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Updated Feb 13, 2016

Vitamix Creations Gallery 64-oz Variable Speed BlenderLast fall Vitamix released a new model name: the Vitamix Creations Gallery 64 oz. Variable Speed Blender. Like previous models with “Creations” in their title, it is targeted specifically for QVC. QVC is running a Today’s Special Value on it tomorrow, Sunday February 14th, at a price of $379.98.

If you are thinking about the TSV, I highly recommend considering two Certified Reconditioned options. Certified Reconditioned Vitamix machines are guaranteed to be as good as new, and they offer significant savings (even over the TSV). They also come with the exact same warranty conditions and length as the Creations line. You can get a Certified Reconditioned 5200, which is equivalent to the Creations Gallery, for $50.98 less. Or, if you wait until Monday the 15th, you can take advantage of the President’s Day Sale to get the Certified Reconditioned 5300 for $80.98 less!

Vitamix model names can be confusing because there are so many of them.

The Creations Gallery is functionally identical to the 5200 and many equivalent models. (That is, it is a C-Series model with variable speed and no presets.) For the full list, see the chart midway down my Vitamix Comparison page. On that page you can also find information about the other Vitamix models. Vitamix has released some significant new features since the 5200 came out in 2007. For example, if you generally blend 1 or 2 servings and want to be able to blend in a to-go cup, check out the S-Series. Then there are the various models with preset programs, and then there are also the machines with shorter and wider containers that offer some advantages. It’s a lot to digest, so to make it easier to understand, I made an interactive tool that you can play with on the comparison page. If you have any specific questions about features, you can leave a comment below or send a message on the contact page.

Part of the strategy of the Creations line is to use a different model name so that Vitamix.com can list it at a higher price without changing the pricing of their other (equivalent) models. Then QVC can tout the exaggerated price savings.

Reconditioned 5200 available for $329Since it’s the same as the 5200, the Creations Gallery is a workhorse machine that will not let you down. The 64-oz capacity is great for when you want to blend lots of soup, and the variable speed is helpful for controlling texture.

Part of the pricing agreement on Creations models is that they come with a 5-year warranty, instead of the 7-year warranty on other Vitamix models, including the 5200.

If you want to save the most possible money, note that Certified Reconditioned Vitamix models also come with a 5-year warranty, and they are guaranteed to be as good as new. You can get a Certified Reconditioned 5200 for $329, or if you wait until Monday, you can get the Certified Reconditioned 5300 for $299. Reconditioned units from Vitamix are eligible for a fee-free 5-month Easy Pay plan, selectable at checkout.

Like the Creations Gallery, a Reconditioned 5200 comes with tamper, cookbook, and DVD.

In my opinion, the only reason to pay the extra $50–$80 for the Creations Gallery from QVC is if you want one of the unusual color options. Those are harder to find when buying reconditioned. The TSV comes with a few extras, but their value is less than $50. The smoothie bottle is made by Thermos and an equivalent one is available for $10-$11, minus the Vitamix logo (if you need the Vitamix logo, it’s $22 from Vitamix.com). The bonus recipe book is available for ~$10.


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