Black Friday Vitamix & Blendtec Deals [updated]

Updated August 25, 2017

Vitamix Deals for August 2017

Vitamix is running additional discounts on a variety of models in their Labor Day Sale.

Blendtec Deals

Blendtec offers significant savings with their Certified Refurbished models:

The deals below have expired.

Black-Friday-Deals-150pxThe 2016 holiday shopping season is here! Both Vitamix and Blendtec are running limited-time sales for Black Friday and the Holiday Season. They have deals for orders shipped to the US and Canada, which is great news for Canadians, since Vitamix used to leave them out of Black Friday sales.

If you’re only looking for Blendtec, skip ahead to Blendtec Deals.

Vitamix Deals

Vitamix is running many discounts on both Certified Reconditioned and New machines. It looks like prices may go up at the end of the day on January 7th. If you are confused by all of the different Vitamix models, check out my Vitamix comparison page, which has an interactive model selection tool.

Shipping Upgrade

Free upgrade to priority shipping on all orders at and

At these prices, any of these deals could sell out, so if you see one you like, don’t wait too long.

Most Popular

These are the most popular units right now, and if you want one of these, make sure to order ASAP, because they could sell out, or prices could go up. Major savings on already discounted Certified Reconditioned units, which are guaranteed to be as good as new. Best prices I’ve seen on these models.

Recon Classic Programs (6300/Pro 500) for $299 (C$399 in Canada): 500Recon Next Generation (7500/Pro 300) for $349: 7500New 5200 w/ 3 containers (64-oz + 32-oz wet + 32-oz dry) for $499: 5200-Deluxe-Combo

Additional discounts on Certified Reconditioned

I’ve previously written about why I recommend Vitamix Certified Reconditioned, and these extra discounts further sweeten the value.

Discounts on New Models

The holiday offers page says that these discounts on new machines expire on January 7th, but they don’t always stick to their expiration dates — the discounts could end earlier or later.

There are more discounts listed on and, but I think these are the most notable.

Let me know if you need help choosing which one to get, or consult my Vitamix comparison page.

Free Cookbook

Jodi Berg Vitamix CookbookWhile supplies last, you can get a free extra cookbook with the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation 7500. Vitamix usually sells this book for $19: The Vitamix Cookbook, by Jodi Berg, current Vitamix CEO and great-granddaughter(!) of Vitamix’s founder. The cookbook should show up when you add one of those machines to your cart.

Payment Plans

Vitamix has generous payment plans available for USA orders. Check for details. (Note that, if your order is over $300 or $325 there are significantly longer payment plan options. Contact me if you have questions.)

For Canadian orders, you can spread your payments over 5 months with no interest or fees.

Shopping for Vitamix-related gifts?

Check out my holiday gift guide.

Blendtec Deals

Blendtec Classic Series Black Friday 1Blendtec-Designer-625Blendtec’s Black Friday sale is over, but you can still save a bunch on their factory-refurbished models.

Note that while Blendtec calls these machines “Certified Refurbished,” and Vitamix calls their similar machines “Certified Reconditioned,” there is no difference other than the word. Both Vitamix and Blendtec refurbish/recondition their machines at their factory and guarantee them to work as good as new. They also give them the same level of warranty support as their new machines.

Blendtec-professional-800-wildside-refurbHere are the highlights of their refurbished offerings:


Free Shipping

As usual, free shipping will be applied in your cart if you click any of the Vitamix or Blendtec links from this page.

Black Friday Pricing Note

One other thing to note about Vitamix Black Friday deals is that Vitamix has pricing agreements with most of its retailers that prevent retailers from discounting Vitamix machines. Probably for this reason, I have never seen a Vitamix doorbuster advertised at a brick-and-mortar store. I am less certain about Blendtec’s agreements, but generally Blendtec machines are not sold in brick-and mortar stores.

International Availability

These deals are only available for orders shipping to the US and Canada. If you are outside the US and have access to a US shipping address, you can place a Vitamix phone order at 1-800-848-2649, and you can use promotion code 06-007021 for free shipping. If you cannot receive your order in the US or Canada, consult Vitamix’s International distributors.

Happy shopping!

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Black Friday Vitamix & Blendtec Deals [updated] — 70 Comments

  1. Will Canadians be able to get the discounts as well if the reconditioned 5200s are on sale? like if it is on Black Friday. Thanks!

  2. Hi and thank you for your very informative site. I think I’ve narrowed it down to ordering a reconditioned standard programs machine and you suggest waiting until Black Friday to save $50. Do you know if your link for free shipping will still work at that time? Right now, free shipping saves me $62, so that is a better deal than saving $50 but paying for shipping. Thoughts?

