Vitamix Food Processor Attachment Review

Vitamix Food Processor Attachment on A3500Vitamix just released a Food Processor Attachment for their Smart Blenders (Ascent and Venturist Series). In my opinion, this is their most interesting new product since I started this site in 2012, and maybe even since they released the predecessor of the 5200 back in the early 90s. Vitamix sent one to me for review, and I’m excited to share my thoughts. (My opinions here are fully independent from Vitamix, though I do receive a commission if you order via one of my links.) Continue Reading →

Kale Pesto

When I first heard about non-basil pesto I was pretty skeptical. I mean, basil pesto is so good, why mess with it? Then I saw a Chris Morocco Bon Appétit video and he convinced me to try it. The color is impressive—it doesn’t lose its bright green the way basil pesto does. The flavor is surprisingly good, and it didn’t leave me wishing it had basil. I think it’s a worthy addition to the rotation for the cool months when basil isn’t readily available, so give it a try! Continue Reading →

Watermelon Gazpacho

There are tons of different ways to make gazpacho, and watermelon is an interesting addition. When I first heard about it I was skeptical, but I actually really liked it. Red onion balances the sweetness, and the watermelon doesn’t dominate too much. I was afraid it would be like a tomato agua fresca, but this recipe comes out solidly soup-like. Refreshing too! Continue Reading →

Mint Cucumber Low-Sugar Smoothie

I know many people who are following low-sugar diets. While smoothies can pack tons of nutrients, they also usually come with plenty of sugar. I generally think the sugar in my smoothies is offset by all the fiber and nutrients, but I wanted to see what I could do for the low-sugar folks. I designed this smoothie to be a filling meal with ample fat and protein. It is bright and energizing—perfect for a summer morning. Continue Reading →

Strawberry Smoothie without Banana

Most strawberry smoothie recipes call for bananas, and, since I can’t stand bananas, I’ve avoided predominantly strawberry smoothies. However, a while ago I heard about people using summer squash as a banana substitute. It sounds weird, but it has such a mild flavor that it works, and it helps bulk out the smoothie. I also used a date to add the sweetness that a banana would have provided. Continue Reading →