Reconditioned Vitamix 780 flash sale

Vitamix 780 flash saleVitamix just dropped the price of the Reconditioned 780 by an extra $100, and it was already deeply discounted. The price drop is scheduled to last through the end of Sunday, Dec 10th, or while supplies last.

The 780 is Vitamix’s most premium pre-Ascent model. It normally sells for $719 new, so being able pick one up for $299 is some serious savings.

It has a touch-panel control interface, which has variable speed control, pulse, and 5 preset program modes. See more details on my 780 Review page.

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About Reconditioned Vitamix

Reconditioned Vitamix machines are covered by the same high-level of customer support as new ones, which includes free two-way shipping for any problem that might arise. The warranty lasts 5 years. Reconditioned Vitamix machines are usually indistinguishable from new ones. In fact, it’s possible that these 780 units were never used, but were sent back by stores when they started carrying the new Ascent line.

780 vs. Ascent

So, how does the 780 compare to the newer Ascent models? Power and blending performance are the same. The biggest difference is that Ascent models have self-detect technology, which allows them to use the small 20-oz and 8-oz screw-on blade containers without a bulky adapter. You can use the 20-oz and 8-oz containers with the 780, but you need the Personal Cup Adapter.

The other features that Ascent models have that the 780 lacks are a digital timer display and Bluetooth. The Bluetooth will eventually be able to connect to an app, so you can send blending programs from a phone or tablet to the Ascent blender.

Aside from the low price, the advantage of the 780 over Ascent models is that it can use older containers that don’t have the Ascent self-detect chip. This also means that you can use it with third-party containers, though Vitamix warns that any damage sustained when using a third-party container is not covered by the warranty.

Other deals if you don’t love the 780

The touchscreen is robust and works even with wet hands. But, if you’d prefer physical switches and a knob, there are some other good deals going right now as well.

The 5300 has the same container as the 780, and it is currently $259. A possible downside, is that it is only available in red. The 5300 does not have program modes, but it does deliver the same blending performance.

If you want a smaller container, the E310 (on sale for $299) comes with a narrow 48-oz container. The narrow container helps for blending smaller amounts. Smoothies under ~3 cups will splash less, and you can make smaller batches of thick things like nut butter or sorbet. Thick blends require enough to cover the blades and allow the tamper to work. The batch sizes for thick blends are ~3 cups in the narrow containers and ~4.5 cups in the wide ones.

The other machine to consider is the Reconditioned Standard Programs, on sale for $299. It comes with a narrow and tall container, which allows the small batch blending, while giving you the full 64-oz capacity. The downside is that the container on the base won’t fit under standard kitchen cabinets. This machine also comes with 3 program modes.

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