Bright orange smoothie

When making total juices with a Vitamix you can get away with tossing in so many different things that the color of the end product is sometimes less than appealing. It’s not a significant problem, but occasionally it’s nice to make something that’s a bright attractive color. The main trick is to avoid mixing greens and different bright colors like reddish ones that can result in a brownish smoothie. There are of course exceptions: in my experience the color of beets easily overwhelms the color of most greens.

In this case I used seasonal persimmons and apples that we have a ton of right now, along with a bunch of carrots, ginger, and yogurt. I skipped the ice cubes since it’s starting to get a bit colder, and it was nice to have something that wasn’t totally frozen.

6 oz yogurt
4 oz water
1 persimmon
3 carrots
1 apple
1 piece peeled ginger

Blend well on high and enjoy!

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