Vitamix promotion code for April 2017

Last updated April 5, 2017

Use Vitamix promotion code 06-007021 for free shipping from and in April 2017 (click to apply automatically). If you are looking for a general Vitamix coupon code, this is the best deal you’ll find, since Vitamix does not offer other general coupon codes.1 Vitamix occasionally offers limited promotions. Right now, check out their Mother’s Day Sale.

Confused by the differences between all the Vitamix models? Check out my Vitamix comparison page.

This code is valid on U.S. and Canadian orders. (Click these links to automatically apply it to your U.S. or Canadian Vitamix shopping cart.)

Another deal you can take advantage of is interest-free money in the form of a Vitamix payment plan, which is also compatible with the promotion code.

This promotion code is also Joy of Blending’s identifying code for Vitamix referrals. That means that if you use it to make a purchase, in addition to you receiving free shipping, Joy of Blending will get a percentage (at no added cost to you). Thanks for your support!

Extra Bonus

If you use this promotion code, it helps support me, so I want to support you. I try to answer all questions from everyone, but sometimes I get swamped. If you order with this promotion code, I will give you priority support, where I answer your questions before non-priority ones. Make sure (06-007021) appears in the promotion code area of your shopping cart. Then, after you complete your order, head over to my priority access page to sign up.

How to use the Vitamix promotion code

Vitamix-Promotion-Code-applies-free-shippingEnter 06-007021 into the Promotion Code box in the shopping cart at or and click Apply. You should see a “Free Shipping” line that subtracts the shipping cost.

If you prefer to order by phone, you can call Vitamix and say you’d like to use promo code 06-007021 or that Joy of Blending sent you. Their number is 800-VITAMIX (800-848-2649).

Risk-free trial

Finally, speaking of free shipping, remember that Vitamix offers a 30-day risk-free trial. If your Vitamix machine isn’t everything that you had hoped for, you can call up Vitamix, and they will pay for return shipping by sending you a shipping label. This is relatively impressive, considering that the shipping weight is 16–19 lbs! Once Vitamix receives the machine, they will give you a full refund as long as you are still within the trial period.

Questions? Issues?

Please get in touch with me if there are any issues or if you’d like further help. (It’s been fine recently, but in the past there have occasionally been bugs that make the shopping cart not deduct shipping, even though the code is valid.)


1. Interestingly, some Vitamix materials state that they don’t use coupon codes, but their method of encoding the promotion code into Vitamix links is to add ?COUPON=06-007021 to the URL.


Vitamix promotion code for April 2017 — 63 Comments

  1. Thanks for the code.
    I was going to go to the Costco road show in a few days, but after the research I’ve done, I decided I didn’t want a model with the lo-pro jar due to it apparently being lousy at small batches. I would have had to spend $100+ on an extra jar for that.
    Went for the refurb standard programs model that I think will be perfect for me.

  2. Thanks for all the vitamix info and the promo code. Ordered 2 last night one for my wife and one for my mother. We are excited to retire the ninjas.

  3. Have been trying to find a good blender for smoothies made from frozen fruit. Purchased the S55 from Vitamix. Quality blender but it just couldn’t handle the frozen fruit. I reluctantly had to return it. Moreover the 3 month payment scheme created such confusion that they kept taking money out of my credit card and after several calls to Vitamix which did not resolve the problem. I had to go via the credit card dispute department and they finally got to the bottom of it. Would never pay this way agin. Next we went to a Ninja Auto IQ. It does handle frozen fruit and makes good smoothies, but it leaks into the machine. Definitely not Vitamix. Am back to square one. We don’t want a tall container so the latest container special is very appealing. Have been thinking of a Professional Series 200 with compact container along with the 32 oz container. Unfortunately the container special does not seem to apply to reconditioned units. Would this unit handle frozen fruit? We are just two so we don’t need a massive container. Thank you…

    • While I think the S55 can blend frozen fruit under the right conditions, a full size machine will have an easier time with it. If a full size Vitamix can’t blend your frozen fruit, I don’t think any blender could.

      I’d recommend the 5200 with compact container over the Professional Series 200 because it is identical and $30 cheaper.

  4. Thank you for this! I’m saving $17. for shipping. My teen has been a vegan and a new vitamix is a bit prohibitive. We are able to pool her babysitting earnings and a share from us to get a nice reconditioned one. So looking forward to this!

  5. Hi,

    Great informational site for product choices that are _extremely_ confusing!

    I’m preparing to buy a Reconditioned C-5300, and am also considering a 32-oz container, since we would use more often than the 64-oz. I’d also like to know the dimensions of the 64-oz container (height), but it does not seem to be listed anywhere (32-oz is 9.8″). Thanks

    • Wide 64-oz container heights:
      container only: 8.25″
      container with lid, no lid plug: 10.06″
      container with lid and lid plug: 10.13″

      P.S. Make sure you order by the end of the month to take advantage of the current sale on that model.

  6. Got the current holiday special of the 5200 kitchen pack w/ 3 containers for an amazing $499 + an extra $50 for an extra container. Offer included free shipping but I was sure to apply your code since your comparison chart grouping the models by line was very helpful with my decision. Thanks!

  7. Just used the code on a refurbished Pro model in Canada. Not only free shipping, but free PRIORITY shipping (2-3 biz days). Many thanks for the tip!

    • Awesome! For anyone else seeing this, the free priority shipping is for Canada only (and it might get demoted back to just free standard shipping at any time). In the US it’s free standard shipping only.

  8. Thank you so much for this! I just ordered my first Vitamix! I got one of the refurbished ones, and with the sale on the refurbished model + free shipping, I couldn’t pass up such a good deal! Thank you again for your free shipping code!

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