Vitamix Mother’s Day Sale 2016

The Mother’s Day sale is over, but there are still discounts on specific models (as good as the Mother’s Day sale!). The current list is on my Vitamix promotion code page.

And the Certified Reconditioned offerings are always a good deal.

Vitamix-Mother's-Day-SaleHere is my advice on the best buys of the 2016 Vitamix Mother’s Day Sale. Starting today and running through Mother’s Day, May 8th[extended to May 15th], Vitamix is offering savings of $50 to $90 across their full range of models. I have been watching Vitamix sales over the past four years, and this is the most extensive one to date. Whether you want a top-of-the-line 780, the lowest possible price on a Certified Reconditioned unit, or something in between, this sale has something for you. The sale pricing is also compatible with the 06-007021 free shipping promotion code.

Vitamix is discounting an unprecedented number of machines: 17 different models are on sale! (12 in Canada). Below, I will share my thoughts on the various deals. You might want to check out the model selection tool over on my Vitamix comparison page to help decide what kind of machine you want. Alternatively, you can view Vitamix’s Mother’s Day recommendations.

Vitamix recently rolled out some new Easy Pay options with favorable terms, so keep an eye out for them as you’re shopping on and (Ad-block software may prevent them from displaying, so double-check that if you don’t see the Easy Pay offers.)

A quick note about the savings indicated below: these are the actual savings compared to the prices directly before and after the sale. Many retailers play games with listing an elevated MSRP to make it look like you’re saving even more, but I don’t like those shenanigans.

Canadian dollar savings with links to that model on are indicated in parenthesis, when available. Since only the Standard models are available reconditioned in Canada, this sale is particularly welcome for Canadians looking to save on one of the other models.

These first three models are not available reconditioned, so that makes the savings on new machines more significant:

780 $719$649780: Fanciest Vitamix with light-up LED touch screen, 5 preset modes, pulse and variable speed control, and 64-oz low profile container (C$879C$799). The heavy-duty front panel muffles motor noise, making the 780 the quietest Vitamix. For more details, see my 780 review.

Pro 750 Heritage $599$549750: Newly-released metal base is more durable, more elegant, and muffles sound a bit better than original Pro 750 (C$759C$699). This makes it $20 less than the slightly inferior Reconditioned Original Pro 750 with brushed stainless finish! Premium Copper finish is $659$599. 5 presets, pulse and variable speed, 64-oz low-profile container. This is the one to get if you want top of the line, but prefer knobs and switches to touch-screen control.

Compact-200I am particularly excited about the savings on the Pro 200 with Compact Container $479$389 (C$559C$499). Usually there is no way to save money on this model. (Vitamix does not sell it reconditioned.) This is the perfect machine for certain buyers: if you want the full power of a full-size Vitamix, but can make do with a 48-oz capacity instead of 64-oz, the 48-oz container is really handy. It fits under standard kitchen cabinets while on the base. It also avoids a minor drawback of the wide “low profile” G-Series containers, which is that those containers don’t do as well with small volumes of under 2 cups. If you regularly blend small amounts, it is nice to have a narrow container. With a wide G-Series model, you can get a second container, but if the 48-oz compact container provides enough volume, there is no need to get a second container.

The Pro 200 with compact container is only available in red. If you want black or white, you’ll have to pay $10 more for the equivalent 5200 with Compact Container.

500Certified Reconditioned Programs $379$299 (aka Pro 500) for all colors except brushed stainless. This model usually sells for $559 new, so this is a huge savings, which makes it the one to get if price is a significant concern. As an added bonus, during the sale you will get a free bottle as well, which should automatically show up in your cart when you add the Reconditioned Programs machine.

7500 $529$4797500: Next Generation G-Series with no presets (C$639C$589). This is the one I have on my counter, along with a spare 32-oz container. You can get this one reconditioned, although with this sale, reconditioned is only $30 less for black or red, $50 less for white. Buying new gets you 7 years of warranty instead of 5 for reconditioned.

