Vitamix chocolate sorbet recipe

Chocolate Sorbet in bowlThis chocolate sorbet recipe requires two phases of preparation, but it’s still quite easy. The idea is to first blend a chocolate liquid emulsion, freeze it, and then re-blend it. No ice cream maker needed! I kept the ingredients list simple for a pure chocolate flavor.

Pre-blended Chocolate in Vitamix Container2 cups water
8 oz chocolate*
1 vanilla bean** (optional)
pinch of salt

*I like dark chocolate, but you can really use any chocolate you like. I used Trader Joe’s “Pound Plus” dark chocolate, which is a great bargain and is pretty good chocolate. If you use it, it 8 oz will be about 15 squares.
**You could also use a Tbsp of extract.

Blend on high until you get a smooth liquid. It will heat up a bit as it blends. I think this is good because the chocolate will melt, which probably helps emulsify it. Then pour into ice-cube trays and leave to freeze solid in the freezer. (If you don’t have ice-cube trays you could use any small containers, like muffin cups. I would avoid freezing it into a single large block, because that would be hard to blenIf) This is best freshly blended, so you can save the ice cubes in a freezer container until you’re ready for sorbet.

Frozen Chocolate Ice Cubes in Vitamix ContainerWhen you’re ready, remove the frozen cubes of chocolate ice and return them to the Vitamix pitcher. Blend on high while using the tamper until the mixture starts to circulate, and then continue for another 5–10 seconds. Stop and serve it right away.

Freshly Blended Vitamix Chocolate SorbetIf you save some in the freezer it will get hard, and to scoop it you’ll need to thaw it a bit. I’ve read that you can use sugar, alcohol, or guar gum to increase scoopability. I’m particularly curious about guar gum, but I have not tried it yet.

I am also looking forward to trying this twice-blended method for making some nut-based sorbets in the future.
Update: this technique worked great for pistachio sorbet.

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Vitamix chocolate sorbet recipe — 14 Comments

  1. Yum, how can you not love a chocolate sorbet, esp when it is this easy to make. Question: after I pour the warm emulsified chocolate into the ice cube tray, should I wait until it’s cooled down before I put it in the freezer? I look forward to seeing more recipes from you, especially one with pistachio (my favorite!) 🙂 Thanks. CH

  2. Oh my! This looks even better…and much easier…than Robin’s chocolate sorbet which she makes for us from time to time in her ice cream machine. There are going to be some happy campers up in the Eastern Sierra this weekend! Thanks, Adam.

  3. I wonder what would happen if you put in a tangerine, or other citrus? Many years ago, Baskin-Robbins had a mandarin chocolate sherbet (aka sorbet) with super-dark chocolate that was pretty fabulous. It might be hard to get the tangerine flavor concentrated enough though.

  4. Just made this. I love the fact that it’s so simple to make. However mine didn’t turn out as yummy as I had hoped. It’s just not as creamy, and the icy part and the melted part didn’t blend that well. But I reminded myself this is a sorbet, not a gelato, so less creamy, less fat, lower calories. 🙂 I will try making this again, next time, adding nuts to get increased creaminess. I will also accent the flavor with some raspberry or coffee/espresso. If anyone has suggestions for a modified recipe, I’m eager to try it. Thanks Adams for sharing this simple recipe for a chocolate addict like me.

  5. can you substitute ice cubes for the water in the first place…you know, for those of us who can’t delay gratification when chocolate is the ingredient/flavor!?!?! 🙂

    btw – great recipe, thanx for sharing!!

    • You could, but I don’t think it would come out quite as smooth. Or, if you blended until really smooth, it probably wouldn’t be as frozen. Worth a shot though! Worst case: you eat a little bit, then keep blending until ultra smooth, freeze, then re-blend for round two.

  6. Thoroughly enjoying your website Adam! Great advice, yummy recipes and fun reading everyone’s posts regarding their recipes and experiences with their Vitamix machines!
    Wondering if instead of chocolate will using good quality free trade dark cocoa and almond or coconut milk make a good sorbet as well?

    • Yes, that would work. Obviously it wouldn’t have as pure of a chocolate flavor, but it would still be good. You would need to add some sweetener, since the chocolate in the above recipe has sugar and cocoa does not. If you use a non-calorie sweetener, it will come out icier, since sugar contributes to the texture.

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