Vitamix Payment Plans and Easy Pay

A payment plan can make it easier to get a Vitamix. Instead of waiting while saving up, you can start using it right away. Given that Vitamix machines have 5 to 7-year warranties, and will likely last much longer, it can make sense to spread out the purchase cost. Also, you get interest-free access to the money you would have spent on a single-payment purchase.

The terms of these payment plans are subject to change. The information on this page is meant to give you an overview of what I think are the important parts of the plans, but you should check the terms at the time of your purchase.

There are currently two different categories of payment plans:

1. Easy Pay Offers on

The details of these plans are in flux, so check for the latest info. (Note that ad-block software may prevent them from displaying.) I’ll have more details here soon, but last I checked, there are some very favorable terms.

2. ‘In House’ Vitamix Payment Plans

Vitamix Payment PlanVitamix also has ‘in house’ payment plans. These plans offer a choice of 3 or 5 monthly payments and are available in the US and Canada. In the US, these plans are only available for phone orders, while in Canada they are available for internet and phone orders. (Info page on

Any order that includes a machine is eligible.

These plans do not require a credit check—everyone is eligible—and there is no third party involved.

You give Vitamix your payment card information and they charge it monthly until you’ve made the 3 or 5 payments.

You will not find these Vitamix-offered installment plans on To use one of them, call 800-848-2649, and mention promo code 06-007021 for free shipping.

For Canada, you can select the 3 or 5 payment option at, on the Payment Details page of checkout.


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  1. I saw a info martial on the hallmark channel and I can’t find the promotion. It was 17.99 a month. 5 year warranty…. Can you help?

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