Basil: Smoothie Ingredient and Recipe

Basil Closeup-narrowSummer is around the corner, which means basil is coming into season. It’s time to try some basil smoothies! I love basil, but I usually serve it with tomatoes or use it for pesto. It turns out that it can be excellent in fruit smoothies as well. This combination is delicious, refreshing, and just a little out of the ordinary.  Continue Reading →

Vitamix Dry Blade Container Exceptional Deal is Back [Expired]

Vitamix 32oz. Dry Blade Blending Container with Recipe BookBack in November I found a sweet deal on a Vitamix Dry Blade Container, and it sold out within a couple of days. Now it’s back. This container usually sells for $144, but QVC is offering it for $50. Check out the sale: Vitamix 32oz. Dry Blade Blending Container with Recipe Book. The product page has a message that suggests purchasing the container with a Vitamix machine, but last time around QVC had no problem shipping it alone. Shipping is $7.97. Apologies for the three shopping-related posts in a row, but they’re all time-sensitive so I wanted to get them up. I have some other content on the way; in the meantime you can browse the published recipes list. Continue Reading →

Vitamix Mother’s Day Sale 2014 [Expired]

Vitamix is offering a discount on certain Vitamix models between now and Mother’s Day, May 11, 2014. Vitamix often has Mother’s day shopping events and sweepstakes, but this year everyone can take advantage of the discounts. You can see the eligible models on Vitamix’s Mother’s Day Collection page. The sale includes certain Standard models Certified Reconditioned (5200 and 6300), and the Pro 750 new.  Continue Reading →

About the New Vitamix S30

Vitamix S30Vitamix just released a new model: the Vitamix S30. This is the most radically new Vitamix introduction since the early 90’s when they released the model that, with a few tweaks, became today’s 5200. The S30 seems to be inspired by the Magic Bullet/ Nutribullet: it is a compact size that makes one or two servings, and it has a blending container that doubles as a smoothie cup.

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Orange Julius Inspired Smoothie Recipe

Orange Julius Smoothie Recipe Ingredients Smiley FaceAs I mentioned in my last post about vanilla, I usually like to keep the ingredients simple when using vanilla so that it doesn’t get lost among stronger flavors. This smoothie maximizes the flavors of orange and vanilla. It’s not an attempt to replicate an Orange Julius, it just draws inspiration—slightly creamy, orange-vanilla goodness. I didn’t add any sweeteners other than the oranges, so this will not be as sweet as a traditional Orange Julius. You could of course add sweetener if you like. Over time our taste buds can adjust, and if you cut down on sweets you will likely find that you don’t need as much sugar for things to taste good.  Continue Reading →

Smoothie Ingredient: Vanilla

Vanilla beans and extractVanilla is a delicious ingredient that can give variety to your smoothies and take them to the next level. It’s enough of a premium ingredient that I usually only use it in simple combinations where its flavor is not overwhelmed by stronger flavors. It turns out that both vanilla extract and whole vanilla bean are great in smoothies. Continue Reading →

Additional discounts on Refurbished machines expire Friday 2/28

Update: The Vitamix refurbished discounts expired, but now they have come back! Blendtec’s lives on.

This is a reminder that the extra $30 off select reconditioned Vitamix units is scheduled to expire on Friday, February 28th. If you’ve been dawdling on ordering one (or know someone who’s been thinking about buying), make sure the order is placed by Friday. It’s possible that this promotion could return at some point, but we can’t count on it. The standard reconditioned (5200, Pro 200, et al.) is $299 with this discount, and the standard presets reconditioned (6300/Pro 500) is $349. Aside from the rare lucky person who finds an under-priced Vitamix at a garage sale or thrift shop, these are the best prices I’ve ever seen for Vitamix. Continue Reading →

About the New Vitamix Creations Turbo

Vitamix-Creations-TurboVitamix recently added a new listing to their Blenders page: The Vitamix Creations Turbo. It turns out that it is not a new model, but rather a new package. Since “Creations” is in the title, that means it is primarily intended for sale on QVC. Indeed, it looks like this Sunday QVC will be featuring it as a TSV (Today’s Special Value). QVC is promoting it as a 15-in-1 blender, but how does it compare to the other Vitamix models? It is equivalent to a TurboBlend Two Speed, bundled with a dry container. The Two Speed is the bottom-of-the-line Vitamix—it is a perfectly capable machine, but it lacks variable speed control. Continue Reading →

Grapefruit Smoothie Recipe

Grapefruit for smoothieEven though I thoroughly enjoy a good grapefruit, I avoided grapefruit smoothies for a long time because I was afraid of them being too bitter. I recently decided to try making one for variety and it was actually quite good. For starters I recommend using either a small grapefruit or a half because it can still be pretty bitter. Continue Reading →