Canadian Vitamix Models

Canadian Vitamix ModelsSome Vitamix models in Canada have different names than in the U.S. Even within the U.S., Vitamix model names can be confusing, so I made a comparison page that explains the similarities and differences. If you are shopping in Canada (or another country outside the U.S.), you can use this page to understand the additional names and to help find the best price.

Here are my quick recommendations for buying a Vitamix in Canada.

February 2017 Update: Vitamix just released the new Ascent Series in Canada. If you are buying new, I recommend checking out the Ascent models. I will integrate them into this page when I get a chance, but in the meantime, you can read about them on my Vitamix comparison page and my Ascent Series Review.

The best model will vary from person to person, since they have different features. You can read the full details about differences between models on my Vitamix comparison page, but here is a quick run down of the Canadian options:

  • Best value: Certified Reconditioned Standard (5200). Full Vitamix performance at the best price.
  • Preset blending modes on a budget: Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs. Identical to Total Nutrition Center 3, 6300, and Professional Series 500.
  • Blend in to-go cup and blend smaller amounts: S-Series (here is my full S-Series review). The S30 is great, and the S55 is identical, but adds 4 preset modes and stainless finish. And then in between the S30 and S55 is the S50, which has 2 preset modes.
  • Willing to spend a bit more on updated design with wide container: 7500.
  • Elegant brushed stainless metal base with updated design and presets: Pro 750
  • Money is no object, bring on top of the line!: 780 (updated design with presets, a sleek touch screen, and even better sound dampening. For more details, see my Vitamix 780 review.)

Note that the free shipping promotion code 06-007021 works in Canada as well as the U.S. Also, you can take advantage of the payment plans where you pay for the purchase over 3 or 5 months, with no added fees or finance charges. (Your order will be shipped after the first payment.)

Of the models listed on, I would recommend avoiding the Aspire models. As mentioned below, they come with a 5-year warranty instead of 7 years, and their prices are similar to the non-Aspire models.

Canadian Vitamix model names not sold in the U.S.

These are the Canadian models with names not used in the U.S. Each of these models is functionally equivalent to an analogous U.S. model. If you want to learn more details about the features of these machines, you can find their U.S. counterparts on my Vitamix comparison page.

Total Nutrition Center (TNC)

The Vitamix Total Nutrition Center is the same as the 5200, which means it is a C-Series model that comes with a variable speed knob.

Vitamix Total Nutrition Center Front


The Vitamix Aspire models are also the same as the 5200, the most significant difference is that they were originally branded for The Shopping Channel, and as part of pricing agreements they come with a 5-year warranty instead of the standard 7 years on other new Vitamix models. (In the U.S. the Creations models have a similar story—they are branded for QVC, and they come with 5-year warranties.) There are various Aspire packages that come with different combinations of the 64-oz and or 48-oz Vitamix containers (and some with the 32-oz dry container).

Vitamix Aspire Front

Total Nutrition Center 3

The Vitamix Total Nutrition Center 3 is the same as the Professional Series 500 and the 6300, which means that it is a C-Series model with variable speed control and three preset settings (smoothie, frozen, and soup), plus a pulse switch.

Vitamix Total Nutrition Center 3 Front

Other Models

For more recently released models, it appears that Vitamix has stopped giving them unique names outside the U.S. I see the S30, S55, Pro 200, Pro 500, 7500, and Pro 750 all listed on


Reconditioned Vitamix units are a great value, as they are significantly discounted, and they are guaranteed to be as good as new. Currently Vitamix offers three Reconditioned units in Canada: the Standard 5200/TNC, the Standard Presets (6300/Pro 500/TNC3), and the 5300 (low profile container).


I hope this page helps clear up confusion about the Vitamix Canada Total Nutrition Center, Aspire, and Total Nutrition Center 3, as well as the full range of other Vitamix models now available in Canada. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to comment below.


Canadian Vitamix Models — 44 Comments

  1. HI
    Thanks for all the great info:)
    I am still unsure which one to go with. I have read alot about the TNC. I do a ton of smoothies and own the Breville but because of a design flaw it will no longer work as a juicer/blender. I am vegetarian working towards vegan so often I make a lot of nut butters, nut cheese, fruit ice cream, soups etc. I think I would prefer a bigger jug for large batches but also would like the nut container. Help, which would you recommend?

      • The real issue is whether or not you can use a US shipping address. Vitamix does not ship the refurbished units to Canada.
        edit: This is no longer true. You can now get the reconditioned variable speed model (5200) shipped to Canada.

