Certified Refurbished Vitamix Blender Details

Last Updated October 4, 2023

The certified refurbished Vitamix machines (aka certified reconditioned) are usually the best Vitamix deal. Vitamix guarantees them to work as well as new machines, and, aside from the print on the box, they are generally indistinguishable from new. They come with a 3 or 5-year warranty (depending on model), backed by Vitamix’s generous customer service. You can save $80–$230 or ~20–40%.

Confused about which model to get? See my Vitamix comparison page for help deciding.

Supplies are limited, so if you see the one you want in stock, try to order ASAP, as they can go out of stock pretty quick.

Supplies are limited, and these have been going in and out of stock.

Reconditioned vs Refurbished?

Vitamix refurbished modelsMany people use the words refurbished and reconditioned interchangeably. The important thing to know is that all of the reconditioned/refurbished Vitamix models discussed on this site are reconditioned by Vitamix to the exact same standards as their new machines. (For other companies, refurbished might mean that a third party fixed up broken products, possibly with third-party components, but that is not the case for Vitamix.)

The recertification process takes place at the Vitamix factory, and any sub-par parts are replaced with new ones. The Certified Reconditioned Vitamix 17-point checklist includes both function and aesthetics—that is, everything is guaranteed to work as good as new and not look beat-up.

The following parts are replaced on every reconditioned machine, regardless of condition: the pitcher, lid, and tamper. If the shrink-wrap on the cookbook or DVD is broken, those are replaced as well.

One thing that might not be immediately obvious is that the blade assembly is not necessarily brand new. Technicians remove the blade; if it does not show any wear it is high-temperature washed and sterilized, and then placed in the new container.

Why are there so many refurbished Vitamix machines?

A common concern is, if Vitamix blenders are so great, where do all the reconditioned machines come from? The machines were either used at product demos (many just as display without ever even being turned on), photoshoots, or were returned by their owner. As soon as the initial factory-sealed box is opened, Vitamix can no longer sell that blender as new. Vitamix does not release specific numbers, but my guess is that the majority of refurbished blenders come from returns during the no-risk 30-day trial period. Since Vitamix offers a full refund and also pays for return shipping, returning is extremely painless.

Impulse buys where someone did not check with their spouse first about the large purchase are likely one of the leading sources, as well as people who changed their mind about their preferred model or color. (All returns within 30-days are no-questions-asked.) Some of the returns are probably also from people who realized that they could get a refurbished Vitamix for cheaper….

I don’t think there’s any reason to worry about the refurbished machines being lemons. If something happens to be wrong with your machine, Vitamix will take care of it at no cost to you. Also, if you change your mind within 30 days, the no-risk trial applies to reconditioned machines as well as new, so you could get a full refund and not even have to pay for return shipping.


I have seen firsthand five reconditioned machines as they came out of the box. At first glance all of them were indistinguishable from a brand new machine. With a very close inspection I noticed on three of the five machines one part that didn’t quite look brand new. There were slight scuffs on the rubber centering pad. I would take this as a complete non-issue because you can’t see them if the container is sitting on the base, and after you’ve used the machine a few times that pad will develop minor scuffs. Everything else on all five of the blenders was completely pristine. I have also heard many reports from other people that their reconditioned machine looked brand new. [Update: I’ve now actually seen that light scuffs on the centering pad can be present on new machines as well: it’s just a sign that the unit was tested before leaving the factory.]

The only time I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a reconditioned machine is if it is a gift and you are concerned that the recipient might not understand that the reconditioning process really makes the machine as good as new. (The packaging clearly identifies reconditioned machines as reconditioned.) If it’s for someone close to you, you can probably explain, but there may be gift cases where making that explanation is difficult. On the other hand, there are situations where a more affordable gift is more appropriate, so in those cases reconditioned is an advantage.

