Additional discounts on Refurbished machines expire Friday 2/28

Update: The Vitamix refurbished discounts expired, but now they have come back! Blendtec’s lives on.

This is a reminder that the extra $30 off select reconditioned Vitamix units is scheduled to expire on Friday, February 28th. If you’ve been dawdling on ordering one (or know someone who’s been thinking about buying), make sure the order is placed by Friday. It’s possible that this promotion could return at some point, but we can’t count on it. The standard reconditioned (5200, Pro 200, et al.) is $299 with this discount, and the standard presets reconditioned (6300/Pro 500) is $349. Aside from the rare lucky person who finds an under-priced Vitamix at a garage sale or thrift shop, these are the best prices I’ve ever seen for Vitamix.

Friday is also the last day that your Vitamix purchase will you enter you into Vitamix’s prize drawing, which I previously described.

If you’d like to know more about the refurbishing process, see my page about refurbished Vitamix machines, and if you’d like to know more about the differences between models, see my Vitamix comparison page.Vitamix 5200Meanwhile, there is no official word on how long Blendtec’s refurbished sale will last. My impression is that they are running it to match Vitamix’s so it would not surprise me if Blendtec’s expires soon as well. The Blendtec discount is even better than Vitamix’s: $105 off of their Refurbished Total Blender, for $279.95. Blendtec ClassicAll of these deals are eligible for free shipping as long as you click through from this site.

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