 5200-style bases with the wide container (5300 and 6500), so they must have decided that they can handle it. Just be a bit more mindful of not overheating the machine, and a wide container on a 5200-style base works fine.

One other thing to keep in mind with using a wide container on the 5200 is that all of the machines that come with a wide container have an electronic “soft start.” That means if you start the machine at maximum speed, instead of immediately giving it full power, the speed control will ramp up the speed over about two seconds. This is easier on the machine, and might be a reason that Vitamix doesn’t want people using wide containers on 5200-style bases. It’s always best practice to start on low and quickly ramp up the speed, but it’s even more important with the higher resistance faced by the longer blades in the wide container.

Vitamix claims that the tall/narrow classic 64-oz container is incompatible with the 7500 and similar machines. However, the base-container interface is the same on the 5200 and 7500. Moreover, the bottom of the tall/narrow 64-oz container is identical to the bottom of the 48-oz container, which Vitamix says works on both 5200- and 7500-style machines. Bottom line: using a tall classic 64-oz container on a 7500 base works fine.

Space Saving 20-oz vs Smart System 20-oz

Vitamix S-Series 20-oz vs SELF-DETECT 20-oz front viewVitamix S-Series 20-oz vs SELF-DETECT 20-oz top viewOn first glance these 20-oz containers look the same, but they are not! They can both be used with the Personal Cup Adapter, but they are not interchangeable between Space Saving and Smart Series models. The difference is on the lips of the cups. The Space Saving one has two tabs, which both contain small round magnets. The Smart System one has a wider lip that extends all the way around the cup, and it has two elongated magnets.

Unadvertised uses of the Personal Cup Adapter

Vitamix does not advertise it, but, the Personal Cup Adapter uses the same threading/blade as the Space Saving 40-oz container and the Smart System 8-oz cups. Online Vitamix only sells the 40-oz container bundled with a Space Saving machine. However, if you call them, you can buy it by itself. Last I checked, it was $54.95.

Update: Some people have been unable to unscrew the 8-oz container from the Personal Cup Adapter. Vitamix has issued this statement “The 8oz Blending Bowls should not be used with the Personal Cup Adapter under any circumstances. Doing so can result in damages that may not be covered by your warranty.” That said, I, and multiple people I know, have used them together without any problems.

These containers are great for blending small amounts, and they can be a nice addition to the wide, low-profile 64-oz container. They are even narrower than the other narrow Vitamix containers, so they allow blending the smallest possible amount in a Vitamix. (Their blade is 2.5″ across, instead of 3″ for the other narrow containers, and 4″ for the wide containers.)

Interchangeable Blades

Vitamix does not intend for home users to ever remove an integrated blade assembly from a container. This is because you can run into problems when you reattach it if you screw it on too tight, too loose, or cross-threaded. For that reason, removing the blade assembly voids the warranty. However, for anyone who understands risks, I want to share this compatibility information. The only two containers that use the same blade assembly are the 32-oz container, and the tall/narrow 64-oz container. Even though the blade in the 48-oz container looks the same, the 48-oz blade assembly is not interchangeable with the 32-oz or narrow 64-oz containers.

Vitamix sells a wrench for removing the blades. In case you’re wondering why they sell the wrench when removing the blade assembly voids the warranty, I believe it is because the wrench is nominally for their commercial line. However, it also fits most home models. It does not work with Smart System containers, because they use a different retainer nut. If you need to make a repair and you are out of the warranty period, changing the blade (carefully!) could save you some money.

Tamper Compatibility

Vitamix makes three different tampers.

Classic Tamper

The Classic Tamper is mainly for the tall 64-oz container. Because of the intermediate flange, it also works with the rubber lid 48-oz and 32-oz containers.

Mini Tamper

The Mini Tamper only works with the rubber lid 48-oz and 32-oz containers.

Low-Profile Tamper

The Low Profile Tamper is for the 64-oz low-profile classic container, all of the Smart System containers, and the Space Saving 40-oz container.

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Vitamix Container Compatibility — 84 Comments

  1. I got a great deal on a low-profile 64-oz 5300 model. Now I regret buying it because you really can’t make small quantities in it, not even a single smoothie. Just to be sure, because the bases look different on your pics of them, are you indicating that I could purchase a 32-oz or 48-oz container and either one of them would fit on my machine? I will purchase through you, but not for a month or so. I so appreciate your knowledge & generous assistance, thank you!!

    • Yes, both the 32-oz and 48-oz fit on your machine. (For someone who will keep the 64-oz on hand, I recommend the 32-oz just because it is a bit more compact than the 48-oz. Blending performance and minimum volume for the 32 and 48-oz containers are the same.)

  2. I appreciate your recommendation – I was gonna ask. You helped me with my decision. I was about to order through your link that takes me to Amazon, but I see there is a sale I could take advantage of. That is also a link on your page – will you get a monetary benefit if I use that link, which takes me to Vitamix website? Thanks so much!

  3. I purchased the blending cup starter kit. Turns out my machine is not compatible. I have a VM0102. Do you know if they make an adapter to allow it work?? Or am I SOL? Thanks

  4. Hi I own the Vitamix Maxi 4000 stainless machine with the stainless container for dry blending but I would like to convert it to a wet blender how do I go about doing that? Thank you.

