A golden smoothie with a kick

Golden SmoothieHere’s a zingy and refreshing smoothie:

¼ cup water
1 orange, peeled
⅓ pineapple, peeled (~1.5 cups pieces)
fresh ginger (piece ~¾ inch on a side)
turmeric (fresh piece ~¾ inch on a side, or ¼ tsp powder)
1 cup frozen mango

Blend on high until smooth. Makes 2 medium servings.

Depending on how much of a kick you want, you can increase the ginger and turmeric.

Golden Smoothie Ingredients in VitamixYou can get both pineapple and mango fresh or frozen. In my experience, if you find good ones, fresh tastes better, although frozen is fine, especially when blended with other things. For me, getting mango out of it’s skin and removing its pit is enough work that I generally like to reserve it for when I’m going to eat the mango straight. Cutting a pineapple goes fast enough that I don’t mind doing it for smoothies.

I slice ginger into ~-inch slices perpendicular to the length of the root, because otherwise sometimes its fibers do not get fully blended.

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A golden smoothie with a kick — 7 Comments

  1. I am going to blend the orange pineapple and mango smoothie sounds so good. I also love ginger mixed with tumeric. Very healthy,

    How many calories? Approx.
    I go to weight watchers and need to figure out the points.

    • I don’t include calories because they will depend on the size of your fruit, and to accurately calculate them you’d need to use a food scale, at which point you might as well calculate the calories yourself. That said, I looked up the rough amounts for this smoothie. For each of the two servings, this was about: 150 cal, 30g sugar, 5g fiber, and 1.5g protein. (Probably a bit more fiber than that, since I include the white part of the orange and the core of the pineapple.)

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