New Feature: Recipes by Season

4 smoothies: beet, orange, purple sweet potato, and kiwi cilantro recently turned two years old, and previous years’ recipes have become a bit buried. (This is the 100th blog post!) I often post seasonal recipes, so I decided to add a feature to browse recipes by season. Just look for “Recipes By Season” over in the right sidebar, or you can head straight to fall recipes. Note that you can view recipes by ingredient or category as well.

If you’re on a phone or tablet and you don’t see the sidebar, try turning your device to a horizontal landscape orientation and see if it pops up. If your device is still not wide enough to display the sidebar, you can go to the Vitamix recipes page, which now includes links to recipes by season. (The recipes page is also always linked from the top menu bar.) Happy blending!

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New Feature: Recipes by Season — 5 Comments

  1. Funny that I published this post this morning, and then on my way home this evening I stopped at the grocery store to find some of my favorite seasonal produce had arrived since the last time I was there: huge piles of great-looking persimmons and pomegranates!

  2. Nice new feature, Adam. Your website is pretty much the first one I check for ideas. I really have been enjoying your recipes. At some point, would you be interested in adding calorie information to each recipe? CH

    • Glad to hear you’re liking the seasons feature, and so glad to hear you enjoy my site and recipes!

      I have so far avoided putting in calorie/nutrition info into recipes because it depends so much on quantities. My recipes are imprecise because they call for whole produce. For example, when I call for an apple or an orange, it could be anywhere from 100 to 200 grams. That said, I could of course put in a “best estimate,” and if people keep asking for that feature, I’ll probably add it. Thanks for the input!

      • Sure, these numbers can be complicated and debatable and you may need to put in a disclaimer for your “estimate”. To me, a calorie range or an approximation based on a mid-size orange (for example) is good enough for me. I am only looking for a guideline so that I know whether I just consumed 700 calories or only 200. Also, based on your past posts, I sense you are more detailed and factual, so I would have a higher level of confidence in your estimation than a random site. Appreciate your considerations.

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