Other differences

The other material differences between reconditioned and new are:

1) 5-year vs. 7-year warranty. All reconditioned machines come with a 5-year warranty, while some new machines come with a 5-year warranty, and others come with a 7-year warranty. The reconditioned warranty is exactly the same as on new machines, aside from than the duration. (All parts are covered, as well as shipping both ways for any repairs/replacements; for more details see my Vitamix warranty page.) QVC Creations, S-Series, and Turboblend Two & Three Speed new models have a 5-year warranty, so that is exactly the same as reconditioned. If you are concerned about the warranty length you can purchase a 3-year warranty extension for $75, which is less than the difference in price between reconditioned and new, and would take your refurbished machine’s warranty out to 8 years.

2) Less colorful box. The new machines are packaged in a glossy box covered with bright photographs, whereas the reconditioned machines come in brown or white boxes.

Included in the Box…

All reconditioned Vitamix blenders include a cookbook and tamper. The following models also include a getting-started DVD: 7500, and Pro 750.

Identical models

[Update: this may no longer be happening, but if it does, don’t worry!] One thing to keep in mind with the reconditioned machines is that you may receive any identical model. As I explain on my Vitamix comparison page, there are many model names that actually refer to multiple identical machines. For example, if you order a refurbished Next Generation no presets model, they may send a 7500, a Pro 300, or a Creations Elite.*

Excellent Deal

If you look at Vitamix blenders on eBay or Craigslist you will find that they usually sell for more than these refurbished units (you can find ancient models for less, but those are a bit of a gamble since they’re out of warranty and the seals can wear out). The robust second hand market is evidence for the strong demand for Vitamix, but it’s also a sign that most people don’t know about these refurbished deals. If you’re looking to save money on a Vitamix, refurbished is the way to go!

In fact, I’ve talked with a few Vitamix employees, and they say that even with their employee discount, Vitamix employees nearly exclusively choose Vitamix reconditioned when buying units for themselves, family, or friends.

Refurbished Vitamix blenders come with the same “No Risk Guarantee” 30-day in-home trial as new Vitamix blenders. If you change your mind about your purchase you can get a full refund, and Vitamix even pays for return shipping.

Here’s a page with all reconditioned machines on Vitamix.com.


*If you order a refurbished Next Generation no presets model one of the bases that you could receive is a Creations Elite. You might worry that you wouldn’t get the new style short/wide 64-oz container because the new Creations Elite models are sold with the 48-oz container. However, I’ve consulted with Vitamix and confirmed that you will get the Next Generation short/wide 64-oz container. I’ve also heard from satisfied customers who received the new style wide container with a reconditioned Creations Elite base.

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Certified Refurbished Vitamix Blender Details — 105 Comments

  1. I’m interested in purchasing a vitamix. I want one that will blend vegetables in my smoothies very well. Problem is do I get the tall c series vitamix or the g series. I heard the tall ones make smoother smoothies for smaller batches. However, I would like the convenience of it fitting under my counter tops but the results of the smoothie is the most important. Which would you suggest?? Standard 5200 or g 750?? Thanks so much!!

    • If you want the best performance for small amounts and you want to fit under standard cabinets with the container on the base, you will need a second container.

      That said, I don’t think either of those issues are deal-killers. You can store the tall container next to the base under your cabinets. And the wide containers work well for most smoothies.

      I personally like having the 7500 with a spare 32-oz container. But if you want to save money, you can accomplish the same thing with a Standard model. I’m not sure when the current batch of discounts will expire, but there’s a chance it will be tonight, so it would be best to get your order in. (If you change your mind, you can exchange your machine at no cost within the first 30 days.)

    • I want to purchase a Vitamix but have insecurities about which, even though they are well explained. I would choose a two speed,
      Short, but capable of two smoothies at least.
      Also, do they have chopping capabilities for cranberries, nuts, etc for salads?

  2. I have the 520 (older model) and want to know if I can use my container on any of the newer models? Especially the ones with the shorter containers.

    • I’m assuming you mean the 5200. If that’s the case, then you can use that container on various models. You can use it on any current model except for the Ascent Series and the S-Series (personal size).

