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Last Updated April 9, 2022

Canadian Vitamix ModelsSome Vitamix models in Canada have different names than in the U.S. Even within the U.S., Vitamix model names can be confusing, so I made a comparison page that explains the similarities and differences. If you are shopping in Canada (or another country outside the U.S.), you can use this page to understand the additional names and to help find the best price.

In case it is unclear, the pricing on is in Canadian dollars. Vitamix ships to Canada from their Canadian headquarters in Windsor, Ontario. Shipping is free if you click one of the Vitamix links from this site.

Here are my quick recommendations for buying a Vitamix in Canada.

The best model will vary from person to person, since they have different features. You can read the full details about differences between models on my Vitamix comparison page, but here is a quick run down of the Canadian options. The following are my quick recommendations:

The value options (Explorian and Certified Reconditioned)

The Explorian E310 is Vitamix’s new entry-level machine. It comes with a short 48-oz container, which is a nice convenient size, as long as you don’t require the larger 64-oz capacity of other Vitamix machines. Here’s my full review of the E310.

Reconditioned Vitamix units are a great value, as they are significantly discounted, and they are guaranteed to be as good as new. The Reconditioned Explorian comes with the short and wide container, while the Reconditioned Standard Programs comes with the classic tall and narrow container.

The Reconditioned 5300 is quite similar to the Explorian, and I don’t think it’s worth the higher price.

Meanwhile, the Reconditioned A2500 and Reconditioned A3500 offer a premium side to the value options.

The Premium options (Ascent Series)

If you don’t mind spending more, I highly recommend the new Ascent Series:

  • All the essentials: A2300
  • Preset programs upgrade: A2500
  • Touchpanel, premium dial, and metal finish option upgrades: A3300
  • Presets, touchpanel, premium dial, and metal finish option upgrades: A3500

The non-Ascent models are still perfectly good, but if you’re buying new now, I think Ascent models are a better value. You can read more about them on my Ascent Series Review.

Note that the free shipping promotion code works in Canada as well as the U.S. Also, you can take advantage of a payment plan, where you pay for the purchase over 3 or 5 months, with no added fees or finance charges. (Your order will be shipped after the first payment.)

Canadian Vitamix model names not sold in the U.S.

These are the Canadian models with names not used in the U.S. Each of these models is functionally equivalent to an analogous U.S. model. If you want to learn more details about the features of these machines, you can find their U.S. counterparts on my Vitamix comparison page. Of the models listed on, I would recommend avoiding the Aspire models. As mentioned below, they come with a 5-year warranty instead of 7 years, and their prices are similar to the non-Aspire models.

Total Nutrition Center (TNC)

The Vitamix Total Nutrition Center is the same as the 5200, which means it is a C-Series model that comes with a variable speed knob.

Vitamix Total Nutrition Center Front


The Vitamix Aspire models are also the same as the 5200, the most significant difference is that they were originally branded for The Shopping Channel, and as part of pricing agreements they come with a 5-year warranty instead of the standard 7 years on other new Vitamix models. (In the U.S. the Creations models have a similar story—they are branded for QVC, and they come with 5-year warranties.) There are various Aspire packages that come with different combinations of the 64-oz and or 48-oz Vitamix containers (and some with the 32-oz dry container).

Vitamix Aspire Front

Total Nutrition Center 3

The Vitamix Total Nutrition Center 3 is the same as the Professional Series 500 and the 6300, which means that it is a C-Series model with variable speed control and three preset settings (smoothie, frozen, and soup), plus a pulse switch.

Vitamix Total Nutrition Center 3 Front

Other Models

For more recently released models, it appears that Vitamix has stopped giving them unique names outside the U.S. I see the S30, S55, Pro 200, Pro 500, 7500, and Pro 750 all listed on


I hope this page helps clear up confusion about the Vitamix Canada Total Nutrition Center, Aspire, and Total Nutrition Center 3, as well as the full range of other Vitamix models now available in Canada. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to comment below.


Canadian Vitamix Models — 67 Comments

  1. in Canada, the 5300 reconditioned is now 399 while supplies last! I used your coupon code just now to get free shipping! Your reviews were helpful!

  2. Thank you for the detailed reviews of the various Vitamix blenders. I was persuaded to buy the reconditioned 5300 currently $399 in Canada. The free shipping was an added bonus!

  3. Wow – what a helpful site! I’ve been thinking about buying a Vitamix for a while now, but was unsure of what model to get and whether I could justify the cost. Your recommendations were clear and made me feel confident in my decision (my blender is on the way)! Thanks for your help!

    • I just checked, and it worked for me. Please try clicking again with a different browser. (If it’s too inconvenient to use a different browser, try incognito/private mode for a fresh browsing session.) Here’s a link that should apply the free shipping code.

  4. Please suggest which I should redeem points for. I will only have to pay the tax! The 3500 or 7500 Vitamix. I’m in Canada. Compare them, please and thank you.

    • The A3500 has more features and is fancier. If you want more details, my Ascent Series review is basically a big comparison of all the new Ascent features compared to the Classic features.

      The only reason to go with the 7500 would be if you wanted to be able to use older containers that don’t have the Self-Detect system.

  5. My question is why is their so many reconditioned vitamax blenders for sale if they are so good .what is the main cause for them to be returned .I am really interested in perching one but a little confused on this question.Can you buy a e320 direct from vitamax or just from Costco Thanks very much Al

    • My guess is that most of the returns are impulse buys, especially at demos. Someone gets sold on a machine, takes it home, and then their spouse vetoes. Or they realize that they would be better off with a different Vitamix model. Vitamix makes returns super easy because they want their customers to be happy.

      The percentage of people who who return a machine after being referred by me to buy online is extremely low. That’s because they do their research, and I make low pressure, realistic recommendations.

      Vitamix direct sells the E320 reconditioned only. It’s the “Reconditioned Explorian” that I link above.

  6. Hi Adam,

    Great website, thanks for all the great info. I am going to buy an A2500, but just noticed on the non-Canadian portion of your site that the A2500 is going on sale effective May 31, do you know if the sale will also apply to Canadian consumers? Thx, Dean

  7. Any upcoming specials on new or reconditioned E310/certified explorian models in Canada? Father’s day maybe? Not too interested in the new self-detect machines/containers.

    I see local E310 new for 399.99 (prefer the 48 oz container than wide 64 oz) and E320 at retail price, but A) if there are better value deals I will wait, and B) your site is helpful and would prefer to give you my business. Thanks!

    • The E310 does get discounted a few times per year. I don’t know when the next time it will be — possibly sometime in the summer, and most likely in November.

      As things stand now, if you prefer a narrower container, in Canada the only option is the new E310. The reconditioned Explorian comes with a wide container, and the reconditioned standard models in Canada have been out of stock for quite a while. I’m not sure if they will be coming back in stock at all, since they also removed the new 5200 from the Vitamix Canada website.

      You can get a second narrow container to go with a model that comes with a wide container, but that obviously adds some expense.

      Thanks for trying to buy through my site!

  8. Hi there,

    Thanks for this great site! I’m going to get the Ascent 3300 cyber Monday deal. Should the extra $20 off work even on that? When I put it in my cart, it doesn’t show up.

  9. I’m planning on buying a new vitamix, because my current one is smoking and gives off black soot. What can I do with the old one which is about 12 years old? Is there a return policy or instructions for disposal?

    • They have a “trade-in” policy. You call them and let them know you’re doing it. Then you send in the old one and they give you a $100 credit towards a new (or refurbished) machine.

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