Vitamix Labor Day Sale 2019

Vitamix has started their 2019 Labor Day Sale. You can save $50 to $160 on a wide range of models! The sale includes both the US and Canada.

New Deals

All new machines are $50 to $100 off. (If you want more help picking which one to get, check out my Which Vitamix page or comment below.)

The biggest discount is on the A3500’s Black Stainless premium finish option, at $100 off. Usually it costs an extra $50 over the other A3500 options, but during this sale, it is the same price. (If you want to know the difference between Stainless, Black Stainless, and Graphite, see these photos.)

If you want a high-end machine, but don’t like the look of the Ascent machines, consider the Pro 750.

The entry-level E310 is also included in the sale, at $299.95. The E310 isn’t as fancy, but it blends just as well. For more details, see my Explorian E310 Review.

Reconditioned Deals

Reconditioned Vitamix machines are always a great value because they are indistinguishable from new machines, but they are even better when they are on sale. These deals are super popular and they are in limited supply, so they might sell out. If they do sell out, it’s possible that more will become available, so check back daily. And if you see the color you want, don’t hesitate to get your order in! (You can always send it back for a full refund, including free return shipping, if you change your mind.)


The Reconditioned A2500 and the Reconditioned A3500 are an extra $100 off. There’s also a $20 discount that gets applied in cart if you click through one of the links on this page. That brings them down to:

Recon A2500 for $279.95 ($379.95 CAD)

Recon A3500 for $379.95 ($529.95 CAD)

Performance between these models is identical. In my opinion, the reason you might want to pay extra for the A3500 is for the premium metal finish options. (The other differences between them are quite minor; you can read more details in my Ascent review.)

Venturist + Smart Scale

If you want the Vitamix Smart Scale, Vitamix is offering it for free with purchase of the Recon V1200, plus $50 off. The V1200 is quite similar to the Ascent models, although its styling is a bit different. Unfortunately the Smart Scale is not available in Canada, but to make up for that, there are bigger savings on the Recon V1200. Again, this deal only appears after you click that link and add it to your cart. This one likely expires August 31st.


The machines above are excellent. But if you don’t want a machine with a digital display, or if you don’t want Self-Detect (useful if you want to be able to use older containers), then you may be interested in the Reconditioned Next Gen 7500 (US only). It is currently $160 off if you click through that link (discount appears in cart).

Reconditioned Next Gen 7500 for $279.95

These deals are compatible with the free shipping promotion code, which will be applied if you click a Vitamix link from this site.

If you’re shopping for a Vitamix this Labor Day and are looking for the lowest possible prices, you are in luck. If you want to better understand the various features, check out my Vitamix model comparison page.

These prices are scheduled to last until 11:59PM ET on September 6th, but they may sell out before then.

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Vitamix Labor Day Sale 2019 — 4 Comments

  1. Hello,

    Any chance of a labor day sale on containers? They do get a lot of use…

    Even “used” containers that are sent to Vitamix as part of the shop returns? If they fix the reconditioned units with new containers, there must be a whole lot of new-ish containers left, no?

    Thanks for your great work

    • Occasionally containers go on sale, but usually as part of a bundle with new machines.

      Vitamix does not sell used containers. When they recondition returns they clean and re-use the blades if they’re in good shape. But the “used” blades are only sold with reconditioned models. They do not sell them individually. And they do not re-use the container shells—I believe they recycle them, but I do not know the details.

  2. Thanks. I have been reading your site for months. I have cleaned up my eating habits for health issues and a vitamix seemed to fit in my plans. I retired effective 9/1. My wife was kind enough to help me order an Ascent model via the links on your site (Labor Day sale and to get the free shipping )as my retirement gift.

    The accessories I wanted are out of stock. Do you know how long it usually takes Vitamix to restock and how long it takes time receive the blender?

    • Which are the accessories you are looking for? Vitamix is having trouble keeping up with demand for the 8-oz and 20-oz Ascent cups. With the new release, this is a relatively unprecedented situation, so it’s impossible to say when they will be back. Hopefully within the next month or two.

      I believe your blender should arrive within about a week.

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