  3. I do not mind the certified reconditionaed 5300 and I love the price point, but the 64 oz container may be too big for me. Is this a model that can switch out container sizes?

    • Yes, the 5300 can be used with other container sizes. You can use a 32 or 48-oz container with it. You can also use the Personal Cup Adapter with it, but for general use, I would recommend a 32 or 48-oz container.

  4. Love this site and happy to go through your link for all your work.
    I’m Canadian and will use my vitamix for small batches 80% of the time so I was looking at the E3201/310 but when I see that the price of the refurbished pro500 I wonder if it might be worth getting that and purchasing the smaller container…?
    What do you recommend?


    • It comes down to, do you have a use/need for the extra capacity of a 64-oz container over a 48-oz container? You can of course blend in two batches with a 48-oz container, but a single batch is more convenient. On the other hand, for blends that fit in it, the shorter 48-oz container is generally more convenient than the tall one. Buying a second container lets you have the best of both worlds, but it adds expense.

  5. I am an Indian who has to grind the garam masalas. These are coarse grains and I have gone through several coffee grinders. Is there a vitamix model for this purpose. I have no interest in smoothies.


    • I just checked, and I can’t get the container discount to show up with the recon 780 either. The promotion is still going though, because it is still working with other machines. This is clearly an error. What I am not sure of is if Vitamix actually intended the promotion to only apply to New machines, and other Recons are slipping through the cracks, or if they just forgot to include the Recon 780 in the list of eligible models. The message at the top of their pages says “Container $50 with Purchase of a New full-size Blender,” while elsewhere it just mentions “full size-blenders.” For anyone who is eyeing this deal, I recommend ordering one of the other machines sooner than later, because Vitamix might be in the process of removing the reconditioned machines from the promotion.

      • I confirmed that Vitamix intended this promotion to be for new machines only. So we got lucky that someone screwed up and included some of the reconditioned machines. It looks like they are going to leave the included machines for the rest of the promotion.

  6. I tried the link for Canada Reconditioned Vitamix Models:
    Canada 5200: C$399.95 but it didn’t work. I would like to purchase one. Could you tell me if one is available and if so, how to order it? Thank you.

    • Sorry, they discontinued that one in Canada. Thanks for the message—I just updated this page.

      I’d recommend going with the Standard Programs, which is just C$30 more. If you have access to a U.S. shipping address you could get the U.S. Recon 5200 (Standard), but with the current exchange rate, it looks like the Canadian Standard Programs would be less for you, even before counting the extra hassle and possible expense of dealing with getting one from the U.S.

  7. The next generation 750 you have listed refurbished for $439.95, says in cart an additional discount of $160. Is that discount because of the blender (some defect) or does that discount come from you or Vitamix?

    • To be clear, it’s the 7500 with that discount. No defects, just a great deal! Vitamix pricing often works in mysterious ways, and I do not pretend to fully understand it. The discount comes from Vitamix.

  8. Hi,
    I presently have a Model 6300 (Costco, 48 & 64 ounce containers) which I am very pleased with.
    I’m interested in buying a second Vitamix blender (reconditioned preferably) and was wondering which currently available model(s) would be closest in performance etc. to my 6300.

    Many thanks for all the useful information you are providing on Joy of Blending!

  9. To many choices. Confusion
    I cook & baked a lot.
    Interested in recommendations for large batch (think cauliflower mashed), quiet, bread dough consistency items, whipped cream.
    A pulse grinding coffee beans, nuts. Soups are a consideration.
    Any current refurbish units I should consider purchasing per your recommendation please?

    • All of these refurbished machines would handle those tasks. The Recon V1200 is currently on sale, and it will allow you to use additional accessories in the future if you choose to.

  10. Hello! For the refurbished V1200 how would I get the additional discount? On the webpage it is $449 even in the cart. Thank you!

    • You’ll need to follow the link to it on this page, possibly before adding it to your cart. If that doesn’t work, try a different browser, or try Incognito/Private mode. I just checked, and it is still working.

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