Blending gift ideas and accessory guide

Blender-GiftsWhether you are shopping for a gift, or are looking to optimize your own blending experience, here is a list of recommended blending accessories. I keep these items in my kitchen and enjoy using them. I’ve mentioned most of them on the blog before, but here they are, all in one place.

If you’re shopping for a Vitamix, check out my Vitamix comparison page. Otherwise, here are my recommended accessories. (This page contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy something after following one of these links, Joy of Blending may receive a percentage of the sale. Thanks for your support!)

isi spatula

Spatula, $8

Extremely useful for scraping the last bits out of the container from thick blends. This one is just the right combination of stiff, soft, long, and narrow.

H10A earmuffs

Earmuffs, $18

If you or others in your house are irritated by loud noise, these are handy to pop on and cut the noise. I keep two pairs in the kitchen.


Stainless Steel Straws, $7

Sometimes it’s nice to sip from a straw, but it seems wasteful to use disposable ones. I was weirded out by the possibility of the glass ones breaking, so I went with stainless steel. (The main glass straw sellers will replace straws for free if they break, but you pay to ship them back.)

Vitamix to-go container

To-go container, $27

If you want to take your smoothie on the go, it’s nice to have an insulated container that seals well and is easy to clean.

Vitamix Filtration Bag

Filtration bag, $15

For making true juices (like carrot juice) and smooth nut milk. Vitamix sent the hemp bag to me for free and it is nice, but you can do just as well with a cheaper nylon bag like this one.

Popsicle Molds

Popsicle molds, $16

Turn your smoothie (or leftover sorbet/ice cream) into popsicles!

vegetable brush

Vegetable brush, $5

I use it for scrubbing things like carrots and beets.


Knife, $50

Having a nice, sharp knife makes preparing things more pleasant. I sometimes break out the 8″ knife for cutting pineapple.

oxo cutting board

Cutting Board, $9

I like ~8×10 for blending prep—not too big, not too small. You can add things to the blender container as you cut them.

oxo peeler

Peeler, $9

I use it on carrots for when I want a sweeter/less bitter taste.


Cherry pitter, $14

A bit of a specialty item, but nice to have if you want to get through a lot of cherries. (Don’t try blending cherry pits!)

Vitamix 32-oz dry container

Vitamix dry container, $125

Grind your own flour.

Vitamix 32-oz wet container

Vitamix wet container, $124

A more compact Vitamix jar is handy for small blends. It is particularly useful if you have a G-Series model with the wide 4″ blade, because it will allow you to blend smaller amounts.

Blendtec Twister

Blendtec Twister Jar, $110

If you have a Blendtec, the Twister Jar is a great improvement for ice cream and nut butters.

Did I miss any of your favorite blending accessories? If so, please comment below.

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Blending gift ideas and accessory guide — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks for helping me make the best use of my Vitamix. Wms Sinoma Has a spatula like yours with a spoon on the other side I love it

  2. I had my “plastique” carafe tip over on the counter top and somehow it cracked on several sides near the base. I have the model 6300. I would love to replace it with a glass carafe if you have them. Mike G.

    • There are no glass carafes for Vitamix machines. That said, if your machine is under warranty and you call up Vitamix and explain what happened, they will likely send you a replacement container.

  3. Hi,

    I am thinking of purchasing the 7500 certified reconditioned blender and I am worried about how the wider container won’t work for smaller batches. I noticed you link to amazon for the 32 oz container for smaller batches. I see there are tons of websites which sell the smaller container for anywhere from $30-$50, which is a fraction of the price that amazon has it. Would you recommend purchasing this from elsewhere for these prices? Thanks!

    • The websites I’ve seen that sell a Vitamix container for $30-$50 do not include the blade, and sometimes not the lid. So if you include all of the required parts, they are not a deal.

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