Pro 200 $479$389: Classic with tall 64-oz container, equivalent to 5200 (C$579$C519). Buy this one if you want the lowest possible price on a fully functional non-reconditioned model. The only way to go lower is to forgo variable speed (which I generally do not recommend), or to get a less powerful S-Series model.

5200-Deluxe-Combo5200 Deluxe Package with 3 containers $649$499: Classic with tall 64-oz container, short 32-oz container, and dry blade container, plus Vitamix spatulas and cutting boards (C$849$789). This is the biggest savings of the sale, and if you want all the containers, it is an excellent deal. ($150 discount is on black color only, other colors are $50 off. This extra discount may have been unintentional, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this price goes up before May 8th—don’t dawdle if you want this one!).

TurboBlend VS $449$399: Classic, comes with vegetarian/raw/vegan cookbook and filtration bag.

Pro 500 $559$479: Classic with 3 preset modes, (C$719C$659). US version comes with a sparkly “Black Diamond” finish, which is not available on reconditioned units.

TurboBlend Two Speed $399$349: Classic with no variable speed, just high-low. I generally don’t recommend this model because the lack of variable speed makes it less versatile. With these sale prices, variable speed is just $40 more. That said, if you will only make smoothies and smooth soups, there is no need for variable speed. Variable speed is useful for when you want intermediate textures, like for a salsa or pesto.

S55 $469$419S55: Personal-size, blend in to-go cup, with presets (C$539$479). For more details see my S-Series Review page.

S30 $399$349: Personal-size, blend in to-go cup (C$469C$409). For more details see my S-Series Review page.

This is an exceptional Vitamix sale. Previous Mother’s Day sales had modest savings on only a few models, or discounted accessories. The other big Vitamix sale is Black Friday, but this beats past Black Friday deals as well. If you are thinking about getting a Vitamix, don’t miss out on this sale!

If you are struggling with the myriad options, I am happy to answer questions. I also highly recommend playing with the model selection tool on my Vitamix comparison page.

(This page is updated from the previous year’s Mother’s Day Sale, so comments from last year are still visible. Please feel free to ask any questions below!)

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Vitamix Mother’s Day Sale 2016 — 22 Comments

    • The sale will only display if you view it from a U.S.-based IP address. If you are abroad but have access to a U.S. mailing address you can place a phone order and take advantage of the sale. If you phone in, remember to mention code 06-007021 for free shipping.

  1. I followed the link for the mothers day sale as I am interested in the 750, however the price doesn’t reflect any savings at all and I am in the US.

    • You’re right that the 750 is in a different situation than the reconditioned units that are part of this sale. The reconditioned units have a temporary price reduction. However, Vitamix just started offering the Pro 750 in black and red, which are $50 less than the stainless finish that used to be the only option. The 750 pricing will probably continue past Mother’s day, but I still thought it was worth pointing out because if you don’t need the stainless it is effectively a price drop.

  2. Thanks Adam, appreciate your quick response. We are still debating between the 750 w/presets and the 7500. Our experience is with a competitor where the presets actually change the speed up and down according to what you are making. From what I have read, these presets only time how long it runs… making the price difference questionable.

    • Are you referring to Blendtec? Because their presets are similar in that they cycle through a programmed set of speeds. Neither Blendtec nor Vitamix presets are sensitive to what is being blended beyond your selection of which preset to use. But remember that the presets are more sophisticated than just turning the machine on and off – they do go through different speeds.

      • Yes, was referring to the Blentech. It cycles up and down when using a pre-set. I had heard all the vitamix does it time the cycle. Thanks for clarifying that the vitamix also does the same.

    • The way it should work is the cart will still show the estimated shipping charge, but after applying the code there will be an added line that subtracts off the shipping charge. Please double check for that extra line. If it’s not there, please try to re-apply the code, and if that does not work, try a different browser if possible. I just checked to see if it is working, and the free shipping appeared properly. Please let me know if you continue to have problems because we should be able to get it to work.

