Vitamix Holiday Offers: Gift and Shipping Upgrade [expired]

To celebrate the holiday season, Vitamix has two new offers that can be applied to any Vitamix blender purchase. You can get a free set of Vitamix spatulas, and you can also enjoy free expedited shipping. Both offers are valid today, Dec. 2nd, through Jan. 2nd.Vitamix holiday gift spatula

Free Spatulas

I’ve been a fan of the Vitamix spatulas ever since reviewing them over a year ago. Once you start blending thick mixtures like hummus or nut butter (or even thick smoothies), the spatulas are extremely useful. I told my contacts at Vitamix that the spatulas really improve the Vitamix experience, and I suggested that they make it easier for people to get the spatulas. Now, at least for the rest of December, Vitamix is running with my suggestion!

To receive the free spatulas, just use the promotion code 06-007021 to order any Vitamix machine.

This is a brand new promotion, and it will not appear anywhere on the Vitamix site or even in your order confirmation.You can take my word for it, or you can also call Vitamix at 800-848-2649 to confirm that this deal is real.

Check that promotion code 06-007021 appears in your cart, and Vitamix will send you the spatulas as a bonus gift. The spatulas should arrive within 30 days in a separate package. The promotion code should apply automatically if you follow any link from this site to, but you can also add the 06-007021 code manually to the box in your shopping cart. If you prefer to place a phone order, you can also apply the code by mentioning it to the sales representative. You will not receive the spatulas if the promo code is not applied.

Free Priority Shipping

Whether you are trying to get a gift in time for Christmas, or just can’t wait to start blending holiday meals, free priority shipping should be a nice added bonus. (Standard Vitamix shipping arrives in 8–15 business days, while Priority shipping arrives in 3–5 business days.) Priority shipping usually costs $70. Promo code 06-007021 normally discounts priority to $45, but for the rest of December, priority shipping is free.

The free priority shipping will not immediately appear in your shopping cart. If the promo code is properly applied, the usual $25 shipping discount will display in your cart. Once you go to the checkout page, you can select priority delivery at no added cost.

Recommended Vitamix models

If you’re not sure which Vitamix to buy yet, you can read my detailed Vitamix comparison. If you want some quick recommendations, here are a few picks:

Best budget buy: Reconditioned 5200
Awesome mid-range: New or Reconditioned 7500
Ultimate combo: Pro 750 plus 32-oz wet container and dry container

Vitamix Holiday Sale Outlook

Sometimes people wonder if Vitamix will have an after-Christmas sale, but, in the years I have been following Vitamix, I have never seen them offer one.

Ongoing Offers

In case you do not already know, if you have an old Vitamix that you want to upgrade, you can send it in and get a $100 credit toward a new (or reconditioned) model.

And all Vitamix models come with a 30-day no-questions asked trial period. If you decide to return your machine, you will get a full refund and Vitamix also covers return shipping.

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Vitamix Holiday Offers: Gift and Shipping Upgrade [expired] — 18 Comments

  1. Okay – so after reading all the reviews I am somewhat confused. Is it a “great” tool, or is the spatula set of 3 a cheap, useless item that should be given free? Help – I really am in need of a spatula but I don’t want to waste my money. Since I have to purchase, as I already have the machine, which one do I want, the double ended red one ( which also doesn’t have a great review), or the 3 for $6.95. Thanks for your personal imput! Suzy

    • I’d say the spatulas in the set are a “good” tool. Quite useful, but they are not going to be a family heirloom. They’re made of nylon and might feel a bit cheap at first, but they have held up well over the past almost two years. (I thought they would get nicked up from the blades quickly, but that hasn’t really happened. When I use them around the blades, I only push on the back side of the blades, which may help.) They are most useful for when you make thick blends in the tall 64-oz container, but they are also useful for medium-thickness blends in all containers. You can read more on my review page.

      In principle a silicone spatula might work slightly better, but I received that double-ended red spatula in a promotion, and I actually do not like it as much as the nylon ones. I’ve read some good things about the iSi narrow spatula and I’ve been meaning to try it, but I haven’t tested it just yet. If you can hold out a week, I will probably be able to share my opinion of the iSi spatula by then. Given the choice between the spatulas Vitamix sells, I would go with the set of white ones.

