Vitamix Black Friday 2020 Deals

Vitamix Black Friday DealsVitamix’s 2020 Holiday Shopping season has begun! There some deals that last for 6 weeks (if they stay in stock), and a few special deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’re thinking about buying a Vitamix, this is the best time of year to do it!

I want to help you plan out which one to get, so that when the deal goes live, you can snatch it up right away (some of these deals almost certainly will sell out). If you change your mind, you can get a full refund (including free return shipping) within the first 30 days.

If you want to weigh all of the info, here’s the calendar (my thoughts on the different machines follow). Keep in mind that this schedule is not 100% set in stone, so there may be changes. $ is US dollars and C$ is Canadian dollars:


The sales usually start and stop around midnight Eastern Time. If you want to get a jump on one of the sales, start checking right after midnight Eastern. Based on past Vitamix sales, if it hasn’t gone live by 12:15 am EST, you’ll probably have to wait until sometime between 5 and 9:15 am EST. The one exception this year is that the Black Friday deals are scheduled to start at 6pm EST on Thursday.  It’s likely that some of these will sell out, so getting in as early as possible is worth it!

Nov 20–Dec 31 [Live Now!]

Nov 26 @6pm EST–Nov 30 [expired]

Dec 2–Dec 13

Dec 26-Dec 27, Canada only (Boxing Day)

UK Only: Nov 27th only

Choosing which one to get

Nearly every Vitamix option will be on sale at some point, with plenty of great deals on different models. For background, you can check out my Which Vitamix page.


The primary question is whether you want an Ascent machine or a Classic one. To help decide, see my Ascent Review page. In my opinion, the top reason to go with Ascent is if you want to be able to use the Ascent-only accessories, most notably the Food Processor Attachment.


The next question is if you want to go with reconditioned or new. Reconditioned Vitamix machines offer the biggest savings, and I highly recommend them. (For more details, see my Reconditioned Vitamix page).

There are only two situations where I don’t recommend reconditioned. One is if you are buying a gift for someone who will not appreciate the value proposition. (Reconditioned machines are indistinguishable from new once they are on your counter, but their packaging materials are clearly marked as reconditioned.)

The other situation is if you don’t want to buy a second container, and the 48-oz container is ideal for you. It only comes with the new E310. The E310 is already relatively modestly priced, so the $60 off makes it a great deal, and this is the ideal machine for some people. Its narrow container handles small amounts better than the wide 64-oz containers.

Other choices

Then you’ll have to decide if you want presets, or a premium metal base (metal only available on A3500 and A3300).

Recommended Picks

Of all these deals on machines, the two that stand out for me are the E310 and the A3300 Brushed Stainless. The E310 is a no-frills machine, and its container is great for blending smaller amounts, while also going up to a 48-oz capacity. The A3300 is a premium machine that gets you into the Ascent line, at a sweet price (if you order on Cyber Weekend!). The metal base looks great and muffles sound a bit, making it quieter than the non-metal Vitamix machines.

I don’t find presets very useful, so my two top picks don’t have them. Some people love presets though, so, if you want them check out the Pro 750 or the A3500.

And if you like the idea of the blend-and-go cup, plus the lowest price for a Smart Blender, the V1200 is an awesome package deal. (Given that the mini-blade base plus 20-oz container sell for $99, it’s pretty crazy that you can get the whole package for $259.)

If you get a machine with a wide container, I recommend considering getting a second smaller container, which you can get at a 20% discount starting Dec 2. For Ascent machines, the one to get is the Self-Detect 48-oz. If you get a non-Ascent machine, I recommend the 32-oz. (The 48-oz works just as well for small amounts; it’s just a bit bulkier.)

Payment Plans

You can majorly lower your upfront cost with Vitamix’s generous payment plans.

Free Shipping

As usual, free shipping will be applied in your cart if you click any of the Vitamix links from this page.

Black Friday Pricing Note

One other thing to note about Vitamix Black Friday deals is that Vitamix has pricing agreements with its retailers. Probably for this reason, I have never seen a Vitamix doorbuster advertised at a brick-and-mortar store.

Happy shopping!

(Comments below include comments from past years’ sales, which were different from this year’s.)

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  1. Hi Im looking at either the A3300 or the A3500? i know that the A3300 was on sale for 350 usd. do u know if it was a black friday only sale? do we have to wait for sales to get that kind of pricing again?
    Thank you

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