New Vitamix personal blending cups fit almost all models

Vitamix just released a new Personal Cup Adapter for their Classic models. (Available in the U.S. and Canada. If you order via these links, Joy of Blending may receive commission.) You can blend in the cup, then unscrew the blade and drink out of the cup. It also comes with a secure to-go lid. It uses the same 20-oz double-wall smoothie cup as Vitamix’s S-Series personal blenders, but the blade base has a safety collar. (The S-Series uses magnets for a safety detect system that prevents running without the cup in place. The Classic machines don’t have such a detect system, so Vitamix added the collar to ensure the blade is always protected.)

As far as I can tell, Magic Bullet started the single-serving blender trend in 2004 with a blitz of ridiculous, but apparently effective, infomercials. These blenders have proven extremely popular, as more and more people are looking to eat wholesome foods on the go. However, the Magic Bullets are notorious for developing leaks after steady use, so Vitamix is bringing quality and durability to this space.

I’m personally fine with blending in a classic container and then pouring into a cup, but I know many people love these cup blenders. I even know people who have kept a bullet blender alongside their Vitamix. Now the Vitamix can do it all. You don’t have to clean the container before leaving the house, and the blade base is dishwasher safe. The small size is also convenient for blending small amounts.

Even if you’re not sure if this will fit your machine, it most likely will. It works with all home Vitamix models sold since the mid-nineties, with the exception of the recent S-Series personal blenders and the brand new Ascent line. Compatible models include ones that have a base that look like either of these (controls may vary):

Vitamix has used many names for these models. They include, TurboBlend Two Speed, 4500, Three Speed, TurboBlend VS, CIA Pro, Pro 200, Creations, 5000, VM0102, VM0103, 5200, Total Nutrition Center, Aspire, 6000, Pro 500, 6300, 5300, 6500, 7500, Pro 300, Pro 750, and 780. If I missed your model, you can comment below and I’ll tell you if the adapter is compatible with your machine. (It is not compatible with the super-old all-metal Vitamix models.)

The adapter also works with the Explorian Series (E310 and E320).

This product release means that Vitamix is providing the individual blender cup option on all of their models. Personal cups have been available for the S-Series since launch. The single-serving cups for the Ascent Series were initially scheduled for spring, but I’ve heard that a production delay means that they will be available late spring or early summer. (The Ascent Series uses a combination of magnets and NFC technology to detect containers, so it does not require the safety collar.)

Vitamix does not advertise it, but, I’ve tested, and the 8-oz Ascent containers work with this adapter.

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New Vitamix personal blending cups fit almost all models — 96 Comments

  1. I think this is a great innovation. I do hope, though, that the adaptor becomes available without the cups because I already have a cup that came with my S55 and in addition, will need one for my A3300; my hunch is that even though those will be “chipped” for Ascent use, there’ll be no problem using them with this adaptor on a Legacy base. I can deal with owning up to three such cups but more than that? As a single person? Uh uh.

    Maybe Vitamix should bundle the “chipped” cups with this package and discontinue manufacturing the non-chipped ones altogether? That would be nice because then the cups would be compatible with any Vitamix model–Legacy, Personal, and Ascent. 🙂

    • My guess is that all of the 20-oz cups are the same, and only the “blade bases” are different. The Ascent cups themselves don’t have “chips.” The Ascent blade bases contains a NFC chip, which the base recognizes. The Ascent personal-cup blade-base chip is activated by magnets in the cups. And the S-Series container detect uses magnets. I’m guessing that the cups that come with this adapter will also have the magnets, so the cups can be swapped around between blade assemblies, but that is speculation because I don’t have it yet.

  2. Last night I was just talking about if Vitamix can have product like this, it will be great and make my meal prep a lot easier. I can put all the ingredient in the cup the night before, and blend in the morning. Or even pack five of them for the week. Now it really make me wonder if I want to get one!

    • I got a set today. Excited to try it out this week. Do you know if you can make smaller batches of hummus, nut butters, salsa, etc. in the 20 oz containers? Can you also grind up whole bean coffee?

      • These are mainly designed for smoothies. They also work well for salad dressings.

        As for your list:
        Coffee beans: yes
        hummus and salsa: maybe (depends on how thin/liquidy you make it)
        nut butters: no

        The no and maybe are because you can’t use a tamper with the 20-oz container. So thick blends will form an air pocket around the blades that prevents them from fully blending.

  3. I would love to be able to do more with my Vitamix too ….. I also would love to have a shorter , fatter container too, would make getting what you’ve made out of the container….Also way too expensive…..I could almost buy another vitamix.. why are they so expensive ?
    Mine is the tall container and has all these grooves in it, so hard to scrape out the food out of it……Is there a reason why a solid container can’t be made instead of the ones that they have now.?….sure would make getting the food out a lot easier….,

    • The expense comes partially from using high-quality blades, seals, and bearings (it actually has two sets of bearings, for stability). Without the high quality components, the containers would develop leaks with the high stresses they face from the high power of a Vitamix.

      You mentioned you want a shorter, fatter container with flat sides…. I know of a container that you might be very happy with. It’s not made by Vitamix, so technically it voids the warranty, but it should work fine. Check out the Rebel+ jar.

        • That reminds me of another reason why Vitamix containers are expensive—their warranty support is super generous. Even if you break something and it’s clearly your fault, they will often replace it as a one-time courtesy.

