Stainless Steel Jar for Vitamix Blenders

Stainless Steel Waring container on VitamixA number of people have asked me if there is a stainless steel or glass Vitamix jar. If you’ve been wondering, this page is for you!

Vitamix used to make their containers out of stainless steel, but in the early ’90s they switched over to transparent polycarbonate to allow you to see what you are blending. (The old stainless steel Vitamix containers are not compatible with the current Vitamix models.) Then in 2007 Vitamix switched over to BPA-free Tritan copolymer. Some people don’t like the way a plastic container gets scratched up over time, and others are concerned about preparing food in any sort of plastic container. Mother Jones has covered how BPA-free may not be helpful when it comes to avoiding estrogenic plastics.

I personally don’t think the risk is high, and I am continuing to use my Tritan containers, but I understand if you want to avoid them.

Waring makes a line of high speed blenders that uses the same 12-splined coupling that Vitamix does, and somewhat surprisingly, the Waring pitchers fit on current Vitamix models. Further, Waring makes a stainless steel pitcher that fits the Vitamix drive shaft. [This page includes affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase after clicking a link, Joy of Blending may receive a percentage of the sale. (Thank you!)]

Keep in mind, however, that neither Waring nor Vitamix have approved their products for use with the other company’s products, so if any damage occurs, the warranty may be voided. But this is the only stainless steel option for current Vitamix models. Another option is to buy the Waring model that comes with this container, although the Waring warranty is not as long as Vitamix’s, and they are not as home-customer friendly as Vitamix.

The other thing to note is that the rubber centering pad (the black rubber piece on the top of the base with four posts that the jar sits on) of the consumer Vitamix models is not a perfect fit for the Waring container. The posts are slightly too high. So instead of the container sitting on the pad, it sits on the tops of the posts, about 1/8″ off the pad. It is functional like this, but it seems slightly less stable, and it means that the drive shaft is not fully engaged. The gap looks like this:

Stainless Steel Waring container on Vitamix with gapI see a few options. You could just leave it, as is, and it would probably be fine. Or you could trim the posts by ~1/8″, although you would probably have to seal them because they are hollow, and I suspect that if you cut off the tops, then they would be open, which is non-ideal. I think you could seal them with some silicone glue.

The best option, in my opinion, is to get a different centering pad. It turns out that Vitamix makes a centering pad (15578) with shorter posts for some of their commercial models. I checked, and it fits perfectly on the consumer Vitamix models. It allows you to use the Waring jar with no gap, and it also works with the Vitamix jars. The image at the top of this page shows the Waring Jar on a Vitamix 7500 using this 15578 centering pad, with no gap. (The centering pad is easy to swap on and off: it’s flexible, and it’s a pressure fit—you just pull it up, or push it on.)

This 15578 centering pad works on both C- and G-Series Vitamix models, which covers all of the current home models, with the exception of the smaller S-Series personal blenders. Here’s a link to the centering pad on Amazon.

The stainless steel container is not cheap. Its price fluctuates on Amazon, so check for current prices.

Update: I just noticed that Katom dropped their price on this container, so check them out as well.

You might be able to save money by ordering the lid and jar separately from Tundra Restaurant Supply. I’ve ordered from them a few times in the past, and they’ve been reputable, though sometimes items are a bit slow to arrive. Here are the Tundra links:
64 Oz Stainless Steel Jar & Blending Assembly
Jar Lid

Jar Lid Cover

Vitamix Advance Sound-Reducing Centering Pad

Finally, keep in mind that the Vitamix tampers are not compatible with the Waring jar.

If you’re curious about what the different centering pads look like, clockwise from top left in the following images are the pads for the Vitamix Advance, Waring, Vitamix G-Series, and Vitamix C-Series:

Vitamix and Waring centering pads2 Vitamix and Waring centering pads undersides Vitamix and Waring centering pads

Note the taller style posts on the C- and G-Series Vitamix pads. Also note the indentations on the bottoms of the Vitamix pads are identical (that’s where the four posts on the base secure the pad), but The Waring indentations are different. The Waring pad cannot be used on Vitamix bases.

And this is what the bottom of the Waring container looks like:

Stainless Steel Waring jar baseThe stainless steel jar blends satisfactorily. You obviously can’t see how things are blending as easily. I haven’t done this, but if you really miss the tamper, you could make your own out of wood dowels. (Drill through a smaller cross bar at the appropriate height to prevent it from hitting the blades.)

There is no glass jar for any high-speed blender. Vitamix has said that this is because of safety concerns. They do not want a glass jar to shatter when someone accidentally drops a metal spoon into it when it’s running.


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  1. This is a very informative website, thank you for saving me the trial and error process. I am planning to change to the Vitamix professional series with a stainless steel case, and the Waring container will look great on it. We love our Vitamix and it is going strong after more than a decade of use, but when we got ours they didn’t make it in stainless yet. Our kitchen has stainless appliances throughout, so when we upgrade to a stainless one we can use the black one at our beach condo. I’m sure it will run for another decade.

  2. I appreciate your site. I’ve been making bulletproof coffee in my plastic vitamix and need a better option. I have the pro 300 G series. Is the vitamix 15578 centering pad the one I need to go with the CAC90, and do I need the vitamix drive socket kit? Amazon says both those items are often purchased with the CAC90. Do you know if the CAC90 is made of food grade stainless steel and made in the USA? I left waring a voicemail and sent an email several months ago and both were ignored. Thanks Adam!

    • Your Pro 300 is identical to the 7500 in the photos above. So, yes, the 15578 centering pad is the one I recommend. (Though you can get by with the pad that is already on your machine.)

      You do not need the drive socket kit (unless you have problems with your drive socket). You can change the centering pad without removing the drive socket.

      The CAC90 is indeed made of food-grade stainless steel, and I’ve seen it listed as made in the USA. I’ve also seen that it is NSF listed.

      It is in Waring’s commercial line, so they they basically ignore home users.

  3. Hi, thank you so much for doing the footwork on this and I look forward to ordering from your link! I wanted to ask you I noticed that wearing made the glass container, and even though it’s not recommended for use in case someone drops a metal spoon in it… Are the wearing glass ones still applicable.? In other words do you think if I got one of the where in glass jars I could use it as well ?
    Thanks! I look forward to being on your site more!

    • All of the glass Waring containers that I’ve seen are for smaller blenders, and they would not fit on a Vitamix. (Waring makes a pretty wide range of blender sizes. The line that uses the same coupling as Vitamix is the “Xtreme” line.)

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