Orange Mango Raspberry Smoothie

Here’s a simple smoothie combination that I found delightful. The raspberries make it pop, the orange and mango round out the flavor, and the mango slightly thickens it.

½ cup water
1 orange (peeled; 190 g)
cup frozen raspberries (70 g)
¾ cup frozen mango (100 g)

Makes one medium 16-oz serving.

Blend on high for ~50 seconds, or until smooth. Like many smoothies, and especially ones with oranges, it tastes best if you drink it right away.


Given the choice, I prefer navel oranges to Valencia, though both work fine for smoothies. I prefer the convenience of frozen mango and raspberries to fresh for blending. Trader Joe’s usually has both for good prices. If I get my hands on high-quality fresh raspberries or mangoes, I like to eat them on their own.

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Orange Mango Raspberry Smoothie — 2 Comments

  1. That looks wonderful! I think I’d sub unsweetened coconut water for the water, though, for an added electrolyte boost.

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