GreenBlender Review (Smoothie Ingredient Delivery)

GreenBlender ReviewGreenBlender sent a box to me so I could review their service. If you sign up via one of my links, I get a commission. [GreenBlender cancelled their affiliate program.] You don’t need a Vitamix to blend their recipes, but it does help maximize smoothness.

Maybe you’re short on time to pick out fresh ingredients every week, maybe you want an extra push towards a healthy smoothie habit, or maybe you just want some new variety. If you feel like giving it a try, you can save $10 on the first box by using promo code GBSAVE10.

GreenBlender delivers a weekly box of (mostly organic) fresh produce and assorted other ingredients for smoothies. Each week you can choose five smoothies from eight options. Each smoothie makes two 12 to 14-oz servings.

It’s organized as a weekly subscription service by default, but if you just want a single box here and there, that’s easy to do. Once you sign up, and log in, you can suspend delivery indefinitely with just a few clicks. You can also easily skip a box.

The boxes contain an insulated bag and two cold packs to keep the produce fresh. GreenBlender uses regional distribution centers so that the boxes don’t have to travel too far. (They coordinate deliveries, so that the day of your delivery depends on your location.)

The ingredients in my box were in great shape, and still very cold. The inside of the package was under 40°F, and the cold packs were still frozen. I transferred the ingredients to my fridge when the box arrived, but I left the cold packs in the box to see how long they would stay cold, and they stayed partially frozen for another full day after delivery.

I’ve found their smoothie recipes to be pretty inspired, and I was happy with the ones I tried. Even if you don’t sign up for their service, they share an extensive repertoire of recipes (over 900!) on their website. Many of the smoothies include greens, but they use a moderate amount so that they aren’t overpowered by the greens. Here are the ingredients that were in my box: GreenBlender Ingredients spread out(There was actually one more kiwi that I found at the bottom of the bag after I took this photo and put all of the ingredients away.)

GreenBlender recently started offering oatmeal options as well. (In addition to the eight smoothie options each week, they have three oatmeal options, which count towards your five weekly picks.) I think this is an interesting idea, since in the cold months I switch from smoothie breakfasts to oatmeal. However, to me, the smoothie ingredient deliveries are more appealing than the oatmeal ingredients. That’s because the oatmeal ingredients are generally shelf-stable. Also, I don’t get tired of having the same oatmeal add-ins every day (my go-to is frozen blueberries, nutritional yeast, cinnamon, and walnuts), whereas I like having more variety in smoothies.

Each GreenBlender smoothie makes two 12 to 14-oz servingsIt’s handy to have just the right amount of ingredients, so you don’t have to measure anything, and there aren’t any leftovers that might go to waste. I noticed this particularly with mint. Smoothie recipes use just a few sprigs, and normally I would have to buy a big bunch. (I used to grow mint, but after moving I haven’t gotten around to starting a plant again.) I’ve also been guilty of letting the end of a bunch of greens go bad.

The service is a nice way of exploring new ingredients that you might not try otherwise. For example, I would not have thought of using tomatillos in a smoothie. They also sometimes include exotic powders (e.g. baobab or lucuma), a whole bag of which might be too big of a commitment without a preview taste.

It’s super convenient to not have to go to the store to pick up ingredients. The box can also save mental energy, because you just make what they send.

Remember to use code GBSAVE10 for $10 off your first box: GreenBlender Signup.

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GreenBlender Review (Smoothie Ingredient Delivery) — 2 Comments

  1. Which flavors did you get with your box? Which ones did you like and why? Did you have to add any ingredients that didn’t come with the box (besides ice perhaps)? Do you think they are a good value besides convenience? Thank you in advance.

    • My box had Smoothie Verde, Kiwi Citrus Tart, Pomegranate Orange Beet, Creamy Kiwi, and Honey Lime Refresh. I particularly liked the Honey Lime Refresh because of the mint, and because of its balance. Runner up would be the Kiwi Citrus Tart because it had a nice tanginess. I thought they were all pretty good though. I didn’t focus on the individual recipes in the original post because the recipes change every week.

      Aside from what came in the box, all I added was water and ice. As far as value goes, if you did your own shopping you could most likely buy the items for less. Although, if you take into account needing to buy a much larger bag of the various powders, a single week might not be less. It really comes down to how you value your time, and how you feel about shopping.

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