Orange Julius Inspired Smoothie Recipe

Orange Julius Smoothie Recipe Ingredients Smiley FaceAs I mentioned in my last post about vanilla, I usually like to keep the ingredients simple when using vanilla so that it doesn’t get lost among stronger flavors. This smoothie maximizes the flavors of orange and vanilla. It’s not an attempt to replicate an Orange Julius, it just draws inspiration—slightly creamy, orange-vanilla goodness. I didn’t add any sweeteners other than the oranges, so this will not be as sweet as a traditional Orange Julius. You could of course add sweetener if you like. Over time our taste buds can adjust, and if you cut down on sweets you will likely find that you don’t need as much sugar for things to taste good. 

2 medium oranges peeled and deseeded (navels are good)
10 almonds (raw)
½ vanilla pod (or ½ tsp vanilla extract)*
8 ice cubes

*If you want intense vanilla flavor, you could double this amount of vanilla.

Blend on high until smooth—a little longer than usual to get the almonds and vanilla pod totally smooth. I blended for 70 seconds. Makes ~20 oz.

You could also use almond milk instead of the whole almonds, but I like to take advantage of the Vitamix’s power to blend the almonds fresh for each recipe. (see: If your blender has the power, use it!)

Orange Julius SmoothieWhen I was setting up the photos I had a déjà vu moment and realized that I made a nearly identical smoothie except with cherries last spring. However, that was before I found out that you can blend whole vanilla bean pods. I’ve also since decided that peeling the almonds is not necessary.

Update: I made a zesty version of this with kumquats and ground cloves in place of oranges and vanilla.

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Orange Julius Inspired Smoothie Recipe — 13 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to try this. It sounds yummy. I make my own yogurt So might add a little of that to make it a little creamier. Thanks Adam for all of your recipes. Linda

  2. Thank you so much for this recipe! I had some vanilla pods that I was too scared to open. When you wrote about using the whole thing I was so excited! I just made it and it turned out delicious!!!!!!

  3. I love orange julius and I have found soaking the almonds for 12 hrs or so first allow for increased smoothness, try adding just a squeeze of lemon juice or thin slice of lemon with the pith and it really gives it that extra zing.

  4. I love this one. Nice added fibre with the whole bean pod. I take it a little farther by soaking the almonds over night. They absorb the filtered water and the blend becomes smoother and a bit more froth like orange Julius.

  5. Sounds delicious! I don’t have any almonds at the moment. Just wondering how much Almond milk I should use instead of the almonds? Thanks!

  6. Looooove that you have a “Recipes by ingredient” search option. That’s next level stuff right there! Thank you!

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