Vitamix Memorial Day Sale 2019

Vitamix has one sweet deal for Memorial Day 2019. Follow this link to apply a $160 discount on the Certified Reconditioned 7500. (Discount and free shipping will show up once you add it to your cart.) Certified Reconditioned machines are guaranteed to be as good as new, and they come with a 5-year warranty.

If you are not interested in the newfangled features of the Ascent Series, which include a digital timer display and Bluetooth connectivity, the 7500 is a great machine. Up until Vitamix sent me an Ascent A3500, the 7500 was my machine of choice. For maximum flexibility in blending small amounts, it’s nice to pair the 7500 with a 32-oz container. (If you want to blend smaller amounts without using a second container, consider the E310 or Reconditioned 5200. You can read more about deciding between them on my comparison page.)

This is a great price for this machine. Its $70 lower than it was during last year’s Memorial Day Sale! I believe Vitamix may be planning on phasing out this model, so this might be the last chance to pick one up at this price. Note that even if Vitamix stops selling it, they will still continue to support it for many years. The 48-oz and 64-oz Ascent and Explorian containers work on the 7500. So, if you want to replace the container in 20 years, it should be easy to buy a new compatible one.

The product page for this machine calls it the Reconditioned Next Generation, and includes this statement: “Label may reflect the following G-Series machines: Professional Series® 300, 7500, or Creations Elite.” Don’t let that trouble you, since all of those named machines are completely identical. Vitamix is just warning you that the name on the front of the machine could be different. [A slight point of confusion: the new Creations Elite comes with a 48-oz container. But don’t worry, I’ve confirmed multiple times that if you get one in this deal, it comes with the 7500’s low-profile 64-oz container.]

Ascent Deals Starting May 31st

If you prefer one of the newer and fancier models, wait until May 31st. The Recon A2500 is scheduled to be $279.95 and the Recon A3500 is scheduled to be $379.95 (full discount should show in cart if you follow one of those links). You can read about their features in my Ascent review.

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Vitamix Memorial Day Sale 2019 — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for all of the helpful information on this website! Do you know how long the sale on the Reconditioned 7500 lasts until? Though I am tempted to pick up the A3500 on the 31st!

    • I do not know how long the Recon 7500 sale will last. It could end at any time.

      The A3500 is super elegant. If it appeals to you, I don’t think you’d regret getting it, especially at that price.

    • $279 once you add it to your cart and the extra $20 discount gets applied. ($279 is before any applicable sales tax gets added to the total.)

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