  3. I wanted to purchase a refurb 2 speed and an extra container. Your site directed me to a great price for the refurb but I can’t seem to get the extra container to show at $50.00 (the free shipping is working).
    Is the $50.00 extra container only for NEW and not for refurb?
    Thank you

  4. Hello,

    You mention that during Black Friday week, starting today, November 24, 2015, the Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs machine and extra container is discounted $50.00. I wanted to know, is there a promo code that you have to enter to receive the discount or will it be automatically applied once you have checked out? I recently tried adding both items to my cart but both they are not showing any discounted prices but rather full prices. Love your website, btw, it is very informative.

    Thank you for all of your help,

    • The Reconditioned Standard Programs discount is now working. The extra container discount does not appear to be working yet, and I am trying to find out what is going on with it.

  5. FYI, it now appears as though all colors except the Brushed Stainless Steel of the Reconditioned Standard Programs Vitamix machine is $329; the Brushed Stainless Steel color is still priced at $399.

  6. Thanks—I ordered a refurbished model just now instead of having to wait until Friday—woo hoo! I even had a reminder set but now it’s already on the way.

  7. I purchased a Pro 750 a couple years ago that comes with a large 64oz wide container. But I am wanting a small wet 32 oz container now (for small quantity). Do you know the best way to get one with a (significant) discount? I also need a tamper. Would a classic tamper work on a 32oz wet container or must I get a mini tamper? Thanks!! CH

    • 32OZ Web Container used to come with a mini-Tamper. It does not appear to be part of the standard package now, which means I need to purchase that separately. Is my understanding correct?

      • The G-Series tamper from your 750 cannot be used with the 32-oz containers. (On the other hand, the tall tamper from the tall C-Series models has a taper that allows it to be used on the 32- and 48-oz containers.) The mini tamper is made for the 32-oz and 48-oz containers, and can be purchased separately.

    • I forgot to add, I do have a 32oz Dry Container and no mini-temper. The reason I think I need a 32oz Wet container is that I like to chop onions, tomatoes, vegetables in small quantity to save me time from manual chopping/dicing. If you think I could use other containers (other than 32oz wet container) to get the same result, that would save me a lot of money and time and money. Thanks!! CH

      • For chopping, the dry container is actually better than the wet one, so if that is the main thing you have in mind, the 32-oz wet container is probably not worth it. It would only be worth it if you find yourself wanting to blend smaller amounts of liquids than the wide container can do. (For small smoothies, sauces, nut butters, or sorbets.)

        • Thanks Adam. Would Dry Container still be effective at chopping/dicing tomatoes (in a small batch) since tomatoes do produce some juice once chopped/diced? Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! CH

          • The dry container will work better than the wet for chopping, even though the tomatoes will release juice. But note that since tomatoes are so soft, it’s not going to be the sort of precise dice you’d get with a knife.

        • I am thinking about using the dry container to make a small batch of salsa, which typically has tomatoes, onions, avocados, lime juice. Since pomegranate is in season (or almost post season), even some pom’s. So it doesn’t need an exact chop but it would save a lot of time on food prep manually. Would the dry container work in this application?

          • Yes, the dry container should work for that. A few tips: quarter the tomatoes, onions, and avocado before adding. Then keep the speed not too high; say speed 4 or so, and pulse it. Depending on your ingredients, for something like this you might end up wanting a mini tamper.

          • Great news and solution on saving me time and money! I can’t wait to try it. Thanks or the extra tips.

  8. I have read several comments on different web sites that the ” old ” taller containers blend better than the newer G series containers ( the one that suppose to fit under most counter tops ) any truth to this? and do you still stand by your comment that your favorite machine is still the 7500? thank you for your comments

    • There is some truth to that, which is, for small amounts the wide G-Series containers do not work as well as the narrow containers. That is why I use a 32-oz container in combination with my 7500, which gives the best of both worlds.

      If you want to be able to easily blend down to ~1 cup of liquid with minimal hassle, then you should either get a C-Series machine, or a G-Series with an extra container. If you are going to be mostly blending large amounts, the G-Series containers are great, and you don’t need a smaller container.

  9. Thank you so much for researching the special pricing and different models! I ordered my first vitamix tonight! I have been dying for either a vitamix or a blendtec for about 3 years since i started drinking green smoothies and my ninja just doesn’t get it smooth. Im so excited and getting it at a special price was awesome!

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