      • Wow – thanks for your quick response!! I will hold out. I am not at all familiar with the product you are going to try out, the iSi spatula. With ISIS on the news the name iSi spatula gave me pause!

        • Suzy, it’s been a bit more than a week, but I have not forgotten your question. I’ve been testing out the iSi spatula I mentioned, and I think it’s great. It’ll be a while before I get a full review up, but I wanted to get back to you. The narrow iSi works well on all the Vitamix containers, and it is particularly suited to the containers with 3″ blades. The softer silicone material can scrape slightly more out than the nylon spatulas, and the iSi spatula is a better shape/size than the double-ended Vitamix one. If you only need one spatula, I would recommend it. Here’s the Amazon link.

  2. Free priority shipping doesn’t seem to be working. Only discounting by $25 at the checkout page. Any tips before I click Submit Order?

    • I just double checked, and I got free priority shipping to work on a test checkout page.
      There are two possible explanations for your difficulty that I know of:
      1) It is in fact working, but it just doesn’t appear to be. Vitamix’s implementation of this promotion is a little weird, so it will still display the same $25 shipping discount. But you should notice that there is no shipping charge, whether you choose standard or priority shipping. (There will be a sales tax charge, depending on which state you’re in.)
      2) If you started adding items to your shopping cart on or before Dec 2nd, the priority shipping might not be applying. In this case the solution is to start your cart over. I’m not sure if it’s necessary, but I would either use a different browser, or go into private/incognito mode, or possibly clear your cookies. Then just click through to whichever model you want, apply the promo code, and try to check out again.

      If neither of these solve your problem, please let me know because I want everyone to be able to take advantage of this promotion.

  3. Hi there, you say to “order by Dec 22nd for (free!) delivery by the 25th.” I cannot find that information on that on the Vitamix site. Where did you find that information?

    Thank you.

    • The holiday shipping deadline was conveyed by email. I do not know if it is anywhere on their website, but if you want to confirm, you could give them a call: 800-848-2649, and mention promo code 06-007021.

      • Thanks. I ordered 10:30 AM on Saturday (using your code.) I am surprised I have not heard anything since the original email confirmation, since it said I would receive a ship notice.

        • I do not know the timing of when to expect a shipping notice, but I expect they will come through with delivery. If you want to check your order status you can call them.

          • I called Vitamix, and the shipping deadline from Ohio was already passed, so they shipped it via next day air from Nevada. It arrived on time, but might have been late if I had not called. They sounded extremely busy. Thank you.

            P.S.: The spatulas did not come, but I am not so concerned about that.

          • Wow, good thing you checked then! Sorry to hear you had to call in about it, but I’m glad you got it in time in the end.

  4. Thanks so much for this post. I was reluctant at first to purchase a reconditioned Vitamix but because of your high praise and knowledge of the unit and the plethora of five star reviews didn’t hurt, I went for it. I just ordered my Vitamix 5200. Shipping was absolutely free. I’m so excited. Thanks again.

  5. Hey,

    I ordered a vitamix with the code on december 12 but still did not receive the spatula. Do you know if it takes more than a month?

    I got confirmed over the phone that the code was confirmed but just wanted to check with you in case you have any information I don’t

    Thank you!

    • The only information I have is that they said the spatulas should ship within 30 days of your order. They also said that the spatulas would be added to orders manually, so I wouldn’t be shocked if some are delayed or possibly missed. If it doesn’t show up this week for you, it’s probably worth calling in. Or, if you’d prefer, I can look into it for you.

  6. Adam,

    I ordered a reconditioned 7500 on December 8 using your code. I received the machine on December 10 and have been using it since but I never got the spatulas. Please advise

    • They should have arrived by now. The most straightforward way to straighten this out would be to call Vitamix (800-848-2649 or 800-VITAMIX). I’m guessing that they lost track of your spatulas in the holiday rush. If you let them know, they should send you a set right away.

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