Refurbished Vitamix deals are back (and Blendtec’s never left)

Certified Reconditioned Vitamix DealVitamix has brought back the additional $30 savings on reconditioned Standard and reconditioned Standard Presets machines. This promotion originally only ran in November, so now you have another chance to score a great Vitamix deal. If you are not sure if you really want a reconditioned machine, I wrote a page about when you should consider buying refurbished.

To sweeten the deal further, Vitamix is running a bonus drawing. If you buy a reconditioned Standard Variable Speed ($299) or Standard Variable Speed Presets ($349) in January or February you will be entered into the drawing. The prizes of the drawing are:

  • 10 Vitamix Machines
  • 50 Extended Warranties
  • 140 Smoothie Cups

Unfortunately the reconditioned Next Generation models are not included in this promotion. If you are wondering about the differences between the Standard and Next Generation, I wrote up a new section on my Vitamix model comparison page to directly summarize the differences. They are both great machines, but if you are price conscious, this additional savings makes the Standard ones look pretty good.

Meanwhile, Blendtec is still offering $105 off of their Refurbished Total Blender. This deal was originally scheduled to only run until the end of December, but it is continuing for an unspecified amount of time. This means you can pick up an excellent machine with preset programs for $279.95.

Blendtec BlendersAs always, you will get free shipping on Vitamix and Blendtec machines if you click the product links from this site, and for Vitamix you can use promotion code 06-007021.

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Refurbished Vitamix deals are back (and Blendtec’s never left) — 3 Comments

  1. Bought a reconditioned for $299 about 6 months ago (ended up with CIA) looked brand new out of the box. My husband & I use it daily for breakfast smoothies and I make batches of soup for the week. I had a Ninja & there is NO comparison! I wasn’t sure which model to buy (tall, short, presets) so after lots of research I discovered this website & thanks to Adam I realized the reconditioned was the best deal (not Costco, QVC, Whole Foods or BBB). Thank you Adam!

  2. After a TON of research and going back and forth between different blender brands and different models of Vitamix… I FINALLY bought my first Vitamix!! I bought a reconditioned model for $299 and I ended up with a CIA. I bought an extended warranty for a total of 8 years. It looks completely brand new and I’m so impressed with it’s power. I got it yesterday and this morning made the smoothest/creamiest Glowing Green smoothie I have ever had. No more chewing my smoothies (I know, eww). Tonight I’m making a soup and a margarita ;). I can’t wait to make pesto and hummus in this machine. SO worth it. I chose a standard instead of the other models because i didn’t think I would need presets. I’m the type that likes to vary in how I prepare my food and after making a quick vinaigrette last night and having it turn into a mayonnaise-like dressing I realized this machine takes some getting used to- and I followed recipe to a “T”. BTW the CIA model is the same one sold at Bed, Bath, and Beyond- it’s just another name for the 5200. You will not regret buying this blender.

  3. Greetings! For anyone interested, We purchased our first Vitamix almost 20 years ago. I used it HEAVILY to grind grains and make food, everything from smoothies, soups to nut butters. The model back then was stainless steel.

    Within a year after we purchased ours, we sent ours back. Vitamix gave us a small amount of credit or cash, can’t remember, and we purchased a reconditioned model.

    Over the years the corners of the containers cracked, while the warranty was till good. They sent out two brand new containers, no questions asked. Again, I used it hard, often grinding 4 or more batches of Gluten-Free grains on a single day and even grinding cinnamon sticks. There is NOTHING like fresh ground cinnamon!

    The second time my containers cracked, the warranty was over, so I would have had to pay $100 or more for a new container. I found a Ninja on a classified site for cheaper and purchased that to do my wet goods but continued using my Vitamix for grinding grains, making nut butter and grinding cinnamon.

    Recently, my husband was awarded safety points at work and used the bulk of them to buy me another Vitamix. We will send the old base back for them to recondition it. They will pay us $50.00 for the base. We used our Vitamix hard for nearly 20 years! I would hope they are working on the corners of the containers cracking. They KNOW this is a problem.

    The Ninja simply did not compare! It did not grind nut butter as smooth or make anything else NEARLY as smooth. I have used another smoothie blender too, no comparison either. The Ninja lid is prone to breaking too, and you can not tamp or push the ingredients into the blades for a smoother grind.

    Hope this is helpful to someone!


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