  3. Thanks for the detailed reviews and the breakdown of discounts. I’m leaning towards the 7500 (I like the reduced noise). I am concerned by a review which complains (with pictures) of moisture collecting in the inaccessible area under the blade “between the drive gear and the jar”. Is this something you have experienced, or does your jar dry out completely if you leave it unused a few days? Vitamin customer support has apparently said this is common across all jar types, but the reviewer did not experience it with the 5200 model/narrow jar. Thanks for your advice!

    • I did have that happen once, but it was with a 32-oz container, and Vitamix replaced it for free.

      It is not more likely to happen with one container type than another. It shouldn’t happen; if it does, it means there is a slight leak. (It can also be promoted by putting a container in the dishwasher, which you shouldn’t do.)

      If it happens within the warranty period, Vitamix will likely replace the container. If it happens outside of warranty, you can probably fix it yourself by unscrewing the retainer nut, drying it, then screwing it on tight enough. Vitamix prefers to avoid having people screw on the retainer nut themselves though, because if it’s too loose it leaks, and it is possible to over-tighten it.

      Long story short, that one reviewer’s experience shouldn’t influence your buying decision.

  4. I too am excited by the Pro 200 with Compact Container. The lower profile looks adorable.
    Currently stuck between Pro 200 vs. Total Nutrition Centre 3. Is there a big difference between the two? Others have said that TNC3 is less noisy than TNC (but I think the only difference is the preset).

    When making smoothies, would the smaller 48-oz be a lot more difficult to use than a taller, larger 64oz?

    Thanks for your detailed blog!

    • You are right that the only significant difference between the Pro 200 and TNC3 is that the TNC3 has the 3 preset modes. Under normal use, the TNC3 is not less noisy. (If you run them empty at maximum speed, the TNC3 is quieter because it has a speed limiter, that slows it down a bit. But if you’re blending anything, the speed and the noise will be the same.)

      The 48-oz container is not any harder to use than the tall 64-oz container. (That is, unless you are trying to blend more than 48 oz at once….) If anything, the 48-oz container is a little easier in terms of scraping things out because it’s easier to reach the bottom, though that’s only necessary when making thicker blends.

      • in the canadian website, the 7500 is $589.00, which is only $90CAD more than the Pro 200 with the 48-oz container.
        Since I am now content with either a 48 or 64 oz container, the main difference comes down to noise.
        Is the noise significant to warrant a $90? You use a 7500 on a regular basis, was it worth the upgrade from the 5200 / first generation?


        • The noise difference is small—they’re both loud, but not deafening. I like the 7500, but I wouldn’t be as happy with it if I didn’t also have the 32-oz container for when I want to blend smaller amounts. Given the choice I would pick the 7500 plus 32-oz container, but if I weren’t running this site, I’d probably still be happily using my classic machine. Whether it’s worth the extra cost is really a personal question, with a different answer for everyone.

  5. Thanks for the info. I’ve wanted a Vitamix for a long time and lucked into your website and the Mother’s Day sale. Just bought a Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs – Red. Wooohoo, can’t wait!

  6. I cannot believe your website exists! It has answered most of my questions about the myriad of choices Vitamix offers. Do you know if you buy a reconditioned unit if you can buy the extended warranty after the initial purchase – or is it a “now or never” kind of thing?

    • I’m so glad to hear my site has been helpful!

      Vitamix’s policy used to be (and probably still is) that you can purchase the extended warranty anytime within the initial warranty period, but it would be $120 instead of the $75 at time of machine purchase.
      I haven’t checked Vitamix’s policy on this recently though, and so the only way to be 100% sure would be to call them at 800-848-2649.

      • OK, I just confirmed, and here is their current policy: you can purchase the 3-year extension for $75 if you get it within the first 30 days of ordering your machine. After that, it goes up to $120, and you can buy it any time within the original warranty period.

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