Vitamix Recall of Next Generation 4-inch blades

Recalled Vitamix bladeNote: this only affects machines sold before August 2013. The machines currently being sold have a stronger blade that does not present this risk.

Vitamix just announced a safety recall of the short profile 64-oz container sold with the 7500, Pro 300, and Pro 750. There have been 18 reported cases where the blade broke. The recall is of ~169,000 units, so this failure is quite rare, and there are no reported injuries, but Vitamix is taking it seriously and wants all owners to have their blade replaced.

Vitamix is working with the US CPSC to proceed with the recall. They have set up a website and phone number for owners to process their returns: and 1-888-350-4386.

Vitamix engineers have developed a new blade that does not have this problem, and machines sold starting this month are being shipped with the new blade. The new blade is approved by the CPSC.

Affected owners should receive a notification from Vitamix with return instructions, but if you have one of these machines you can go directly to the website or call the number listed above. If you enter your product serial number in the website or mention it on the phone line, you can determine for sure if your machine is affected. Once you enter your information Vitamix will send you a box with prepaid shipping label for you to return the container in. They will replace the blade within 5–7 business days of receiving your container. Vitamix will cover the shipping both ways, and to compensate you for the inconvenience, they will add an extra year to the warranty on your machine.

For more details, see the FAQ.

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Vitamix Recall of Next Generation 4-inch blades — 3 Comments

  1. The vitamix blender is so awesome! I don’t think I can make it without it ,so I ask my husband can we buy a smaller container for now so we won’t be without our smoothies!

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