Certified Refurbished Vitamix Blender Details

Last Updated April 17, 2023

The certified refurbished Vitamix machines (aka certified reconditioned) are usually the best Vitamix deal. Vitamix guarantees them to work as well as new machines, and, aside from the print on the box, they are generally indistinguishable from new. They come with a 5-year warranty (except the Explorian E320, which comes with 3 years), backed by Vitamix’s generous customer service. You can save $80–$230 or ~20–40%.

Confused about which model to get? See my Vitamix comparison page for help deciding.

Supplies are limited, so if you see the one you want in stock, try to order ASAP, as they can go out of stock pretty quick.

Supplies are limited, and these have been going in and out of stock.

Reconditioned vs Refurbished?

Vitamix refurbished modelsMany people use the words refurbished and reconditioned interchangeably. The important thing to know is that all of the reconditioned/refurbished Vitamix models discussed on this site are reconditioned by Vitamix to the exact same standards as their new machines. (For other companies, refurbished might mean that a third party fixed up broken products, possibly with third-party components, but that is not the case for Vitamix.)

The recertification process takes place at the Vitamix factory, and any sub-par parts are replaced with new ones. The Certified Reconditioned Vitamix 17-point checklist includes both function and aesthetics—that is, everything is guaranteed to work as good as new and not look beat-up.

The following parts are replaced on every reconditioned machine, regardless of condition: the pitcher, lid, and tamper. If the shrink-wrap on the cookbook or DVD is broken, those are replaced as well.

One thing that might not be immediately obvious is that the blade assembly is not necessarily brand new. Technicians remove the blade; if it does not show any wear it is high-temperature washed and sterilized, and then placed in the new container.

Why are there so many refurbished Vitamix machines?

A common concern is, if Vitamix blenders are so great, where do all the reconditioned machines come from? The machines were either used at product demos (many just as display without ever even being turned on), photoshoots, or were returned by their owner. As soon as the initial factory-sealed box is opened, Vitamix can no longer sell that blender as new. Vitamix does not release specific numbers, but my guess is that the majority of refurbished blenders come from returns during the no-risk 30-day trial period. Since Vitamix offers a full refund and also pays for return shipping, returning is extremely painless.

Impulse buys where someone did not check with their spouse first about the large purchase are likely one of the leading sources, as well as people who changed their mind about their preferred model or color. (All returns within 30-days are no-questions-asked.) Some of the returns are probably also from people who realized that they could get a refurbished Vitamix for cheaper….

I don’t think there’s any reason to worry about the refurbished machines being lemons. If something happens to be wrong with your machine, Vitamix will take care of it at no cost to you. Also, if you change your mind within 30 days, the no-risk trial applies to reconditioned machines as well as new, so you could get a full refund and not even have to pay for return shipping.


I have seen firsthand five reconditioned machines as they came out of the box. At first glance all of them were indistinguishable from a brand new machine. With a very close inspection I noticed on three of the five machines one part that didn’t quite look brand new. There were slight scuffs on the rubber centering pad. I would take this as a complete non-issue because you can’t see them if the container is sitting on the base, and after you’ve used the machine a few times that pad will develop minor scuffs. Everything else on all five of the blenders was completely pristine. I have also heard many reports from other people that their reconditioned machine looked brand new. [Update: I’ve now actually seen that light scuffs on the centering pad can be present on new machines as well: it’s just a sign that the unit was tested before leaving the factory.]

The only time I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a reconditioned machine is if it is a gift and you are concerned that the recipient might not understand that the reconditioning process really makes the machine as good as new. (The packaging clearly identifies reconditioned machines as reconditioned.) If it’s for someone close to you, you can probably explain, but there may be gift cases where making that explanation is difficult. On the other hand, there are situations where a more affordable gift is more appropriate, so in those cases reconditioned is an advantage.

Other differences

The other material differences between reconditioned and new are:

1) 5-year vs. 7-year warranty. All reconditioned machines come with a 5-year warranty, while some new machines come with a 5-year warranty, and others come with a 7-year warranty. The reconditioned warranty is exactly the same as on new machines, aside from than the duration. (All parts are covered, as well as shipping both ways for any repairs/replacements; for more details see my Vitamix warranty page.) QVC Creations, S-Series, and Turboblend Two & Three Speed new models have a 5-year warranty, so that is exactly the same as reconditioned. If you are concerned about the warranty length you can purchase a 3-year warranty extension for $75, which is less than the difference in price between reconditioned and new, and would take your refurbished machine’s warranty out to 8 years.

2) Less colorful box. The new machines are packaged in a glossy box covered with bright photographs, whereas the reconditioned machines come in brown or white boxes.

Included in the Box…

All reconditioned Vitamix blenders include a cookbook and tamper. The following models also include a getting-started DVD: 7500, and Pro 750.

