Vitamix Father’s Day Sale 2020

Vitamix-Father's-Day-SaleLooking for a Vitamix Father’s Day Sale? Vitamix generally does more for Mother’s Day (ah, gender roles), but don’t lose hope—there are some good deals to be had this Father’s Day.

With the purchase of any new model you can get a container for $50 (C$65 in Canada). These containers usually sell for $129.95 to $159.95, so you save about $100.

Which model should you get? You can read my Vitamix comparison page for details. If you want to take advantage of this sale, I recommend focusing on the following models:

E310: Classic, no frills Vitamix (my review)A2300: Lowest-priced smart blender (my review)
A3500: Premium (elegant!) smart blender (my review)
If you get any machine with one of the wide low-profile 64-oz containers, I highly recommend getting a 32-oz or 48-oz smaller container to go with it. The smaller container will allow you to blend smaller batches, which many people find useful. The 32-oz and 48-oz containers have the same minimum batch size. If you get a non-Ascent model, I recommend the 32-oz because it’s a bit more compact. If you get an Ascent model, there’s no 32-oz option, and the 48-oz is just fine.

There are also a variety of other containers to consider:

Dry container: grind grains into flour more efficiently than the standard containers. (And keep your main container from getting scratched up by hard grains!)Aer container: whip foams, emulsify sauces, and muddle cocktails.Ascent only: 8-oz and 20-oz small blending cups. Non-Ascent only: 20-oz personal cup adapterAlso, check out Vitamix’s low-monthly payment, interest-free payment plans. Details of the plans should be visible on product pages and you should be able to select them at checkout.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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