Updates on previous entries, Apr 16, 2013

Shredded coconut in VitamixCoconut butter: Another use: coconut lime rice. After cooking rice, mix in some coconut butter and lime juice. It tastes really good! On a different note, I’ve found that for general smoothies just adding shredded coconut works pretty well. The coconut butter might be marginally smoother, but the difference is minimal, and if you have a smoothie with fibrous things that have a little texture (such as kale), the difference in coconut texture is even less noticeable. If you want something maximally smooth I think you’re better off using coconut milk that’s had the fiber removed (you can make it yourself by blending coconut with water and then straining it).

Lettuce soupLettuce soup: Substituting in butter lettuce (aka Boston Bibb) and/or Meyer lemon makes this taste amazing (butter lettuce is less bitter and Meyer lemons are sweeter). We had great success with the “living” butter lettuce that still has the root attached.


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