Basil: Smoothie Ingredient and Recipe

Basil Closeup-narrowSummer is around the corner, which means basil is coming into season. It’s time to try some basil smoothies! I love basil, but I usually serve it with tomatoes or use it for pesto. It turns out that it can be excellent in fruit smoothies as well. This combination is delicious, refreshing, and just a little out of the ordinary. 

If you can, I highly recommend growing your own basil so it is maximally fresh. Even if you don’t have a vegetable garden you can buy a potted basil plant and keep it in a window with lots of sun. That said, basil leaves will keep for a couple days in the fridge, so don’t let lack of a plant stop you from trying out this smoothie.

Basil Smoothie Ingredients1 orange
1/4 pineapple
2 Tbsp chia seeds*
large handful basil
8 ice cubes

Makes ~3.5 cups, or ~2 servings.

Remove woody basil stems, but tender stems are fine to include. Blend on high until smooth, about 40 seconds. Serve and enjoy right away!

Basil Smoothie*In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a big fan of chia seeds, but you could also use nuts or yogurt instead.

Adding basil to a smoothie reminds me of using mint. While writing this post I looked back at my mint smoothie recipe, and I realized that this recipe is quite similar.

You can of course also add basil to tomato-based savory vegetable blends, which is also delicious.



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Basil: Smoothie Ingredient and Recipe — 4 Comments

  1. Is anyone on weight watchers and drink just fruit and veggie smoothie? If so is it any points? I know just eating whole fruit and veggies are zero points but not sure on smoothies

    • Hi Keysha, I don’t know about Weight Watchers, but if whole fruits and vegetables are zero points, then most of the fruit and veggie smoothies on this site should be zero points too, b/c Adam rarely adds sweeteners, and the whole fruit an or vegetable (rather, all the parts you’d ever eat) goes into the smoothie—that’s one of the nice things about high powered blenders, they make what Vita-Mix calls “total juices” which include all the fiber. The fiber is what makes fruits and vegetables so healthy, and balances out the problems with all the sugar in fruit.

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