Identical models

[Update: this may no longer be happening, but if it does, don’t worry!] One thing to keep in mind with the reconditioned machines is that you may receive any identical model. As I explain on my Vitamix comparison page, there are many model names that actually refer to multiple identical machines. For example, if you order a refurbished Next Generation no presets model, they may send a 7500, a Pro 300, or a Creations Elite.*

Excellent Deal

If you look at Vitamix blenders on eBay or Craigslist you will find that they usually sell for more than these refurbished units (you can find ancient models for less, but those are a bit of a gamble since they’re out of warranty and the seals can wear out). The robust second hand market is evidence for the strong demand for Vitamix, but it’s also a sign that most people don’t know about these refurbished deals. If you’re looking to save money on a Vitamix, refurbished is the way to go!

In fact, I’ve talked with a few Vitamix employees, and they say that even with their employee discount, Vitamix employees nearly exclusively choose Vitamix reconditioned when buying units for themselves, family, or friends.

Refurbished Vitamix blenders come with the same “No Risk Guarantee” 30-day in-home trial as new Vitamix blenders. If you change your mind about your purchase you can get a full refund, and Vitamix even pays for return shipping.

Here’s a page with all reconditioned machines on Vitamix.com.


*If you order a refurbished Next Generation no presets model one of the bases that you could receive is a Creations Elite. You might worry that you wouldn’t get the new style short/wide 64-oz container because the new Creations Elite models are sold with the 48-oz container. However, I’ve consulted with Vitamix and confirmed that you will get the Next Generation short/wide 64-oz container. I’ve also heard from satisfied customers who received the new style wide container with a reconditioned Creations Elite base.

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Certified Refurbished Vitamix Blender Details — 103 Comments

  1. I want one but Im not sure if I can afford it. My wife loves to cook so want to her to have everything. Its true love 🙂
    Im in Canada..

  2. Whoa ! I just ordered Certified Reconditioned Vitamix 7500-Pro
    I’m a bit freaked out – its a big purchase for me! After reading all of your posts and Adams amazing information , I am certain that I want a Vitamix. I’ve burned through two blenders this week with my new raw foods/ vegan diet. – However I still wasn’t clear on whether or not this model was the model for me, or if it had presets. I think the 750 is the comparable one with presets…is that correct? I’m not sure if they are worth the $$. I guess I will soon know – Also – how can I order the 32 oz to make salad dressings…? I hope this is not over kill for me. But then again – I Have a vision of using it to do demos in my business. Thank you Adam – for doing what you do !!! Here’s to Living Life Well !!!

  3. Ohhh nvm – I just read one of your posts that answered my question about the preset buttons:
    “All Vitamix models allow you to turn them on and walk away. The ones with presets will turn themselves off after a certain amount of time. For machines like the 7500 that do no have presets, you have to turn it off yourself—but you do not have to hold the dial after you get it started”.
    Youre Awesome !!!

  4. Thank you for this informative article! I’ve been trying to decide which model I wanted and this was extremely helpful. One quick question regarding the available colors-is “platinum” basically chrome?
    Thank you!

      • I’ve been trying to figure out if I’d like brushed stainless or chrome more but have struggled to find any good pictures of both, preferably in the same picture because lighting can vary from picture to picture. Do you have a few links that are good representations of the colors? Thanks!

        • I don’t believe there is a chrome finish. There’s brushed stainless and platinum.

          Unfortunately I don’t have any good side-by-side pictures. Vitamix has some on their product pages of you click “View available color options” towards the bottom of the page. Here’s one example, with the brushed stainless on the left and the platinum second from the right: https://www.vitamix.com/img/cia-colors-rglam.jpg

          It’s hard to tell from the photos, but the brushed stainless has more of a metallic look.

  5. No one has ever used their VITAMIX more than I have. Since I bought the commercial MAXI-1000 in spring 1994, I had used it a zillion times. Numerous other members have purchased newer models, but no one ever had the luxury of the all stainless machine. Sad to say that on this day January 13, 2015, after over 20 years of constant use, my baby has given up the ghost. The agony of deciding the right next one to buy puts chills in my spine. I am going to see if VITAMIX will give me the $100 rebate towards whatever is their top machine out there. Another 20 years is what I am expecting with my new machine. I will entertain any suggestions, though. Thanks for this very informative site.

  6. Fantastic info! I currently own a Vitamix 5200 & love it.
    Could you make a comparison between Blendtec & Vitamix?
    I was recently told that Blendtec are better/stronger & can grind things like avocado seeds better than a Vitamix. Is this true?

    • I’ve done some test blending with a Blendtec, and I actually found it to blend tough things to a slightly less smooth consistency than a Vitamix. I have not tried avocado pits though.

  7. We’ve become so addicted to our vita-mix smoothies that we need one at our winter home. Your excellent article has convinced us to upgrade to the 7500 (we currently have a very old 5000) for the other house, thinking that we’ll just extend the life of each machine by using each one only part-time. But now we are wondering whether sitting unused for 6 months each year might be hard on the machine (drying out gaskets or whatever). We could bring our old 5000 with us in the trailer back and forth–one more thing . . . Do you have an opinion about the effects of non-use? And thanks so much for your most excellent site!!

