Final days of sale and a new model

Red-5200Vitamix-Pro-750[750 price drop now appears to be permanent]
Today and tomorrow are the last days to take advantage of the sale that includes both ends of the Vitamix spectrum. You can get a Certified Reconditioned 5200 for $299[price increased; still good deal at $329], or a Professional Series 750 for $629$599. The Reconditioned 5200 sale has been extremely popular, with two out of the three colors selling out.

The sale is compatible with this free shipping promotion code, which will be applied if you click any link to from this site.

Meanwhile, Vitamix just released a new model at the top of their line; the 780.

Update: Here’s my Vitamix 780 review after trying it out for a couple weeks.

It shares most of the features of the Pro 750, except that it uses a smooth touchscreen instead of the physical switches and dial on the 750. Here’s a view of the touchscreen:

Vitamix-780-touchscreenIt lights up to indicate what’s happening and to respond to your touch. To see how its features stack up with the other Vitamix models, check out my Vitamix comparison page.

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