Vitamix spatulas review

Vitamix spatulasDec. 2 2014 Update: For the rest of December, you can get these spatulas as a free holiday gift.

I received these Vitamix spatulas as a gift soon after mentioning them a while back, and I’ve been happy with them. They are relatively rigid, so they do not seal against the container the way a silicone one would, but they are flat enough that they are able to scrape almost everything out. The scraping surface is long enough that they can clean off the sides of the container pretty efficiently. They are long and narrow so they can get between the blades to scoop out thick mixtures. If you want to get every last bit of a thick mixture out, it’s still a bit fussy around the blades, but you can get most of it out pretty quickly. I often leave the last bit of a thick mixture in, and then make something else that I blend it into (for example: blend nut butter remains into a smoothie, hummus remains into vegetable soup).

They are a little bit longer than the tall 64-oz container is deep, so they will work with any of the Vitamix containers. They come with the Vitamix website and phone number printed on one side of the handle, but if you don’t like that it’s pretty easy to scrape off.

I previously wrote that I was concerned that they would be easily destroyed by the blades, but so far they’ve held up well. I do take some care to not bang them into the blades, as they seem like they could get chewed up by the sharp edges.

Update: After over a year of use I’ve found these are even less delicate than I thought. I started using them near the blades, and they are not getting too chewed up. (I push the spatula against the back of a blade as I turn it counter clockwise to scrape the bottom of the container.) They are beginning to show a bit of wear, but not enough to affect them in any meaningful way.

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