Spiced Pomegranate Smoothie

Ingredients on plate: pomegranate, cashews, tamarind paste, ginger, can cuminNow that I have my faster and more fun pomegranate deseeding technique, I’ve been eating a lot more pomegranates. A friend who is Indian-American came up with this interesting variation on the pomegranate smoothie. It’s inspired by jeera pani (cumin water) and a pomegranate lassi. I would never have thought to put cumin seeds in a fruit drink, but it’s surprisingly good. Completely different from the usual smoothies, and a bit savory.

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Zesty Vitamix cranberry sauce (uncooked)

Vitamix-Cranberry-SauceJust in time for Thanksgiving… I’m with family for the holiday. My mom usually makes this cranberry sauce (or relish) with a food processor, but this year she couldn’t find the food processor because her Vitamix has displaced it in the kitchen. She was worried that the Vitamix would over-process the cranberries into a puree, but by pulsing it the cranberries came out perfectly. This sauce is best to make the day before you serve it so that everything steeps together. Continue Reading →

Blendtec Black Friday and Holiday Sale

Save $100 on Blendtec Factory Recertified Blenders + Free ShippingBlendtec is offering an extended Black Friday deal for Holiday shoppers: they just reduced the price on their Certified Refurbished Blenders by $105, through December 31, or while supplies last. That brings it down to $279.95 from their usual reconditioned price of $384.95. (Free shipping will be applied if you click from the links on this site.) I have to wonder if this was inspired by Vitamix’s sale on reconditioned units. This is a bigger discount than Vitamix is offering, making it the best budget buy of the season. Through the end of November Vitamix reconditioned machines start at $279, but I recommend going for at least the variable speed Vitamix, which is marked down to $299 Continue Reading →

New pumpkin pie smoothie recipe

New pumpkin smoothie ingredientsI recently made a particularly good variant of the pumpkin pie smoothie that I described last year. The main additions are coconut milk and cardamom. I’m also posting this to remind everyone to take advantage of persimmon season. The sweetness and smoothness of persimmons makes them ideal smoothie ingredients. Continue Reading →

Grind your own grain for no-knead sourdough rye

Sliced no-knead sourdough rye breadThis isn’t strictly a Vitamix recipe, but I use the Vitamix to grind the whole grains. In addition to yielding maximally fresh whole-grain flour, this also gives you more flexibility to explore different kinds of flour. Want to try adding some oat flour? Buckwheat? Rice? Quinoa? No problem. This particular recipe uses a 50-50 blend of wheat and rye. Whole-grain breads are generally denser than their white counterparts, and this is no exception, but it gets a decent rise. Continue Reading →

November Vitamix Deals

There are some sweet Vitamix deals to be had this month.Vitamix 32oz. Dry Blade Blending Container with Recipe Book If you’ve been on the fence about buying a dry container, there is currently an unprecedented deal. The container retails for $144, and I’ve occasionally seen it for $100, but QVC is selling the Vitamix 32oz. Dry Blade Blending Container with Recipe Book for $50. There is a message that suggests purchasing it with a Vitamix machine, but I have heard from multiple people that QVC is shipping it alone without needing to buy a blender at the same time. Shipping is $8. I do not know how long this deal will last. Sold out on QVC, but it’s sometimes discounted at Amazon.

Vitamix certified reconditionedAlso, for the month of November Vitamix has further discounted their Certified Reconditioned Standard machines. (Standard refers to the machines that use the classic narrow containers, as opposed to the Next Generation machines that come with the new-style wide container.) This could make a great gift… I personally recommend the Reconditioned Standard for $299 (aka 5200 et al.), but if you are into presets, you can get them for $50 more with the Reconditioned Standard Programs (aka 6300 or Pro 500). Continue Reading →

Pomegranate Smoothie Technique Video and Recipe

Pomegranate and SeedsPomegranates are awesome, but I’ve only recently started putting them in smoothies. Previously I was afraid that their seeds wouldn’t blend smooth enough, and it always felt like a major undertaking to deseed them. It turns out that with a high-performance blender you can blend the seeds pretty smooth. There will still be some detectable texture, but I think it’s perfectly palatable. I recently came across a different deseeding technique that makes it go significantly faster. The flavor of pomegranate can really brighten up a smoothie. Continue Reading →

New Model Vitamix 6000

Vitamix 6000Vitamix quietly released a new consumer model last week, the Vitamix 6000. At first glance it’s a bit mysterious, but with a little investigation I think I’ve figured out the story. It’s a Standard machine, which means it is designed for the classic narrow containers with 3-inch blades and not the Next Generation wide container (to see which models are Standard and which are Next Generation, see my Vitamix comparison page). The front panel shares the same layout as the 6300 and Pro 500, including the handy on-off switch on the bottom left, the pulse toggle-switch on the top left, and the start-stop toggle switch on the top right. The central knob is physically the same, but its settings are different. It has six timed settings: 20 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 1.5 min, 4.5 min, and 6.5 min. There is no manual variable speed control.  Continue Reading →

Green Smoothies with stronger tasting greens

Ginger and Lime for Green SmoothiesGreen smoothies are a great way to increase your consumption of leafy greens. A mild green like baby spinach is a good first green to try because its flavor easily fades behind whatever else you blend. However, ultimately you probably want to branch out to other greens, both because baby spinach can get expensive, and because it’s probably healthier to eat a variety of greens.* Other greens can be bitter, and if you just blend them up without thinking about the combination, they can be unpalatable. One solution is to add a lot of sweet fruits to overshadow the bitterness, but I prefer to balance the bitterness with other strong flavors like ginger and lime. Continue Reading →