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UK Vitamix SaleUpdated 25 May, 2020

On this page I will detail the current UK Vitamix sale. I want to help you save money and get an awesome Vitamix machine.

For a limited time Vitamix is running an additional discount on the Certified Reconditioned Pro 300. Reconditioned Vitamix machines are indistinguishable from new once they’re out of their box, and they still come with a 5-year Vitamix warranty. Highly recommended!

Free shipping

If you click any any Vitamix link from this site it will activate a free shipping promotion.

Payment plans

If you’d like to spread out paying for your purchase over time, make sure to check out the payment plan options.

The following deals expired

If you want to get a fancy new machine, there’s a deal where you can get the Blending Cup Starter Kit for free with the purchase of an A2500i or A3500i.

The E310 is the fully-capable entry-level model—see my review. And the A3500i is the top of the Ascent line—see my review. I believe the i in A3500i stands for “international,” which means that it’s for 220-240 V power. Don’t ask me why the Ascent models get an i, but the other models don’t. (The E310 sold in the UK is for 220-240 V as well!)

Extra £50 off Standard Reconditioned

Standard Reconditioned (aka 5200 and many other names)

This is the classic workhorse that Vitamix built its modern reputation on. It doesn’t have frills like blending programs or Bluetooth, but it delivers excellent blending results. It is the model favored by chefs in commercial kitchens.

While supplies last! They’ve already sold out of certain colors.

50% off Blending Bowl or Blending Cup Starter Kit

Blending Bowl Starter Kit | Blending Cup Starter Kit

The Blending Bowls and Cups are designed to work with the “Smart System” Ascent blenders. You must purchase an Ascent blender at the same time to get this discount.

The bowls are great for small amounts of dressings or sauces. Meanwhile, the cups offer a “blend-and-go” experience (mainly for smoothies), since you can screw on the included to-go lid onto the same cup that you blended in.

The “kit” means that it comes with the blade assembly that these containers use. The cups and bowls use the same blade assembly, so if you want both, you only need to buy one kit, and then you can get the stand-alone bowls or cup.

Free mini wet container with Explorian E310

Explorian E310 | 32-oz Container

(Just add both to your cart to get the extra container for free.)

In my opinion, this is a slightly weird deal. The E310 already comes with a compact 48-oz (1.4-L) container. The 32-oz (0.9-L) is a bit smaller, but it uses the same size blade, which means that it handles small volumes the same. Also, the 48-oz and 32-oz containers are essentially the same height. For these reasons, getting a 32-oz container when you already have a 48-oz container is a bit redundant. However, it can be convenient to have a second container, and I do enjoy using the more compact 32-oz container.

Aside from the container it comes with, the E310 is extremely similar to the Standard model linked above. For more details on the E310, check out my review.

Vitamix containers are extremely heavy-duty, and just a single container costs more than many lesser blenders. At £115, this is the greatest monetary value of this sale, and if you don’t need the second container you could probably resell it for a pretty good price.

£59.80 off S30

Space Saving S30

The S30 is Vitamix’s entry into the personal blender market. It is more compact than other Vitamix models, and it comes with a cup that you can use to both blend and drink from. It also comes with a more versatile second container that lets you use a tamper to blend almost anything, including thick frozen desserts and spreads. It is capable of making everything that the bigger Vitamix machines make, just on a smaller scale. Its motor is less powerful, which is usually not a problem because smaller volumes require less power. However the full-size models can make slightly smoother blends. For more details, see my S30 review.


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  1. I wish to buy a light industrial corp vitamix. Mine is approx 6 years old and the bearings have gone in the cup. Is this make still available or can spares be obtained? Thank you

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