Instant (unfiltered) Vitamix almond milk

This may be the easiest recipe that I routinely make in my Vitamix blender. Most almond milk recipes involve straining out the pulp, but I’ve found that not to be necessary. When drinking it you can notice the fiber (it’s a bit chalky), but it doesn’t bother us. We usually use this almond milk to pour on cereal, which makes the fiber less noticeable. It’s so fast to prepare that I often make it when I realize that we’re out of milk, but really want a bowl of cereal.

Among people who have never made it, I’ve noticed a perception that making nut milks must be a major undertaking. But it can be really easy–just blend nuts and water, and you get nut milk! With a powerful blender you don’t even need to pre-soak the nuts, though some people think that you should be soaking all your nuts anyway. So if you have been overwhelmed with the idea of making nut milk, try making an unfiltered batch and see if you like it. I imagine that the filtration wouldn’t be hard, but it does seem like it would take a while and make for more cleanup.

1 cup raw almonds (soaking and peeling optional)
3 cups water
4 ice cubes
~½ tsp vanilla extract (optional)

I don’t add any sweetener, but many people do.

Combine in pitcher and blend on high for about a minute. You can add more almonds or water if you want it thicker or thinner. You could also scale the recipe down if you just want to try it; I always make a couple of cups, but you could easily just blend a single cup. Unlike most other blended drinks that I drink immediately, this keeps fine in a jar in the fridge for a few days. The fiber will settle to the bottom of the jar, so I just give it a shake before pouring.

If the fiber bothers you, you can of course use the technique that everyone else on the web seems to use, which is to pass it through a fine strainer/cloth or a purpose-built nut milk bag. I guess I’m a bit too lazy to be bothered, and then you’re left with the question of what to do with the fiber.

One last note: if you have a powerful blender I don’t see any reason to add nut milk to smoothies; you can just make maximally fresh instant nut milk in the smoothie by including nuts and water (you may have noticed that I often add nuts to my smoothies).

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Instant (unfiltered) Vitamix almond milk — 23 Comments

  1. Excellent way to strain almond milk fast is using your juicer – extremely fine sieve and purposed to separate solids from liquids. Also works great for wheat grass and celery and such like hard to juice items.

  2. Because almonds are naturally very nutritious, almond milk doesn’t need to be fortified. You can make almond milk yourself at home, and it will have the same nutritional value as the almond milk available commercially.

  3. May i ask why you add ice instead of just more water? seems to me unless your going to use it right away the ice just melts and thins out the milk.

    • Fair question. I use some ice because I like to have the almond milk cold right away. The ice does indeed just melt, but it keeps the milk nice and cool. If you don’t add any ice and you blend on high for a minute or more, as I recommend doing, you’ll end up with lukewarm almond milk. I suppose that if you’re going to put it in the fridge for later it wouldn’t matter. I account for the water in the ice so that when it melts the milk is not too thin.

  4. If you sieve the allmond milk you can put the almond fiber on a silipat pad and dry it in the oven. Then it can be used for flour. I have never tried this, too lazy, but for those who can be bothered…I saw this tip on a web site but don’t remember which one so I apologize to the author.

  5. I love the information given as it is very useful for me as a beginner. I only have mugs so will use a measuring size cup which is smaller than the average cup. But it is a proper measuring cup. Thank You

  6. So I just want to clarify–you didn’t need to first grind the almonds in the dry/whole grain container for this? You can directly put them in the wet container? I’m trying to decide if I want to buy the dry/whole grain container…

    • Yes, almond milk (and almond butter) are best made in the wet container. If you wanted to make almond flour the dry container would work better.

  7. im making almond milk with a third of a cup of organic ground almonds to one litre of bottled water – thats it – perfect everytime- oh i do have a vitamix –

  8. I just bought my Vita mix – yeah!!!! My almond milk separates? Am I doing something wrong? I did not strain it this time and I like it better.



    • Yeah, separation is normal, especially for unfiltered almond milk. I presume you’re keeping it in the fridge? If so, just give it a shake or stir when you want to have it.

  9. I just got a Vitamix and love this blog. I was under the impression, after reading the manual and lots of recipes in the Vitamix book, that you always need to start on Variable, move from 1 to 10, then switch to high. Your almond milk recipe says blend on High for 1 minute. Do you just start on high, as written? I don’t want to break my machine. Thanks.

    • I do start on low and ramp up to high as the manual suggests. Starting on high will not break your machine, but I’ve heard some people say it is harder on the machine. (I’m not completely convinced, but it seems plausible.) The other benefit of starting on low is less splashing, and for certain ingredients, you’re less likely to need the tamper.

      I guess my recipes assume some familiarity with the machine. I found it cumbersome to say every time, “start on Variable at 1, turn up to 10, then switch to high.” I’ll have to think about if I should make them more explicit, or maybe I’ll make a “getting started” page that explains in more detail.

  10. The great thing about a Vitamix and any high-powered blender is you can save money by easily making things yourself. Rather than buy almond milk to smoothies, just do as your post states and make it yourself. I find this very useful for other things too.

  11. Omg I am so excited to be getting my vitamix in the mail next week (ordered on line)…I can’t wait to try this…I’m lactose intolerant and I hate the ready made nut milks so I am happy to see this recipe….thanks so much for sharing! 😉

    • I just made a half batch and it’s delish!
      I also tried it using cashews and added four dates for sweetness and that turned out great as well…I can’t wait to try other nuts!

  12. I was delighted to come across your post! I see no reason whatever to strain out the pulp unless you want it for something like crackers or brownies. Otherwise it just takes up space in the refrigerator and more often than not gets thrown out.

  13. I was trying to find a recipe that did not strain the almond milk. cudos to you! Straining and drying the meal is a chore. The last time I almond flour which was good to add to other flour. Now I just make milk!

  14. got my vitamix today…
    how long will the almond milk stay fresh in the fridge?
    i want to grind dry roasted beans often…should i be investing on 32 oz dry jar?

  15. Yum.EE. 3cp water, 1/2 c. almonds + 1/2 c. oats blended super high for awhile, coupla minutes, dash of vanilla and some cinnamon, maybe a tsp – probably a couple. Plus 4 oz. pumpkin mush leftover from pies plus a slug of maple syrup. Kids love love love it, I add coffee to it. Dried barley (“Roma”, “Pero”) works too. Refrigerate what isn’t used. To have it warm, leave vitamix running a while after adding the spices and it turns thick and custardy as well as steamy!

  16. Hey. My preferred method is to first make almond butter, then add water to make almond milk. This way i hardly feel the pulp of almonds in the milk 🙂

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