Vitamix Labor Day Sale 2016

This year’s Vitamix Labor Day Sale has even better prices than last year’s! There are three different offers going on right now.

All new (i.e. not Reconditioned) machines are $25 off; savings applied in cart. You can browse at, or check out my comparison page for help deciding which one to get. (Savings also available at The offer says that it is for full size machines only, but it is currently working with new S-Series personal size models as well. Interestingly, this $25 off combined with recent price reductions, means that the New Brushed Stainless Pro 750 is only $5 more than the Reconditioned Brushed Stainless Pro 750. Continue Reading →

August Vitamix Sale (and a Back-to-School Bonus)

Update: Back in stock!

August-Vitamix-SaleVitamix just rolled out a sale with their best deal on a Vitamix, ever. The Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs (aka 6300/Pro500) is currently marked down to $249. This model usually sells for $379 reconditioned, which is already a significant savings from the $559 new version. Vitamix has dropped its price to $299 a few times in the past, but they’ve never sold it for $249 before now.

Also, good news for Canadians! Continue Reading →

Vanilla Fig Smoothie

Vanilla Fig SmoothieI came up with this blend because I wanted a snack, but was out of fresh fruit. In the freezer I had frozen mango and figs. I wouldn’t have guessed that they would go together, but, combined with vanilla, the result is surprisingly delicious.

I’ve previously written about how you can use vanilla pods in smoothies, but this time I just used extract. For most things, I think extract is the way to go, because it is cheaper/easier, and you don’t sacrifice too much flavor.

Both mango and figs have plenty of fiber, so the smoothie comes out relatively thick, but still fully drinkable. Continue Reading →

How to Make Frappuccino Blended Coffee Drinks

Vitamix FrappuccinoPeople have been asking me how to make Frappuccinos at home. They tried, but got disappointingly separated ice and liquid, even using a Vitamix. I looked up the Starbucks list of ingredients, and found the secret ingredient: xanthan gum. In this post I will cover how to use xanthan, and also give a whole-food alternative for making satisfying Frappuccinos.

If you are a frequent drinker of Frappuccinos, you can save a lot of money by making them at home, plus you can customize them to be exactly how you like. They’re super easy too: a Vitamix will blend one in about 20 seconds. Continue Reading →

A golden smoothie with a kick

Golden SmoothieHere’s a zingy and refreshing smoothie:

¼ cup water
1 orange, peeled
⅓ pineapple, peeled (~1.5 cups pieces)
fresh ginger (piece ~¾ inch on a side)
turmeric (fresh piece ~¾ inch on a side, or ¼ tsp powder)
1 cup frozen mango

Blend on high until smooth. Makes 2 medium servings.

Depending on how much of a kick you want, you can increase the ginger and turmeric. Continue Reading →