  4. If you have a 48 oz would this new 20 oz cup make a significant difference or benefit to making small quantities? Such as dressings, bread crumbs and such? I have a 750 pro

    • The 20-oz cups are useful for small amounts of dressings (and you can use them for storage as well, because they come with screw-on lids).

      Have you had trouble with making small amounts of bread crumbs with your existing setup? I haven’t made bread crumbs, but, from my experience blending similar things, I think they’d fly around the container enough that the 48-oz container wouldn’t have a problem with a small amount.

      • Hi Adam. I have a rendom question. I have the 7500 low profile with the under the cabinet 64 oz container. Can I use the regular tall 64 oz. tall container on this machine ?

        • For some reason, which I do not understand, Vitamix advises people that the tall 64-oz container shouldn’t be used on the 7500 and other G-Series models. However, it fits, and I’ve used it on a 7500 without any problems.

          • It may work, but it could affect your warranty with your vitamix too…..I would be careful about that…..if they say it shouldn’t be used, then I would not use it….I value my contract too much just in case something goes wrong….they should be able to tell that a different one was used !!
            I have the tall one too, and don’t really like it, it’s just awkward, but when I inquired as to the price for the shorter fatter one, I decided I’ll just use the one that came with it and not worry about getting another one,,,,,they cost almost as much as I paid for my vitamix……which I think it a bit outrageous……
            I love my vitamix, especially to chop cabbage for cole slaw, and I do pineapple like applesauce and I like it better as you don’t get those hard pieces in it… really chops everything well……

          • I seriously doubt that Vitamix would not honor the warranty for using an official Vitamix container that fits perfectly well. There’s also no way they would be able to know unless you told them. (The different containers make slightly different scuffs on the rubber centering pad, so the trained eye can distinguish between some containers. However, the tall 64-oz and the 48-oz containers have identical footprints, so you can’t distinguish between those. And Vitamix fully approves of using the 48-oz container on the 7500.)

    • Yes. The only thing is that since you can’t use a tamper, you can’t make smoothies quite as thick. But it does handle ice cubes and frozen fruit. (Just don’t put in big chunks of frozen fruit. Vitamix advises to keep pieces to 1 inch or less, but I found that you can go up to ~2 inches across, as long as you don’t mind possibly needing to take the container off and giving it a shake to unjam the ingredients.)

    • I believe so, but I haven’t done such a conversion, so I’m not 100% confident.

      One thing to watch out for is that the original 3600/4000 conversion kit used a coupling to the container that is the opposite of modern containers. Modern containers (and this adapter cup) have a male 12-point spline drive shaft that couples with the female drive socket on the base. The early conversion kits had the drive shaft on the base and the socket on the container. I believe there is a part that allows you to adapt the old male base into a socket to accommodate the modern containers.

  5. Does the ascent base for 20 oz and 8 oz work on older models like the 5000?

    I know there is the persnnal adapter for olders models, but the ascent personnal base seems nicer and I don’t know why it shouldnt work…

    • The Ascent blade base will not work on non-Ascent models. They subtly changed the shape of the four centering posts on the Ascent models, and the Ascent blade base will not fit on machines with the older posts.

      The personal cup adapter is the only way to use the 20 and 8-oz containers on older models. (Vitamix does not advertise the 8-oz cup as being compatible with the personal cup adapter, but I’ve checked and it does work. It’s maybe slightly more tricky to screw on, but once you’ve done it once or twice, it’s easy.)

        • Oh my, looks like its time for me to buy the adapter! May I confirm what you are referring to is the 8oz container advertised for Ascent series?

          I have read some comments that there may be leakage in the personal cup adapter when using with the 20oz container. Have you experienced this before? Thanks!

          • Yes, I’m referring to to the 8-oz Ascent container.

            I have actually had zero problems with leaking. My guess is that the people who’ve had leaking problems either didn’t screw it on straight, didn’t tighten it the right amount, or didn’t have the gasket properly in place.

  6. I just bought a vitamix a-series blender and I want to buy the personal size blender cups. I’d like to buy both the 20oz and the 8oz but I have no need for 2 of each with 2 separate blade bases. I saw on another forum that 2 people were also annoyed with the way vitamix sells these and went in on it together and then mailed one of each so instead of having 2 20z and 2 8oz with 2 blade bases… which seems unnecessary… they ended up with one of each. So instead of paying the full $230 for 6 pieces they were able to pay 115 for the only 3 pieces they need. If anyone is interested in doing this with me. Please let me know!

  7. I have the Turboblend 4500, which doesn’t have the middle variable-speed knob. I hope that’s what you meant by “TurboBlend Two Speed, 4500”?

    Thank you!

  8. What a very helpful website more details than the Official one. Good Job.
    Please help Is the 500 series called professional ?

    Also is the Vitamix Personal Cup and Adapter 20oz and 8oz will it work on my 500 series CodeZD model VM0127 item 010253 made april 04 2011 ?
    I cannot see it in the list given above.

  9. Great so my Pro 500 would work with the adaptor.

    How much would an adapter and 2 travel cups be
    how much is the shipping to UK..
    I may be able to get a friend to collect it in the USA and bring it here.

    • The adapter comes with two 20-oz cups, and it costs $129.95 USD. Shipping is free in the US if you click through my link. I’m not sure about shipping to the UK.

    • Yes. It came out before the E310 was released, so that’s why I don’t have the E310 on the list. Thanks for the reminder to update the list of compatible models.

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