Fig Pecan Smoothie

Fig Pecan SmoothieI came across frozen figs at Trader Joe’s and decided I had to make them into a smoothie. I blended them with pecans and a pear, and this combination is delicious! Sweet, aromatic, and out-of-the ordinary. (The Trader Joe’s figs are green skinned, which is part of why the smoothie is so light colored.)

The fig seeds blend up nicely in a Vitamix. Their texture was undetectable on the tongue, and just barely noticeable as fine particles if you ran the smoothie between your teeth.

Figs are so delicate that I think getting them frozen is a great idea, especially for smoothies. (If you thaw and eat them whole, the texture is a bit off, but that is a non-issue for smoothies.) Continue Reading →

Ginger Beet Hummus

Ginger Beet HummusIt’s been a while since the last recipe post! Part of the delay came from working on building an interactive tool over on the Vitamix Comparison page, which is now complete. If you feel like checking it out, I’d appreciate any feedback. And if you know anyone who is deciding which Vitamix to buy, I hope it can help them out.

This zesty spread/dip is a modified version of a recipe from Vitamix chef Bev Shaffer. I first sampled her version on a visit to Vitamix headquarters. I was making it at home and accidentally misplaced the jalepeño that her version calls for, so I substituted ginger instead, and it was delicious. Continue Reading →

Simple Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit-fly-trap-top-view-200x200I think everyone who eats fruit must have had a fruit fly infestation at one time or another. Wait too long to take out the compost or leave out some overripe fruit, and the flies can quickly invade.

The first thing to do is to figure out what they’re swarming around and get rid of it or put it in the fridge. Once you’ve done that, putting out a trap can help get rid of the fruit flies. Continue Reading →

Blueberry Peach Smoothie

Blueberry Peach SmoothieIt’s peak peach season, so I figured it’s time for a new peach smoothie. According to Russ Parsons (author of my favorite book about produce, How to Pick a Peach), the warm winter led to a 2015 peach crop that will be short and sweet. Don’t miss out on this year’s peaches!

It’s been a while since I’ve discussed this, so I just wanted to point out that in this recipe, like most of my smoothies, I put the power of the Vitamix to work by using whole nuts and water. This saves money and convenience compared to buying nut milk. (I previously wrote up some price comparisons for buying vs. blending your own.) In addition to not having to store nut milk, using water ice cubes is generally more convenient than frozen cubes of nut milk, which you would need to chill this sort of smoothie without making it too watery. Continue Reading →

All-Green Smoothie

All Green SmoothieAs I’ve written before, sometimes it’s nice to make a smoothie that has a pure vibrant color. Here’s one with all green ingredients. Berries plus greens can be tasty, but the combination often results in a muddy brown color. This recipe is a bit of a liquid salad, and it’s refreshing. In spite of its bright green color, it does not have an overwhelming vegetable flavor.

Avocado gives it some thickness, turning it from a total juice into a smoothie. The avocado also makes it less frothy. (Check out the difference between the picture on this page, and the recent spicy green drink.) Continue Reading →

Vitamix Preset Programs Demystified

Vitamix Pro 750 PresetsIf you’ve ever wondered exactly what the different Vitamix preset programs do, this post is for you. The programs ramp the machine through a sequence of speeds, and I thought it would be interesting to find out what those sequences are. Since I previously figured out how to measure Vitamix speed, it was straightforward to measure the program sequences. Continue Reading →

Spicy Green Drink

Cayenne Powder and PepperI was inspired to try this after repeatedly seeing spicy green drinks with cayenne on the menu at places that serve fresh juice. Here’s a Vitamix version. I decided to make it thinner than my typical smoothies by adding a little extra water and skipping the seeds/nuts. The heat from the cayenne is invigorating and is a nice variation from my usual blends. Continue Reading →