    • Hi Angie,
      There is no Vitamix nut container. There is the standard “wet” container, and then there is the optional “dry” container. All of the things you mentioned are best made in the wet container. You can make nut butter etc. in the large 64-oz container, just make sure you get some long skinny spatulas to aid in scraping it out. The shorter containers are slightly more convenient for scraping thick things out, but they are not at all necessary. As for recommendations, the 48-oz container is a nice all-around container—not too tall, but also can do medium-large capacity. Plus, the Pro 200 with 48-oz container is currently priced advantageously. If you want to blend the maximum 64-oz you should get a 64-oz model though.

  2. Hi,
    This info is all so helpful – thank you! I was ready to buy the Pro 200 and went through the ordering of it, put the code in for free shipping, etc….and then decided to wait and do a bit more research. Silly me!! It really is the reluctance to spend so much money on an appliance, and yet I have come full circle to deciding to take your advice and get the Pro 200. BUT I went in to order it again and they charged me for shipping. I called them and they told me that the codes only work once. They suggested I ask you if there is another code that you know about that I could use?? I hope so! They told me that they have a lot of different codes floating around, but were not privy to them. Sure hope you can help me! Thanks so much. Paddy

    • The 06-007021 code for free shipping should still work. If you applied it to your cart and shipping is not subtracting off, your best bet is to try a different browser (e.g. open it up in Firefox vs Chrome, etc.). If you don’t have a different browser, the easiest thing is to open a new “Private” or “Incognito” window, and then it will give you a fresh start to re-enter the code. (You can also “clear your cookies,” which should accomplish the same thing.)

      If you’ve already ordered and were charged shipping, let me know and I can fix it via one of my contacts.

    • OK, I just did some testing and it looks like there is a bug in’s shopping cart for displaying the free shipping. It looks like the code applies, and then if you leave the cart and then return, it no longer displays. (Which is exactly what you were describing.) However, when I went all the way through checkout, the shipping was indeed not charged, even though it did not display as subtracted in the cart. I will report this and hopefully the Vitamix web team will fix it soon. In the mean time it looks like it should still work; it’s just that the first cart page is misleading by not displaying the shipping discount. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

  3. Thank you for all your help Adam! I was able to use “private browser” and then the code worked just fine! I am thrilled – am now expecting my new Pro 200 and can’t wait! You have been wonderful, and thanks again.

  4. Hi. Great site! I am totally blind, so wonder which model would be easiest to use without sight? I read a review on the 5200 being easy to use without sight, but wonder what other models might be accessible? What models come without preset programs, as I’m sure the presets wouldn’t be accessible to me. This will be my first Vitamix purchase, so want to get a model that will be user friendly for a blind person. Thanks! 🙂

    • I met a blind person who was happily using a 7500. I would recommend choosing between the Professional Series 200 with compact container and the 7500. (The Pro 200 is essentially identical to the 5200, but it is lower priced on, and it comes with a 48-ounce/1.4-liter container .)

      If you want to regularly blend small amounts like 1 cup (240 ml) at a time, the Pro 200 comes with a narrower container that will be slightly better suited for that. If you rarely blend under 2 cups (480 ml), then the 7500 is a bit nicer. (You can blend as little as 1 cup in the 7500, but it splashes up the sides of the container more, and if it’s something thick, it can have more trouble getting it to circulate around the blades.)

  5. Hello,
    I am thinking of ordering a refurbished machine with and getting it ordered to a US address. However, I imagine the warranty still works no matter where I actually use the machine (ie. in Canada). The warranty is valid in Canada, right?

    Thank you for the information on this website. Very helpful!

    • According to the Vitamix employee I asked, yes, the warranty on US-bought machines is valid in Canada. (For other countries you have to get it back to the US yourself, and there’s also the issue of different power mains, but you don’t have to worry about that in Canada.)

  6. I have tried all different ways to get the free shipping coupon to work but have not had any success. I will just have to call Vitamix and make my order that way I guess.

    • I checked the free shipping code, and it appears to be working. If it isn’t working for you there are a few things to try. First, try a different web browser and reapply the code along with the item(s) you want to buy in your cart. You can also try entering “private”/”incognito” mode in your browser or clearing cookies. If those don’t solve the problem, please let me know. If you’ve already ordered and the code did not properly apply, also let me know, and I can likely get the shipping subtracted from your order. Finally, if you are tired of computers, you can of course place a phone order and tell the representative the code (06-007021) for free shipping.

      • Just another update. I have called Vitamix a few times now and am put on hold every single time. After a while I hang up because I can’t wait that long. I have yet to talk to any one at Vitamix. I emailed them too and have yet to receive a reply.

