Vitamix Father’s Day Sale 2016

Vitamix-Father's-Day-SaleLooking for a Vitamix Father’s Day Sale? Vitamix generally does more for Mother’s Day (ah, gender roles), but don’t lose hope—there are some good deals to be had this Father’s Day. Not as many models are on sale as were for Mother’s Day, but the savings on the sale models are just as good.

Currently on sale at

Vitamix Pro 500 Platinum
$80 off Reconditioned Standard Programs (Pro 500/6300): now $299

Vitamix S55 Brushed Stainless
$50 off New S55: now $419

To learn more about the S-Series, check out my review.

Clicking any Vitamix link from this site will activate free shipping on your order.

Also, check out Vitamix’s new low-monthly payment, interest-free payment plans. The plans should be visible at the top of shopping pages and selectable at checkout. (To use a payment plan, your order needs to be $300 or over, so if you get the $279 Reconditioned Standard Programs, you would need to add an accessory.)

Not sure which model you want? Check out the model selection tool on my Vitamix comparison page.

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