Vitamix Black Friday 2022

The 2022 Holiday Sale is over, but the $100 off Recon V1200 deal is continuing (apply code 100RECONV for an extra $100 off)

Vitamix Black Friday DealsVitamix’s 2022 Holiday Shopping season has begun! The sale extends beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and is scheduled to go from now through the end of the year. (If machines stay in stock!) If you’re thinking about buying a Vitamix, this is the best time of year to do it!

Here’s the overview of Vitamix’s sale:

Through Dec 24, or while supplies last

  • $50 to $125 off almost all new machines.
  • There are two a hidden deals that require an extra code:
    • Recon A2500 (apply code 100RECONA2500 for an extra $100 off)
    • Recon V1200 (apply code 100RECONV for an extra $100 off)

Choosing which one to get

Since almost all machines are on sale, there isn’t a single deal that jumps out as best. Check out my Which Vitamix to buy page for help deciding.


The primary question is whether you want an Ascent/Venturist machine or a Classic one. To help decide, see my Ascent Review page. In my opinion, the top reason to go with Ascent is if you want to be able to use the Ascent-only accessories, most notably the Food Processor Attachment.


The next question is if you want to go with reconditioned or new. Reconditioned Vitamix machines offer the biggest savings, and I highly recommend them. (For more details, see my Reconditioned Vitamix page).

There are only two situations where I don’t recommend reconditioned. One is if you are buying a gift for someone who will not appreciate the value proposition. (Reconditioned machines are indistinguishable from new once they are on your counter, but their packaging materials are clearly marked as reconditioned.)

The other situation is if you don’t want to buy a second container, and the 48-oz container is ideal for you. It only comes with the new E310. The E310 is already relatively modestly priced, so the $60 off makes it a great deal, and this is the ideal machine for some people. Its narrow container handles small amounts better than the wide 64-oz containers.

This year availability is extremely limited, and many of the reconditioned models have been out of stock for many months. (I have long suspected that Vitamix sometimes sells brand new units as reconditioned as a way of having another price point, but this year’s supply chain disruptions mean they can barely keep the new units in stock.)

Other choices

Then you’ll have to decide if you want presets, or a premium metal base (metal only available on A3500 and A3300).

Recommended Picks

Of all these deals on machines, I think most people should choose from the following options.

“Entry level” but still full power and quality: E310

The E310 is a no-frills machine, and its container is great for blending smaller amounts, while also going up to a 48-oz capacity.

“Entry level” smart machine compatible with all current accessories: Recon V1200

Accessories that are only available for smart models are the 8-oz mini-cup and the food processor attachment. Non-smart models can blend in the 20-oz to-go cup, but they require the bulky Personal Cup Adapter.

Premium metal base smart blender: A3500

The metal base looks great and muffles sound a bit, making it quieter than the non-metal Vitamix machines, and it is compatible with all accessories. This year the A3300 is not on sale, so if you want premium, the A3500 is the easy choice. For the rest of the year the Black Stainless option costs $50 extra, but during the sale it is the same price as the other options.

The A3500 with stainless container is also a nice choice if you want the all-stainless look.

Payment Plans

You can majorly lower your upfront cost with Vitamix’s payment plans.

Free Shipping

As usual, free shipping on orders over $50 will be applied in your cart if you click any of the Vitamix links from this page.

Black Friday Pricing Note

One other thing to note about Vitamix Black Friday deals is that Vitamix has pricing agreements with its retailers. Probably for this reason, I have never seen a Vitamix doorbuster advertised at a brick-and-mortar store.

Happy shopping!

(Comments below include comments from past years’ sales, which were different from this year’s.)

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  1. Hi Im looking at either the A3300 or the A3500? i know that the A3300 was on sale for 350 usd. do u know if it was a black friday only sale? do we have to wait for sales to get that kind of pricing again?
    Thank you

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