        • The Vitamix phone lines have indeed been busy lately. For the shortest wait, I’ve found that calling as early in the morning as possible is best. They open at 8am EST on weekdays and 9am EST on Saturdays.

          That said, I can likely get someone at Vitamix to contact you. If you email me your contact number I will pass it on.

          (Vitamix email response times for the general contact address are sadly extremely slow to non-existent.)

  7. The new Aspire model on The Shopping Channel does not have the middle dial. How important is that? Also, is the difference in warranty your only reason for avoiding this model or is there a quality issue also?

    • The middle dial allows you to control the speed precisely. It is useful for when you want to control the texture of your blend (i.e. if you don’t want to fully liquidize everything.) I use it for pesto, salsa, and various chopping tasks like chopping cabbage for coleslaw. You can make do without it, but it is nice to have. I know a few people who regret not getting a machine with the variable speed control.

      There is no quality issue with the Aspire models. It’s just that they come with the shorter warranty. So at the same price, you might as well get the 7 years.

      This weekend’s Shopping Channel deal is decent if you don’t care about the variable speed and really want the dry container. But I think most people would be better off with the variable speed than the dry container, and for them, the reconditioned variable speed model would be the better deal. (And you can always add a dry container later, but adding variable speed would require replacing the whole machine.)

    • You can blend nuts and grains in the 48-oz container. Nut butter is in fact best made in one of the wet containers. You can make flour in a wet container as well. It is not quite as optimal as the dry container, but it is possible. The one caveat is that grains scratch up the container much more than other things, so some people like to have a dedicated container for them.

  8. I’m pretty sure that the Shopping Channel deal yesterday included a 7 year warranty.Almost purchased the unit but realized there is still so much to learn and want to make the right selection.Will take some time and take advantage of your research.
    My son bought a refurbished unit on a Black Friday sale and said the deal was fantastic.

  9. What a great site and you have really helped me out when trying to decide which Vitamix I should purchase! I have 2 questions 1) Will the shipping code work if I decided to use the payment plan method on ? 2) I think I have narrowed my choices down to the TNC and TNC 3. I would rather not spend more if I do not have to but will if it is worth it. Just not sure which I should go with. I know that the TNC 3 would have the 3 presets and is supposed to be s bit quieter but would there be any differences as as far as performance goes?

    • Hi Kelly,
      Yes, the free shipping code still works with the payment plans.

      As far as TNC vs. TNC 3, the only real difference is the presets. The performance is the same, and under normal use there is no difference in the sound. Some people love the presets, but when I tried them, I didn’t find much use for them.

  10. This is such a great site. Thank you!
    I was wondering if i purchase the 7500 or even the 5200 for that matter, can i still use those containers to blend nuts and grains into flour or do i need to purchase the 32oz dry container. would rather not spend the additional funds if I don’t have to.

    • You can make flour in the wet containers, but the dry container works a bit better. Also, dry grinding scratches up the container much faster than normal blending, so many people who do a lot of dry grinding prefer to have the dedicated container.

  11. I really want to see use the vitamx as a veggie juicer. Everyone talks about smoothies and soup so I just want to be sure it will juice all the hard veggies and everything in between. I’m thinking about the pro750 at this point and interested in the refurbished. Any problems getting one in Canada? Thanks for your help.

  12. Which Vitamix is beat for doing whole greens into liquids? Do any of them handle stems or even something as tough as kale?

    I have read the other comments and was considering the 7500 or the Pro 200 with lower container.

    Also- am I able to buy dry containers for these?

    • All Vitamix machines can do whole greens into liquids. However, the full-size ones (C and G-Series) do a bit better than the “personal-size” (S-Series) models. (The 7500 and Pro 200 are full-size models.) And yes, they can handle kale stems.

      The dry container works on any of the full-size models.

  13. Well Done, and thank you!
    Just ordered my Pro series 500 for $319+tax cdn and used the shipping coupon and got free shipping. Does it get better…Yes it does. They allowed the order to be paid in 5 equal payments over 5 months!! With no interest charges. That saved me about $400

  14. I am planning to buy the 7500 model but am wondering if I just want to make smoothies for two people would this machine work or would I have to buy the extra
    small container

    • You definitely wouldn’t need an extra container. You can make smoothies for one person in the 7500 wide container; it’s just that if you prefer smaller smoothies, then a small container would work better. For two servings, even if they are small servings, the wide container will work fine.

  15. Please explain the difference in performance and warranty between the Pro 200 Model 1801 and the CIA Pro Countertop Blender Model 1808? Thanks for a great site.

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