About the New Vitamix Creations Turbo

Vitamix-Creations-TurboVitamix recently added a new listing to their Blenders page: The Vitamix Creations Turbo. It turns out that it is not a new model, but rather a new package. Since “Creations” is in the title, that means it is primarily intended for sale on QVC. Indeed, it looks like this Sunday QVC will be featuring it as a TSV (Today’s Special Value). QVC is promoting it as a 15-in-1 blender, but how does it compare to the other Vitamix models? It is equivalent to a TurboBlend Two Speed, bundled with a dry container. The Two Speed is the bottom-of-the-line Vitamix—it is a perfectly capable machine, but it lacks variable speed control.

This machine is as powerful as the other Vitamix machines; it just doesn’t have the variable speed control. (It also does not have preset modes, but I don’t think that’s as big of a loss.) For more details and discussion of the features of other Vitamix models, see my Vitamix comparison page.

Variable Speed

Variable speed is useful for when you don’t want to completely liquify your blend, and you want to have maximum control of consistency. It comes in handy for things like pesto, salsa, chopping vegetables, and the “bubble removal trick.

Dry Container

The dry container is useful if you want to grind your own flours. However, it is not absolutely necessary. The normal container will work (just not quite as efficiently; for more details see: Is the Vitamix dry container worth it?). Also it will quickly get scratched up, which is why many people like to have a second container for dry-grinding hard ingredients.

I would note that I never use variable speed when dry grinding, so if that is your main use, the Two Speed will be fine.

Vitamix Creations Turbo Value

On the Vitamix site the Creations Turbo is listed at $559, which is approximately the cost of a Two Speed plus a separate dry container, so that’s not much of a deal. However, QVC is selling it for $484$449. This makes it a decent deal if you are looking for this particular combination of base and dry container.

If you do not plan on grinding dry items regularly then this package is probably not worth it.

If you are interested in variable speed, or if you don’t actually need the dry container, I strongly recommend looking at the certified reconditioned units direct from Vitamix. For more details you can read about them on my refurbished Vitamix page. For example, you can pick up a Standard variable speed machine for just $329.

Compared to the QVC price of $484, you could buy a reconditioned machine with variable speed plus a dry container for less, at $443 (until the end of February). Or you could buy a reconditioned Two Speed plus dry container for $423.

Finally, there are a few differences in policy between QVC and Vitamix. If you don’t want to pay the full amount upfront, QVC has a more appealing payment plan. QVC allows 5 equal monthly payments. Vitamix allows 3 monthly payments, but the first payment is 50% of the full price, and the next two are 25%. Also, Vitamix charges a $15 fee for their payment plan, while QVC does not.

If you think that there is a chance you might change your mind about your purchase and return it, Vitamix has the better policy. They will give you a full refund and even pay for return shipping as long as it is within 30 days. QVC on the other hand will charge you for the cost of return shipping. (Both Vitamix and QVC offer free shipping on the initial order—for QVC it is automatic, and with Vitamix you have to apply promotion code 06-007021.)

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About the New Vitamix Creations Turbo — 3 Comments

  1. I love my Vitamix, I got mine when it was TSV about this time last year. I really did want the dry container option. So this combination was great for me. Another compelling reason for buying it from QVC is the easy pay. They also have the variable speed blenders available on QVC starting at 460.00 on easy pay. Easy pay is where they ship it to you when you use a credit or debit card to purchase and then break it up into 5 equal monthly payments. Making it a very affordable option for people.

  2. Can u make HOT soups, in the creations turbo 2 speed (HI or LOW )
    This is one of the main reasons I purchased a vitamix

    Laura Park

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