Cabbage salad with peanut dressing

Vitamix-chopped cabbage salad with peanut dressingA Vitamix makes finely chopping cabbage quick and easy. I wrote about this technique a while back in a post about coleslaw. Preparation-wise, this recipe is nearly identical to the coleslaw, but the taste is completely different because of the dressing. I “wet chopped” the cabbage and “dry chopped” the carrots and peppers (more details below). Continue Reading →

Kumquat Smoothie Recipe

Kumquat SmoothieI always thought kumquats would be too sour to put in a smoothie, but earlier this month I saw a kumquat smoothie over on Serious Eats, so I decided to try making one, and it was great. This recipe reminds me of my Orange Julius recipe, in that it is nice and creamy and citrusy, but the flavor is pretty different.

Mango and honey add sweetness, while cashews add creaminess. Then a bit of ground cloves adds a little interesting flavor, and a touch of salt mellows some of the bitterness and brings out sweetness. Continue Reading →

8 tips for maintaining a healthy smoothie habit

CalendarThis time of year many of us are thinking about healthier habits. Drinking wholesome smoothies can be an easy and enjoyable way to increase our intake of fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-dense foods. However, sometimes we just get out of the habit. Whether you’re new to healthy smoothies, or have been drinking them for years, the following tips can make it easier to keep on blending. Continue Reading →

Layered Christmas Smoothie

Christmas SmoothieHere’s a festive two-layered Christmas smoothie recipe. Keeping the two layers separate is easy if you use a simple trick. I tried to make a layered Christmas smoothie last year, but I didn’t use any tricks, and the layers mixed.

You can use your choice of red and green smoothies, but I’ll share the recipes for the ones in the picture: the top is strawberry-pomegranate, and the bottom is mango-kiwi-spinach. It tastes good too!

I recommend baby spinach because it is the mildest tasting green I know of, and I don’t think bitter greens are in the Christmas spirit. (You can’t taste the spinach in this recipe.) Continue Reading →

Latkes and Applesauce with a Vitamix Blender

Vitamix Latkes and ApplesauceI’ve been wanting to try the Vitamix to prepare potatoes and onions for latkes for a long time. An old joke is that the secret to good latkes is a little blood, shed while slaving over a potato grater. Many people use food processors to skip the bloody knuckles, but I was wondering if a Vitamix blender would be up to the task. Short answer: yes! I used the wet-chop technique, which uses water to circulate ingredients past the blades. Continue Reading →

Vitamix S30, S50, and S55 Review: In-depth Testing & Comparisons

Vitamix S30 full set2015 updates: Vitamix has added three new offerings to the S-Series: the Vitamix S50, the Vitamix S55, and the Certified Reconditioned S30. The S50 and S55 add preset programs, but are otherwise identical to the S30, so all of the tests in this review apply equally to all of these machines. I have added a section describing the preset modes to the end of this review. For the budget conscious, make sure to consider the value of Vitamix Factory Certified Reconditioned.

I’ve been testing out a Vitamix S30 for the past few months. Now that I’ve had a chance to put it through its paces, here is my Vitamix S30 review and performance comparison to the other Vitamix models. Vitamix provided the S30 tested here, but this is a fully independent review. Continue Reading →

Fennel Smoothie

Fennel BulbHere’s a new smoothie idea—fennel! Fennel is similar in flavor to anise and licorice. I found the flavor to be distinct without being overpowering. (Note that many people who dislike black licorice end up enjoying fennel.) If you’re looking for variety in your smoothies, give it a try.

I kept this recipe simple so that the fennel doesn’t get tangled up with too many other flavors.
Continue Reading →