    • At ~30 years old, the 4000 predates my personal experience with Vitamix machines. My understanding is that it came with a single stainless steel container that was recommended for both dry and wet blending. It is not compatible with the currently sold Vitamix containers.

  5. I have an older Vitamix Model VMO 103. The container is leaking and I need to replace it. Will all containers fit this older model?

    • That’s equivalent to the Classic 5200, so, essentially yes. (I’ll add it to the list in the post; thanks!) You can use any container except for the new Ascent screw-on-blade blending cups/bowls.

  6. I have a 5200. The container has started leaking at the blade. I called Vitamix and they said I need to buy a new container. I currently have the tall. Honestly, the container itself is still perfect, and I would like to replace the blade assembly and probably the drive socket as well. What are your thoughts? And, do you have any recommendations on the wet blade vs the ice blade? I mostly use frozen fruit for my smoothies, and in reading reviews, majority say that the ice blade is far more efficient. I am assuming I need to purchase the wrench as well in order to properly change these two pieces? Thanks so much for your time, your site is full of great info and content!

    • Vitamix doesn’t like home users to change the blade assembly. They used to recommend it under certain circumstances, but now they tell people not to, and doing so voids the container warranty. I believe this is because too many people did it improperly. So if you do it, be careful to thread it properly and to not over or under-tighten it.

      You don’t necessarily need the wrench, depending on what tools you have on hand, but the wrench will likely make it easier.

      I haven’t tested the ice blade, but my understanding is that its main benefit is being sturdier, which is a non-issue for home use. And my understanding is that the wet blade is a better all-around performer.

      Also, why do you want to change the drive socket? If it still turns the blade, there’s no benefit to changing it. (Unless it’s really worn and sometimes slipping or something.) If you ever need to change it, it’s pretty easy to swap it out.

      • Thank you for your reply! My Vitamix is out of warranty, so I really have nothing to lose by changing the blade assembly. The reason I felt the need to change the drive socket is because I believe there has been some slippage. I bought my Vitamix at a road show as a reconditioned model in 2008 or 9. It has been thoroughly loved and used well almost daily. Vitamix suggested turning in my model and upgrading, but, if I only need to swap out a few things to keep it going, I’d rather do that than slap down another $4-500. She’s still pretty and hard working! I appreciate your input. I’ll probably just stick with the wet blade vs the ice. 😊

        • I think it’s unlikely that your drive socket needs to be changed, but obviously I can’t tell without looking at it. Do the teeth look super worn down/rounded out? I’ve never experienced slippage myself, but my guess is that it would make an awful noise.

  7. Are ‘commercial’ containers compatible with a home machine? The lid looks more cumbersome in the photos. Easy on / off? Other differences?

    • Some are, some aren’t. Vitamix tries to keep their home and commercial lines totally separate, so they will tell you none are compatible, but some do in fact work fine. None are compatible with Ascent or S-Series machines. If you have a classic machine, you can send me an Amazon link to the container you’re considering and I can tell you if it will fit.

    • That’s a commercial product, so that’s why I don’t have it on this page. That said, it will work with all of the Classic machines. It will not work with Ascent because it does not have the self-detect chip.

      As far as size goes, the main thing is that it is stackable (useful for commercial settings). The inside bottom of the 32-oz and 48-oz containers is the same, so they have the same capabilities for small amounts.

  8. I’m in the UK and recently purchased the Explorian E320 (model vm0201) which came with a 64oz low profile container. Unfortunately frozen fruit, which contained stones, ruined the blades. I was about to purchase a replacement low profile container but the compatibility information on the Vitamix website stated that the container was only compatible with the 300 and 750 professional series. I contacted Vitamix for clarification and they provided this response :

    “While the classic container will fit the motorbase of the next generation machines, it is not designed to be used on those machines. If you are interested in a smaller container for this machine, we do have several options available. These units are compatible with 48oz container and 32oz container options. If you needed a container that is shorter to use on your Classic unit, we advise investing in the 48oz or the 32oz container options listed here!:‪–Accessories/Blender-Container/Blender-Compatibility-Classic-G-Series/ ‬

    So wondering why they are selling the low profile container with the E320 and if it’s ok for me to purchase the replacement 64oz low profile container?


    • Wow, assuming you told Vitamix the same thing you wrote here, the person who responded to you is incredibly mixed up.

      The short answer is: yes, the 64-oz low profile will work with your machine.

      It is indeed the same container that your machine came with.

      For years Vitamix has claimed that the wide low-profile 64-oz containers don’t work on Classic machines, and I have long thought that claim doesn’t make sense. See my section above: Interchangeability of Classic 64-oz Containers

      They’ve gotten it so mixed up that now they are claiming that the container that they sold your machine with is incompatible with it!

      Assuming you purchased your machine in the UK, you should be in the warranty period, and Vitamix might replace the container for free. No guarantees, but at least in the U.S. and Canada they tend to do a one-time courtesy replacement for this type of user-caused damage. And, again my experience is with the U.S. and Canada, but it usually works best to contact them by phone for this sort of thing.

  9. Hi,
    thank you for your post.
    I own a Vitamix Pro 750 and love it but for some recipes I wish I had the tall 64ounce container because it has a smaller base. I contacted Vitamix but they say it the Classic 64 ounce container won’t fit the Pro 750 which I believe is weird because it does work with the 32 and 48 ounce container which works on 5200 as well as on Pro 750. What’s your idea about this please?
    Many thanks,

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