Vitamix: getting the last bit out and cleanup

This is relatively self explanatory, but I have a few tips to share. When blending thicker mixtures, sometimes enough sticks to the inside of the blender after pouring it out that it seems like a waste to just wash it down the drain. For things like smoothies I like to put in just enough water to reach the blades, briefly spin it up to full speed, and then pour into my glass (after I’ve finished my smoothie). At first this watered-down smoothie may seem weird, but it’s really grown on me, and I think it’s worth it as a fast way to not waste any of a smoothie.

If you are making a nut butter, after scraping it out you can then make a smoothie, and the remaining bits of nut butter will be blended into the smoothie.

For scraping the last bit out a narrow silicone spatula can be helpful. I don’t see the one I have currently available, but this one looks like a good choice. (One-piece spatulas are nice because you don’t have to worry about the end coming off or debris getting trapped in the junction.)

Vitamix also sells a set of nylon spatulas that I am curious about, but have not tried. They might be better than the flexible spatula for very thick mixtures like nut butter. One thing about both these nylon spoons and silicone spatulas is that if you’re not careful the blades can nick them. For that reason a long skinny wooden spoon like this one might be nice for getting in around the blades. Update: I’ve tried out the nylon spatulas and they work well. Update 2: I’ve now used aforementioned skinny silicone spatula, and it works great.

Once I’ve gotten as much out as I want, I usually give the lid and pitcher a few rinses to remove visible debris, then put in a drop of dish soap and a few cups of hot water, and run on high for 10-30 seconds. It’s sometimes tempting to skip the soap because it seems unnecessary, but if you don’t use soap a film will build up on the container. It’s not a big deal, but it’s nice to avoid.

One other note, is that it’s really worth cleaning right away (or at least within ~10 minutes). If you let whatever is left in the container dry out, it will be an unnecessary pain to clean out.

If you made something really thick like nut butter or bread dough you might need to use a non-abrasive sponge to clean stuck bits off the sides. I’ve found that the blades always get themselves clean, so you do not need use a sponge on them. (For oily things like nut butter, sometimes I add a little extra soap and make sure to use hot water.)

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Vitamix: getting the last bit out and cleanup — 9 Comments

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  2. I am allways using a drop of soap, since I found some disgusting residue inbetween the blades and the seal of the bearing, which you avoid by using soap. I also let the blades spin a top speed for 2-3 seconds after cleaning to remove any water from underneath the blades

  3. Just found out that after making almondbutter, even warm water with soap does not remove remains below the blade. I recommend using a small dental brush to clean below the blades. Works nicely.

  4. Here is what I use to get the last of my Hummus out of my Vitamix. Get the 3 piece nylon spatulas that Vitamix sells. Take one of them and heat the tip over your stove. DON’T BURN IT OR YOURSELF. Let the tip get warm, and then press it onto a towel to bend the tip. Repeat this over and over again until you get the tip to stay bent at about a 90 degree angle. Then use it to “scoop” out your Hummus, or Smoothie, or whatever, much easier. The blades will eventually nick the spatula, but then just bend one of the others, and you’re back in business. Works GREAT!!

    • Nice creative solution! Interestingly, I’ve heard that later this year Vitamix will release a new scraping tool, which has a 90 degree bend similar to what you describe.

  5. I really appreciate this post. I will use these tips and look forward to Vitamix producing a scraping tool that will provide a 90 degree bend for cleaning.

  6. I have a terrible time getting the food I have made out of the bottom….I feel like i’m losing almost a third of what I’m making because of the difficulty of getting the food out from around the blades….especially when I’m making avocado chocolate pudding….avos are expensive! Cleaning is not an issue….a squirt of dish detergent, water and 30 seconds on high does the trick. I just hate wasting so much good food!

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