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First, double check that your preferred model/color is indeed out of stock (S30, 7500 or Pro 750). Then, in the form below, enter email address, select preferred colors and models, click “Subscribe,” and confirm subscription by clicking the link in your email. An email address entered on this page will be used for in-stock notifications only, and unsubscribing is easy.

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Please notify me when the following units come in stock:

  • (note: Vitamix dropped the price on the new Stainless 750, and the new version also now comes with a more durable finish)

Please note: Vitamix only sells reconditioned units within the US. So if you are outside the US, these notifications will not help you unless you have access to a US shipping address. If you are connecting from outside the US and want to ship to a US address, you might have to place a phone order. To order by phone, call 800-848-2649 and mention code 06-007021 for free shipping.

If you’re wondering about the differences between the different Vitamix machines, check out my Vitamix comparison page. If you get impatient and want to order a reconditioned unit right away, check out the Standard and Standard with Presets models. In my opinion all of these models offer excellent value. Or if you want the Next Generation features, you may want to just spring for a new unit.

Buying a reconditioned Vitamix is an excellent way to save money, as I explain on my refurbished Vitamix page, and not surprisingly, reconditioned units are extremely popular. Their availability can be sporadic because it depends on how many machines enter the reconditioning process.

If your preferred units are out of stock, you can enter your email and preferences in the form above, and I’ll send you an email when they come in stock. Be ready to place an order quickly, because sometimes only a small number are made available and they can sell out fast.


Reconditioned Vitamix Availability — 26 Comments

    • It’s free shipping to the US and Canada if you apply code 06-007021 (which should be applied automatically if you click a Vitamix link from this site). However, Vitamix does not ship reconditioned units to Canada.

  1. Looks like the 7500 is in stock more regularly now, do you have a way of notifying for pro 750 availability? Thanks for the informative website.

    • The wide 64-oz container is only intended for use on the Next Generation bases. The longer blades require more torque, and using them on a 5200 could over-stress that machine. Physically the container fits, but using it would void the warranty.

      • right, thanks. So I could use the new container on my vitamix NOT under warranty until it fries it, and THEN get the new model. Would be interesting for someone to do some ‘scientific testing’ on youtube of the difference in ‘stress’ for a 5200.

        • You would be fine to use the new container for chopping, mincing, blending juices; however, should you decide to attempt a thick ice cream or nut butter its probably best to use the small container for ease of use. I.e. the 32 oz wet blade would make smaller batches and its easier to use the tamper to keep the butter moving.

  2. Thank you sooooooo much. I am finally feeling that I understand what I will order. I have been looking on and off for years.

  3. Hey I signed up to get a notification when the Pro 750 is back in stock but my confirmation email says it’s for the 7500. Will I still find out about the Pro 750?

    • Yes, sorry about that. You will still receive the proper notifications. I started this list before the Pro 750 was available reconditioned, and I’ve just tacked the Pro 750 onto the existing list. But whatever boxes you check should be the notifications that you receive.

  4. I have an Aramex account and the free shipping will get the unit to my NY address only (for free), then I will pay based on the weight. Any idea how much one of these will weigh? I’d need to know that to figure out the cost. Thanks!

    • I’ll keep an eye out, but that could be a long wait. I don’t expect Vitamix to release more colors of the Pro 750 any time soon.

      If you are set on white, you may be best off getting a standard machine with presets (6300).

  5. I keep checking the refurbished links for a 750 or 7500 . . . But they seem out of stock all the time. Do you still have your notice page setup? I would like the stainless steel 750, but espresso or black 7500 would work.

    • Thanks for your comment. I investigated the current situation, and I’ve posted a new update message at the very top of this post. The short answer is that you should call Vitamix to order.

  6. Hey there Adam, I’m really interested in getting a reconditioned 7500 in Black, but if the wait is going to be more than a week or two I’ll probably spring for a new one. Any idea how long the wait has been these days? Also any idea if you can just backorder one anyway? I might be able to be a little more patient if I knew I was on the list! Thanks for the awesome blog by the way, definitely helped convince me to go in this direction.

    • I don’t know how long the wait will be, but my guess is that now that we’re past the holidays it will be a week or two. My other guess is that since there’s a lot of pent up demand, some colors will sell out quickly. So, especially if you care what color you get, be ready to order quickly when they come back in stock. Last I checked, Vitamix is not taking backorders.

      • Alright, I’ll try and give it two weeks, I will be sure to use your referral link when I order. Thanks for the advice! Also any word on if Amazon is going to start carrying the next gen reconditioned models? I love to take advantage of that prime shipping! Almost tempted to get the reconditioned standard just to have it on Friday!

  7. Hi Adam. I’m looking for a refurbished black G series 7500. I live right near the Canada/U.S. border so picking up in the U.S. is not a problem. Just one question: I do a lot of canning, freezing, preserving in the fall, and want to make nut butters, as well as everyday cooking, soups, etc. In short, I’m quite sure I’d use it a LOT. I just wonder whether to go with the 64 oz. or 48. Thoughts? And…awesome site! Great, thorough, well-researched, useful advice. Thanks.

    • First, there is currently no Vitamix that comes reconditioned with a 48-oz container, so you’d have to buy that separately if you want to go with reconditioned.
      For 64 vs. 48 oz, it mainly depends on what sort of volumes you want to blend. If you regularly make small blends of under 2 cups, then having a narrow container is nice. The most flexible option (and what I have), is to get 64-oz G Series, and then get an extra 32-oz container for small blends. If you mainly make larger volumes, then I’d say just go with the 64-oz container.

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