    • I wouldn’t worry about your machines sitting unused for 6 months of the year, and I think your split use plan may well extend their usable lifetimes.

  8. Hi. My sister has the 6300 and it works great. I am interested in getting one as well. Is there a newer version of the 6300 that works as awesome as it does, or should i just get the 6300? Thanks!

    • The 6300 is still a great model, but there have been a few models released since then. If you just get the 6300, I’m sure you’d be happy with it, but if you want to consider the differences between models, check out my Vitamix comparison page. Towards the top of that page, look for the interactive model selection tool that will show you which models have the features you’re interested in. Let me know if you have any further questions.

    • The 5300 is the lowest priced model with the wide low-profile 64-oz container. That container has some advantages: less need for tamper, chop more food at once, easier to scrape things out, and fits under standard kitchen cabinets, and one disadvantage: for blending small amounts (under ~2 cups) it doesn’t work as well. If you don’t usually blend small amounts, that is a non-issue. But if you like blending small amounts, then I recommend getting a spare 32-oz container to go with the big wide one.

      As far as the base of the 5300, it is a C-Series design, which means that it does not have the improved airflow design of the G-Series machines, and it doesn’t look quite as sleek. Those are not huge deals, but the G-Series base is a bit nicer. Ultimately, if you really want wide container and are very price sensitive, I think a reconditioned 5300 can be a good buy.

  9. Your site is amazing! It really helped me figure out and confirm what I needed. Thank you so much! I can hardly wait for my new blender to arrive!

    • I was initially skeptical of the 5300, because Vitamix listed it for the same price as the 7500, and it lacks the updated design of the G-Series base. But, now that they are selling the 5300 reconditioned for less than the 7500, I think it is worth considering. (particularly with the current limited-time sale!)

      The C-Series base is slightly louder than the G-Series, but in most situations it is a small difference. And the G-Series base nominally has more efficient airflow for cooling the motor, which might make it last longer. But Vitamix is standing behind the 5300 with their full warranty, so I wouldn’t worry about that too much either.

      With the current sale, I think the 5300 comes out as the best value. (Without the sale it’s more of a toss-up.) Since the sale could end at any time, and Vitamix has their generous 30-day no-questions-asked return policy (including return shipping), if you are considering the 5300 you should get it right away.

      And finally, keep in mind that the 5300 comes with the wide 64-oz container. It has some advantages and a disadvantage, which I discuss in detail on the C-Series vs G-Series section of my Vitamix comparison page. You can avoid the disadvantage by getting a spare 32-oz container.

    • Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing. My prediction is that it will not be sold in Canada any time soon, and probably not even in the next few years.

      The reason I think that is because the reconditioned 750 is in much lower supply than the Standard models currently available in Canada. I can tell because in the US the reconditioned 750 goes out of stock periodically, whereas the Standard models are almost always available, and sometimes they go on sale. Why the difference in availability? The Standard models are in demonstrations much more, which results in more impulse buys, and then a higher return rate.

  10. I want to make smoothies and malts. I have a standard blender and the ice just doesn’t get crushed smoothly enough. Which model is right for me?

    • I’d say go with the Standard Reconditioned, unless you are excited about one of the other models. If you want to consider all of the different features, you can check out my comparison page, but I think the Standard is a great choice.

  11. Thank you for your amazing website. It has great information! But I was just wondering if the 32 oz container is the same as the dry container for blending flour. I was looking at the 5300 but thinking to get an extra continued for dry blending.

    • The dry container is a 32-oz container, but it has a different blade than the general or “wet” 32-oz container. Everything except for the shape of the blade is the same.

  12. I have a reconditioned 5200 on order from Vitamix. It will be too tall assembled to be stored under my cabinets. I knew this when purchasing but opted for the taller more narrow container due to my belief that the blending performance will be better than the wider version. Regardless, I am considering purchasing the 32oz wet container as an option. I noticed that Amazon sells one without the blade but with a plastic wrench for removal and installation of a currently owned blade. Since this option saves me in the neighborhood of $70 what would be the benefit of spending the extra money? The only thing I can see it that you wouldn’t have to use the wrench to move the blade between different sized containers. This doesn’t seem much of a hassle to me since I think I would rarely use the 64 ounce version. Day to day operation would be sufficient with the 32oz. Thanks.

    • Two things to watch out for with your plan:
      1) In spite of the fact that you can buy that container without the blade plus the wrench, Vitamix has a new policy that changing the blade yourself voids the container warranty. They started that policy because you can run into trouble by under or over-tightening the retainer nut. They might give you a one-time courtesy service, or they might not give you warranty service on the container.

      2) The containers are not meant for regular changing of the blades back and forth. I’ve heard of people who have stripped the threads by doing that.

      So, yes it could work, but beware that it might cause more trouble than it’s worth.

  13. Hello,
    Your information was great.Recently I got a brand new one c series 6500 64 oz. And I opend the package but not uesed…then I searched the main website which has some reconditioned ones…
    Now I am thinking to return my brand new one and get a secound hand for half price.
    I don’t know is that fair or not!

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